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  1. Frustrating indeed. By around 5 PM, Mako reopened with not too bad of a line, running 2 out of the 3 trains. Kraken stayed one train all day which was a bit aggravating. At the end of the night, lines were nonexistent, Mako stayed 2 trains, resulting in an amazing marathon session, and Manta went to one train, but a short wait, but had a few hiccups with the leg restraints not closing with the harnesses. The massive amounts of school groups made for the long lines earlier in the day, but by night, it was very enjoyable.
  2. At the park right now, Mako has been closed all day with no signs of opening soon, Kraken running one train with a 45 minute wait. So far, SWO seems kinda disappointing to me.
  3. Thank you!! I haven’t been there in a few years, wasn’t totally sure if it meant only biometrics or if there is still a paper ticket involved
  4. When I purchased the tickets, it said that admission is through fingerprints. How do I use most of the lockers if I don’t have a paper ticket because I got in through fingerprints? Or do I need to scan a paper ticket and use a fingerprint to get into the park?
  5. Hello everybody! I’m taking a trip down to Universal for the first time in a couple years and saw that they have been moving away from the older fingerprint lockers, in favor of scanning tickets for lockers. The website says that admission is through biometrics and that there is no ticket to print. How do I use the lockers? Thanks!
  6. First off, if you're going on a weekday in February, Quick Queue most likely won't be necessary. That can be purchased at the park if you decide you need it. The weekends may be another story if during the Seven Seas Food Festival, but I always advise people to wait and see if the lines are long enough to justify the cost. I've been numerous times where most of the coasters were a walk-on to 15 min wait, even on a weekend day this time of year. One ride that will have a longer line no matter the day is Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin. Weekdays won't be too bad, but on weekend days, it's common for it to have an hour-90 min or more wait (especially during festivals). It's just a low capacity attraction. Food-wise Voyagers has good BBQ and Ribs. Spice Mill has as great fish sandwich and Expedition Cafe (in Antarctica) has a food court set up with Italian, Asian and American options depending on what you're looking for. It's good if you're with picky eaters who may not want the same thing as you. As long as it's in a secured pocket, you can keep your phone with you on the coasters. They do have small baskets/bins at Mako, Kraken and Manta, but you leave it at your own risk. As far as other belongings, no bags are allowed in line at any of the coasters, including Journey To Atlantis (separate load/unload stations). Infinity Falls will let you take a bag (like book bag size), but it will get wet as there isn't any storage on the rafts, so it's at your own risk. They do have pay per use fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo for $2 (first hour, $1 each additional hour) at each coaster. They do have a movable all-day option where you pay one price and can use any of the ride fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo (I believe it was $6 last time, but it's no more than $10 to use all day). Awesome info, thanks! I'm sure my trip will be great, I've heard many great things about SWO, and am glad to finally check it out for myself.
  7. What day and what time of day you are going will change a lot of your questions. Are you going on the weekend or a weekday? I hear the food for the Seven Seas food festival is really good... but that is weekends only. https://seaworld.com/orlando/events/seven-seas-food-festival/menus/ -- keep in mind that is more for tasting a bunch of different things, not really for sitting down and having a meal. There are one time use fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo at Kraken and Manta, but they both also have shelving to leave your hats/glasses/small stuff (but they won't let you in line with anything else) -- Journey to Atlantis has nowhere to leave your stuff due to separate exiting area. Don't know about Mako. The fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo used to be $1.00 in quarters but they have probably upgraded from the last time I was there... and they might cost more now. Wait times are generally dictated by when the shows let loose. Kraken will get a line starting at the dolphin shows first release (in the first hour it will be walk on. Always.). Manta and Turtle trek will get lines when show breaks happen as well. Antarctica will get a bigger line when the Sea Lion stadium let's out, and Wild Arctic will get a line when Shamu stadium lets out. Provided you are going on the weekend. Weekdays in February are very light from what I remember. I try not to post too much advice only because quite a bit has changed and I'm getting old >.< Thanks for all the advice! I am actually doing a weekday most likely, as I will also be doing multiple days at WDW and Universal, so that's nice to hear that the place is pretty light on weekdays during February. Are cell phones allowed in said baskets/is it secure like locking bins for each train or more like general storage for all trains? If not, I may just do what I did at CP with the movable locker deal.
