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  1. Slowpoke (being me) finally got to the park last week to ride X-Flight - last time I had been there was on opening day when I was scorning at the ride's test dummies something furious. I was really concerned that I wouldn't get to ride it at all considering my height - I'm around 6'6" (78") which happens to be the height limit of the new coaster. But to my surprise, no ride attendants took it as a concern and I got two rides on it. (I had read earlier about the restraints being uncomfortably tight, and I believe this is where the height limit comes into play. Near the end of each ride, my collarbone was getting sore from the rubber portion of the harness - not unbearably so, but I probably couldn't do a marathon on this thing.) The lines were moving extremely fast for such a new ride, and I'm sure the dual-loading station had something to do with it. The queue is also physically shorter than other rides in the park (no back and forth zig-zagging) and more enjoyable to go through with plenty of theming and neat areas from which to watch the coaster.


    First ride was in the afternoon in the last row, outside right seat. Some of the banked turns where the right side dipped towards the ground were really fun, especially the jet pond that shoots past the early queue area. It was a bit rougher than I would have liked in some of the positive G sections though. Second ride, however, was amazing - and I wish I could get back on it right now. We waited for the first row on the left side at night. All I have to say is that first drop was the best element I've experienced on a coaster in a long time. When I saw the track flip over in front of me and disappear while the entire world turned upside-down 120 feet below my head, I started to second-guess my safety harness. As the train finally began to gain momentum, the harness hugged me tightly and I soared down towards the blackened terrain - so much fun!


    I had a wonderful time on the ride, and it is definitely a step in the right direction for Great America. It has been nine years since the park added Superman: Ultimate Flight, and is much more than just a fleeting gimmick with a three-hour wait time. The park has done a lot in creating a comprehensive atmosphere which makes the experience feel like something more than just riding a coaster. I don't want to compare it to a Disney ride because it is far from that, but there were small moments that hinted at the fact that this was an important project for the park. I hope to see more like this soon.


    "The queue is more enjoyable to go through with plenty of theming and neat areas from which to watch the coaster."


    "The entire world turned upside-down 120 feet below my head"




    Waiting an extra period of time for the front left wing is time well-spent.

  2. The trains will look fantastic when the covers are added. It seems to me like any coaster with extra-wide cars (such as B&M dive coasters) has that sort of spread-arm, graceful appearance. I will be waiting with a charged battery and an empty SDHC card!



    I'm not going to speculate on how good or bad or the speed until people have actually ridden it.


    Exactly! At the end of the day, these coasters are constrained by the limits of the average human body, NOT for the off-ride perception of speed.

  3. Yes that is the station. It actually resembles a military hangar which uses tarps like that for the roof. You can find pictures of real ones online and someone posted a picture of one on sfgamworld too.



    Well that sucks. Not to diss any military aficionados, but something more solid would have better suited the permanent nature of a roller coaster installation while still capturing the spirit of a hangar (refer to the preliminary renderings).

  4. The roof is complete !!!



    I was not expecting a tensile roof structure. The initial concepts conveyed the idea of corrugated curved roofing. Odd choice, no?



    Now that I look back at the technical rendering, the current structure is very different from the station as originally planned. I wouldn't be surprised if what you see right now is a temporary structure to protect the trains and equipment from the elements while testing commences.


    Look at the series of black beams protruding from the side of the station - those show evidence of a permanent station that will take this current shelter's place.

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