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  1. That would also be a great addition. I just want something to be built there if they don't plan on bringing back the elephants. Hopefully, park management doesn't intend to just let the area sit unused for years like they once did with the 3D theater.
  2. What about a less intense Hyper GTX? Due to its low height and lack of inversions (At least on Lightning Run), it seems like it would be a good ride both kids and adults would enjoy, and its height restriction is only 48 inches.
  3. Some other obvious names; New Hurler, Steel Hurler, Hurler Reborn. Hurler Hawk.
  4. I found the DCA tower to be cheap in comparison to the original. That being said, I'm a fan of rides with haunted/supernatural theming, so I'll always miss it when I visit the park.
  5. Just to piss of the AP's even more, right? It doesn't matter what they whine about. Many are so infatuated with Disney that they'll keep going regardless.
  6. Obviously, this picture of Mean Streak construction is exempt from the "No Mean Streak Contruction Photos" rule because it was taken off-property. /End Sarcasm
  7. ... how in God's name would that work? It's like a normal barrel roll, only it doesn't invert. Here's an example:
  8. Calling a dive machine not worth visiting for is entirely subjective. True, but anything less than an Intamin Giga Aquatrax with a Non-Inverting Barrel Roll will be a disappointment.
  9. I still prefer Scream to Riddler's Revenge. And while I do notice that the ride has become significantly more uncomfortable recently, as long as it has a short line, I'll still ride it. Somehow, I actually experienced head banging on Riddler's Revenge when I rode it in January.
  10. This is true of basically every Six Flags park that has a Batman clone. They're incredibly underrated rides. People tend to think less of it because it's been cloned quite a bit. But it's still a good ride and I'd be fine with it being cloned some more at parks lacking a B&M invert.
  11. Superman/Lex Luthor and X2 are pretty much guaranteed. I'm not sure about anything else having issues operating in strong winds. Maybe Full Throttle?
  12. Hopefully it's Zamperla Giant Discovery, the park needs one bad Don't you mean dueling Superloops with VR that only works after performing an animal sacrifice?
  13. Agreed, it almost always has three trains running and the ops that work it are very good. Don't let a long line deter you from riding TC, the line moves consistently and fairly quick. It almost feels like Magic Mountain borrowed some ride operators from Cedar Point just to run Twisted Colossus.
  14. Any photos of SWL construction in Florida would be taken from the ground (Unless somebody manages to snag a picture from higher structure that they probably shouldn't be on). It wouldn't be easy to find a good place to take a picture. This is opposed to Disneyland, where standing on top of the parking structure gives you the perfect view of the entire land.
  15. While the plot of land is certainly big enough for a dive coaster, how likely is it that Six Flags would invest in something as expensive as a large B&M coaster nowadays? They seem to be playing it safe with all of their investments, for better or worse. I don't think Knott's has anything to worry about in regards to Magic Mountain.
  16. Can't say I'm a fan of that color scheme, but I'm happy the ride is receiving a fresh coat of paint regardless.
  17. It will have two entryways. One on Big Thunder Trail and the other near the Hungry Bear restaurant.
  18. S&S purchased Arrow's assets and still makes 4D coasters. Lack of replacement parts wasn't what caused X2 to be closed for so long.
  19. Hey it looks like they finally assembled the motor. But I'm still gonna say that Tatsu won't be opening until late March or early April at the earliest.Btw, does anybody know what's happening with Apocolypse right now. It's been closed for almost three months now with no visible work being done to it? They're saving money. That's what's happening.
  20. Of course, if you do the tour as soon as the park opens, you won't end up waiting long for it. You can also save plenty of time using single rider lines on rides that have it.
  21. Kong? Smooth? I think you've slammed your head against the restraint one too many times. After the recent modifications to the track there is little to no headbanging now!!! I'll believe it when I see it, which may be awhile, as every time I go there, Kong is either shut down or only running one train.
  22. It's not like there's much else to compare it to nearby, let alone the entire state. (At least, not until CGA opens their hyper) For traditional hyper coasters, it's the best in the area simply by being the only one operating. Also, most people who visit amusement parks are not enthusiasts and are therefore less picky about what roller coasters they ride. They'll be satisfied with a big drop and long track, which Goliath has.
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