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  1. Isn't Sfmm technically in LA County? Does that mean that any complaints made to Santa Clarita moot?
  2. The small child in me wants to see them buy Scandia in Ontario, CA
  3. I went to the park recently and the new boardwalk area looked really good. I like the direction this park is going. They were also painting some other stuff too. No vertical construction yet on Crappy Name: the Ride but 'tevs, I'm not all that hot for the ride anyway. What I'm more interested is whether not they're gonna install a web cam for their next big project. That'd be nice.
  4. In spite of all the signs pointing toward "no, probably not," I'm gonna hold out hope for a massive investment. I mean, with Star Wars opening, Magic Mountains gotta do something to counter it, right? My hope is that's its loud and skirts the perimeter of the park just to piss off the new neighbors.
  5. That is some crazy shit. And the video is just outright bizarre. I could see something like that happening.
  6. I lost my wallet on X2 of all rides. I felt it, like, float up behind me. And somehow they found it! I just take a backpack with me anymore.
  7. Here's hoping that's its big and loud and right on the park boundary just to piss off the new neighbors. I'd love to see another wooden coaster even though they suck at maintaining them. It'd probably be an RMC with the topper track which are easier to take care of, right?
  8. I was surprised to see yesterday that they've already started construction on Crazanity. Holiday in the Park looked nice to the point that the parts that aren't decorated really stick out. And it seems like a missed opportunity not to dress up their fancy new land with lights. And what the hell is being built exactly again? And how big is it if it stretches all the way back to Apocalypse (which was closed). It's too freaking weird driving up to a naked park now and it's gonna be even weirder when there's stuff all around the park.
  9. I went last week and took some pictures. I also wrote about the place on my blog but I don't have enough posts to attach the link so... message me?
  10. Damn, I had blocked those overflowing trash cans covered in bees from my mind. They were gross.
  11. Radical. I'm rarely excited for flat rides but this one seems dope. And the longer we go without a new coaster, the bigger it gets, right? At least that's how I hope this works.
  12. What about bars? I usually take a break from the park and go to Lazy Dog but I'm looking for something that isn't at the mall. Any suggestions?
  13. We have the whole Viper debacle. Which, oddly enough, I heard two random people talking about in the smoking section the other day. Me? I'm just gonna keep holding out hope for a TRex. That way, I'll be goddamn disappointed by the time they announce refurbished trains for something.
  14. Twisted Wiches near twisted colossus and Jonny Rockets stand out but the rest is pretty typical.
  15. I was happy to see yesterday that the long green fence has gone up from JB's all the way to the giant sky swing (right? Is that what it's called?). Seems like they're gonna do a lot to an area that badly needs it. Can't wait for the beer garden!
  16. This whole week might be totally busy because it's bring a friend free today through the sixth.
  17. I went on Christmas Eve and it was absolutely dead. Glad I didn't go today! Also there's still not much to see in terms of Justice League.
  18. Anything new? I went to Holiday in the Park and really enjoyed it. Definitely upped their game from last year although I'd like to see more of the park decked out.
  19. Xcelerator and ghost rider were both down to one train operation as of Friday. They were actively working on the second train so who knows how long it'll be this way.
  20. For Friday, start with FullThrottle and then work your way around counter-clockwise until the park closes. Then Saturday start with X2 and work your way around clockwise until you meet up with where you left off. Sunday just ride what you liked best! Twisted Wiches by Twisted Colossus is probably the best food in the park along with the Johnny Rockets and mayyybe the barbecue place by Riddler's if only because you can get a beer.
  21. It's usually pretty busy on the weekends. I'd say it's best to go sometime Monday thru Thursday.
  22. Killer report! Aftermath 2 looks dope. Great to see the old family statue from the Batman queue too.
  23. Removing Viper would totally make more sense than refurbishing it with new restraints and whatnot. It's one of those rides where, at the end, you just hear everyone complain about how much it sucked. I've come to really enjoy its intensity in the back car but I wouldn't be too butthurt to see it go. Honestly, I only ride it most of the time to see how long the line for X2 is.
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