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  1. While I'm definitely going to reserve my judgement until the ride is open, the concept art released makes it seem like it's going to continue to lack theming during the ride itself.
  2. I'm glad that they're finally putting something in the former Maliboomer spot.
  3. Yes, but it's now named the "Helpful Honda Express". Photo Credit: californiacoasterkings.com
  4. I always plan for the largest crowd I've ever seen to be there when I walk up. That way if it is crowded, I'm not caught off-guard, but if it happens to be even just a moderate day, I'm instantly in a better mood.
  5. Perhaps they don't have anything big planned in terms of new rides next year. They did get a more expensive version of Justice League this season. 2018 may be relatively quiet here.
  6. I'm placing my bets on a Free Spin, as well. I'll miss V2 if it is replaced by next year's attraction, but it's known for being temperamental, so I can't say I didn't see it coming. As unlikely as it is to happen in the next few years, I too would like to see a non-upcharge attraction take the spot of the Go-Karts.
  7. Obviously, they're saving their 20th Coaster for 2020. It's going to be an Intamin Dive Coaster that's 20 stories high, has 20 vertical drops, 20 inversions, 20 airtime moments, breaks 20 records you've never heard of, and sprawls across 20 acres. ... Either that or an off-the-shelf ride that doesn't exceed $10 million. It doesn't matter which, as most of us will be there to ride it anyway.
  8. I agree that it'll probably catch up with them. They'll eventually run out of expenses to cut and (hopefully) start re-investing to stay relevant.
  9. Unless they just announced a price hike in their season passes, they'll probably be fine. Their low investment, high returns strategy seems to be working for them.
  10. Eh... I'm sure it will grow on me. But I'm just not loving it right now. . . It seems so... bland. Could be worse... It could be named Timber Hawk.
  11. Knott's is definitely a better park from an aesthetics and operations standpoint, but Magic Mountain's roller coaster lineup completely blows it out of the water, in my opinion. It's the main reason I haven't even returned to Knott's for the past five years.
  12. Not as much as if you said Millenium Force was only okay in the Cedar Point thread.
  13. Well, auctioning women wasn't exactly appropriate in 1967, either. It was there because they wanted to show that pirates, among other things, took advantage of women without showing anything explicitly sexual. It wasn't condoning it. It was showing what disgusting scum pirates were.
  14. True, but did they have to change one of, if not the most iconic scenes on the ride?
  15. If anyone's interested, since the temperature is high (As the past few days have been), the VR on Revolution might not be used to prevent the phones from overheating. If anyone feels like dealing with the heat, you can ride it all day without waiting more than a few minutes per ride.
  16. In my opinion, nothing else at Magic Mountain holds a candle to Twisted Colossus.
  17. I know I'm in the minority here, but given the same wait time for both, I would pick Goliath any day.
  18. Having a second entrance next to Colossus and Scream is an excellent idea. Therefore, we know it won't happen anytime soon.
  19. It's management's way of ensuring they don't become too efficient. That way, people are still willing to buy the Flash Pass.
  20. The Rocket animatronic during the pre-show certainly looks impressive.
  21. You mean inverted strata aqua trax? No I think they meant inverted flying infinity intamin prefab woodie With Spinning Stand-Up 4D trains.
  22. But didn't you hear? They're giving it a Rogue One theme in anticipation of the upcoming Star Wars Land. You'll ascend the tower to upload the plans for the Death Star to the rebel fleet.
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