  8. Hello everyone! I am planning a trip to SeaWorld in February for the first time. Anyone have any useful details I should know before going? Where to eat? If the Quick Queue is worth it? And what to do with belongings such as phones, on the coasters? Thanks!! Can’t wait to finally get to this nice park!
  9. But here’s the question, are both trains red now? Or is the other one white with red and blue accents?
  10. Update: found the link to it. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, patio, internet, TV, pool, and a fantastic view of CP! https://www.vrbo.com/729182
  11. When I went in August, I actually ditched the hotel idea and rented a condo for the couple days. I can’t remember the website, it may have been home away.com or something, but look up Chesapeake Lofts. Near the park, the place had good internet, had a pool, and a patio that looked out over the marina at the park. Awesome view at night with all the lit up coasters! Don’t have any photos of the unit but I have a photo of the view off the porch!
  12. Or maybe they’ll pull a Tantrum and reuse the existing situation. Use Twister’s queue and exit and keep the plaza with the fountain. You never know, if possible it would cut costs, which they are all for.
  13. Any word on ANYTHING getting second trains for 2019?? Oh well, another year of waiting wayyy too long for the coasters
  14. As for the atom logo, how you said it looks bad now, I honestly thought it looked bad since the day they debuted it. I never really liked it, but I did like the logo without the atom.
  15. I like the logo with the blue coaster in the background. Gives the typical Six Flags logo a little pop of creativity. I wonder why we are the only park with it though. Maybe they will all look like that eventually? As for the sign off of 77, it needs some help. It’s the first thing people see pulling in, yet it looks neglected and worn out. And yes, the 2007 logo really just tops it all off
  16. I think that Ride of Steel would have to get a theme. Six Flags has the rights to the “Superman” name and we have a coaster called “Ride of Steel”. I mean come on, the thing is begging for it’s old name back!
  17. Who knows, it is Darien Lake maintenance after all. They aren’t known to make the most sense. Hopefully now that the park has Six Flag’s name plastered on all the signs and in the park’s name, we can see a better push for things like both trains if they are both ready or close to ready to go. I don’t think SF would want their WNY brand image to be the crappy conditions that DL has had for the past few years now. I think they’ll try at least a little bit to class up the joint a bit, even if it means ads plastered everywhere .
  18. Who said they are doing anything to it? Did you not just see the last page? They took the vynil wraps off. It "appears" to be off of one car on one train. There's also a blue shell on the orange train. As stated before, the blue train hasnt been used in over 4 years. Its not necessarily an indicator of what may or may not happen to it. Actually, it was used in 2016, instead of the orange train. Only 2 years and as dnn said a while back, it was about 95 percent ready to be used in 2018.
  19. Remember how they used one blue car towards the end of the year because one of the orange ones was broken? I noticed that the wrap in it actually wasn’t looking too great and was pretty peeled. I was surprised since it only ran for what? Two seasons at the most? Surprising how fast people manage to ruin nice things. Here’s what I was talking about. One car had a blue stripe for about the last month of the season.
  20. Who said they are doing anything to it? Did you not just see the last page? They took the vynil wraps off.
  21. I agree it wasn’t too bad looking, but some cars were starting to really show the solid green paint underneath. Glad to see that Six Flags is obviously paying close attention to even smaller scale issues within the park, such as peeling train wraps. Unfortunately, knowing SF, they’ll probably just paint both trains some solid color and call it a day. But who knows, maybe they are just getting new wraps. I really like the looks the wraps bring, and hope they are just getting new wraps installed! Overall, I can’t wait to see the changes Six Flags puts into the park over the off-season. The place has been in need of some help and maybe SF will actually come to the rescue!
  22. Were these vinyl shreds there during the season? I don’t recall seeing it when I rode Viper a few times at Fright Fest. Also, are there any updates on two train ops on coasters, prep work for SkyScreamer, or the transition to SFDL?
  23. Could this mean a new look for Viper’s trains in 2019. Those wraps looked nice when they were put on back in 2013(?), but recently, they’ve really been peeling bad and don’t quite look as nice anymore.
  24. Figured I’d share this post from DL’s FaceBook from today. Ride of Steel being constructed, back when it was “Superman” and the track was actually red
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