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  1. So I just got back from Canada's wonderland last night. Their operations totally put DL to shame. They run two or three trains on every coaster, and dispatch trains very quickly. What I found the most amazing was the fact that they were running two trains on one of their kiddie coasters, but DL is only running one train on their larger coasters. Darien Lake seriously needs to step up their game, as they soon will be losing visitors the way they are operating, it definitely makes me not want to go back to DL, as I now realize just how terrible their operations truly are.
  2. Went to DL today, ROS was down the first half of the day, and from what I've seen, it appears as they have put some restraints back on twister. Also, vipers second train is still nowhere in sight. ME pain wise, has gotten much worse.
  3. I was at the park earlier today too, I was in line when this happened, I'm lucky I wasn't on it yet! Also, twister has hardly any restraints left on it now, ME was stuck on the brake run for a little while, rolling thunder broke, and predator was down for a small amount of the day. Still no second trains on any rides.
  4. Yes, that is the only train being used. It does make the ride much more comfortable! I also like the removal of the shin restraints!
  5. Actually, last year, when viper's second train wasn't in use, it was not stored under the station, it was stored next to the brake run, easily visible from the queue and the station.
  6. I've noticed the same thing almost every time that I'm there. The one day, it was about ankle deep, but it hadn't rained for about a week. They must hose it down.
  7. I will be at DL on Friday, I'll look for anything interesting, like viper's second train
  8. I can remember the one time last year where I waited 65 minutes for ROS. They need the second train badly. I've Ben to the park 5 times this year, and every time, ROS has been down for at least half the day with a train related issue, and they don't have a spare train to use.
  9. My friend just told me that his co worker said that he was at DL a few days ago and said the same thing that screamscape said. I don't know if he send this news or not though.
  10. What I have found strange about ME's second train is that last year, they were only operating the blue train, this year, they are only operating the red train, which leads me to think that ME's second train must still be operable, as it was used last year.
  11. I was just there on Sunday, and there wasn't even any sign of a second train.
  12. I'm not completely sure, but I do know that a double shot means two people, as there are two seats.
  13. Also, when I was there, I noticed that ROS seems to be breaking down even more often. It broke down 3 times in that one day. It almost did a 4th time. The new train doesn't seem to be breaking in very nicely. Every time that I am there, it is down for at least an hour, and I've been there 5 times this year.
  14. I have huge REAL news: I'm not joking when I say this. I was at the park today, and got a drink at the saloon, and when I was there, the worker said that apparently, DL is getting a NEW COASTER in 2018! All that he told me is that it will be in the place of the old Cuda Falls complex, and that it will be a "water coaster". That's all that he said. If someone knows exactly what a water coaster is, cn you describe it? This is no lie, he actually told me this info.
  15. Nope. Last year, they closed in September, at 7:00, with no Halloween event. They used to have frightfest. They are closing early with nothing again this year
  16. I will be there next weekend, I will check out the predator situation.
  17. Yeah, the second trains weren't even on the storage tracks, they were nowhere to be seen.
  18. Thanks, do you know when viper and predator will get theirs on? Hopefully soon!
  19. They really need 2 trains, i was there today and lines were rediculously long
  20. Does anybody know if Darien Lake will be running two trains on any coasters this year? Also, does anyone know if they are getting a second new train for ROS next year?
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