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  1. No Do you spend too much time in "Random, Random, Random" like I do?
  2. Spike Coaster? Whoops, could have sworn I saw it here. It was in my FB feed instead, sorry about that. www.coaster101.com/2016/11/10/spike-the-next-great-roller-coaster/
  3. Granted, but this makes the operating season even faster I wish people used more common sense
  4. Took a random cell part out of my bio hw for tonight and threw it in. Still better than Green Lantern Also, 6/10 dinosaurs
  5. Really like the Spike coaster from Maurer! Can't wait to see how it will be implemented in parks...or not at all.
  6. Now look at this net/10 the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  7. The Matterhorn Bobsleds What is the height of the smallest RMC?
  8. Just hatched my 3rd Electabuzz out of a 10km...
  9. Either nothing ever gets built, or Six Flags raises their season pass prices to something reasonable. What if Mack Rides was more prominent in the US?
  10. It's a picture of Steel Force running two empty trains in one picutre (credit to Canobie Coaster)
  11. Was that to me? If so the sky ride isnt a coaster...so there for i didnt include it. Skyride or get out Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk So you guys would probably be very disapponted that I spent three days at CP in June and didn't ride Sky Ride? Run. Run fast. Run away from this thread and back to CP right now and camp out at the entrance for five months.
  12. So, other than the teasing and track already on site, any idea when CP is going to officially announce this?
  13. Stats don't mean everything on a rollercoaster. Take a look at Lightning Run @ Kentucky Kingdom. It's only 100 feet tall and gives an awesome ride. Also, you said the same thing twice.
  14. A circle in the dirt eh? 100% chance they're getting an RMC Launched Inverted Flying Wing 4D Giga T-rex
  15. I know I already put Dorney as my home park, but I have been visiting Hershey more and more so I will list those as well: Awesome Rides: 1. Skyrush (completely nuts) 2. Storm Runner (right behind #1) Good Rides 3. Fahrenheit (fun, a bit tighter of a fit than SR for some reason, drop is good) 4. Great Bear (that ending is weak, but the first part is lots of fun) 5. Lightning Racer (enjoyable, love the dueling aspect) 6. SDL (loop is great, would ride more if not for the golden arch of happiness nearby) 7. Comet (okay for an old woodie, could be worse - looking at you, Thunderhawk) Okay - Bad Rides 8. Laff Track (it was okay, nothing special) 9. Sidewinder (would rank higher if I didn't slam my head into the seat last time I rode it, rides have ranged from good to WWE smackdown) 10. Wild Mouse (not a fan of mice, but the brakes are off, which is good) 11. Wildcat (Instead of riding this just ride the other side of LR) 12. Trailblazer (forgettable) 13. Cocoa Cruiser (haven't ridden it, but this is where it would likely fall)
  16. Dorney Park 1. Talon 2. Steel Force 3. Possessed 4. Hydra 5. Stinger 6. Thunder hawk 7. Wild Mouse 8. Woodstock Express I'm pretty sure that most people would agree with this
  17. Then they are just building one hell of a steam train What if (insert coaster) wasn't (insert complaint)?
  18. If they ever release trading just let me know, I have already hatched two Porygon. I've also heard about a possible Thanksgiving event similar to the Halloween one.
  19. yea i saw on their website shed be there. no shed be at kings island This post is way funnier than it should be.
  20. 1984 How many inversions (rollercoasters only) does Cedar Point have?
  21. "Being rebuilt better, stronger, faster" How do you make a cloned coaster that travels at the same speed everywhere go faster? There is only one possible way: Morey's Piers is putting a launch on the lift hill to compete with Lightning Rod.
  22. Great reports, for this one and the others that you did on this trip before it! That picture of Steel Force is an accurate description of Dorney. I kind of want to make it my pfp.
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