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  1. 17 minutes ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

    I can’t speak for Big Apple Coaster, but based on my experience with the comfort collars on Electric Eel and West Coast Racers, they are right at cheek-height and cause unnecessary contact with your face/neck. They are not uncomfortable at all (they hardly touch you), but that is kinda the point... they hardly touch you. I would almost rather have them against my body/shoulders to avoid contact with my face. But they sit in such an awkward place, away from the body, that they feel so unnecessary and silly.

    That makes sense to me. I didn’t notice them sitting near my face on the Big Apple Coaster, but I suppose that I could just be taller. I did notice that they were a bit awkward to get into/out of, though.

  2. By complete coincidence, I headed down to the Strip and noticed the Big Apple Coaster was running. I had never ridden it before tonight and was pleasantly surprised, given how terrible I had heard it was before. The Premier trains kept it from being a painful experience. My primary complaint is that that the mid-course brake run brings the ride to a halt, which I imagine was a godsend when it had the older trains.


    Also, what is the reason people dislike the “comfort collars”? Do you find them uncomfortable, or do you just dislike that it increases the time it takes to dispatch the train?

  3. This would mean that at least 2 new rides would be added, if you say that Slingshot, Apocalypse, Dive Devil, Cyclone 500, and Jet Stream are all rides in that area (probably not Jet Stream but who knows). Apart from the coaster, I can only see room for development in Thrill Shot's old area and where Deja Vu used to be.


    I took the same survey, but said that Discovery Kingdom was my home park. It still said the exact same thing about adding a new area with three rides at that park.

  4. But in the grand scheme of things, Green Lantern can't be more painful than Viper?


    It manages to be far, far worse.


    With Viper, you can typically brace your head to avoid slamming it against the restraint on a turn. With Green Lantern, you're at the mercy of the car and how it spins. I've never experienced anything on a rollercoaster quite as painful as going through the final drop and brake run completely inverted.

  5. First reaction might be negative for some at tiered pricing, but I like that for the most part the park is finding a new way to increase revenue to pay for operating 365 days per year, which really was inevitable, while at the same time not raising the current prices to current SP/Membership guests, you choose if you want to upgrade.


    As long as I can still use a Gold pass purchased at Discovery Kingdom to get free parking and entry at Magic Mountain, I have no reason to complain about these changes.

  6. Apparently there's this massive clearing behind Apocalypse for a 2019 coaster. Possibly big enough for a Giga.



    Well, that must mean Magic Mountain is getting a 300ft tall Super Loop "Coaster" in the near future.


    I highly doubt it would be a giga coaster, or anything that will exceed $10 million, if their recent purchasing history is anything to go off of. It might not even be for a ride, for all we know.

  7. We stopped by Magic Mountain on our way home from Disneyland yesterday to go on a few rides before we continued home.


    First was YOLOcoaster which had a fairly short line but broke down while we were waiting. It eventually was fixed and we were able to ride it. I love that coaster so I was happy to be able to experience it again.


    Next, we tried Twisted Colossus but it was not operational.


    We headed over to Battle for Metropolis but that was not working, either.


    We saw the Drop of Doom was working, so we got into line for that. That broke down while we were in line as well.


    I don't get to visit Magic Mountain very often so I am wondering if rides break down there often or did I just go on a bad day.


    Sounds like a normal day to me.

  8. ^ It’s really hard to theme a massive and naked outdoors coaster (Hulk, Dragons RIP, Flying Dinosaurs, etc). That’s why “mountains” exists. Screamin’ is to mimic a wood coaster at a boardwalk and it basically acts as a back drop of the pier so the coaster itself is a theme for the area.


    The "wooden" aesthetic would be a bit out of place on a ride themed to The Incredibles.


    The main theme added would have to be in the queue anyway.


    The concept art doesn't seem to suggest that they're changing much with that, either.

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