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  1. I was looking back at the quarterly report for Cedar Fair that came out earlier this year. In it were mentioned two RMCs, what are now Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers, a first of its kind roller coaster, presumably RailBlazer, and then a renewed relationship with a manufacturer. That makes 3 of the 4 coasters already announced, and unless, Lord forbid they consider Valleyfair's Delirious a coaster, that means Knott's is getting the fourth coaster, with a manufacturer Cedar Fair is familiar with. Gerstlauer has only built one coaster for Cedar Fair in the past. My bets are on Intamin.

  2. Call me crazy, but I'd much rather see Knott's new attraction be called Hangtime over The Ledge. I'm not a fan of either, but the former is the better of the two. I'd assume Knott's waited until last to let all the other news sink in before making their announcement. I'm really hoping for something great, but I'm being cautiously optimistic. It's been 14 years since they last announced something big, and we got Silver Bullet out of it.

  3. I think that a Marvel Land is a lock for Hollywoodland at this point. According to the local news, Mission Breakout has a higher guest approval rating than Tower of Terror did, and everyone seems to love it when I've ridden it. Marvel films are entering a golden age in my opinion, with their most recent films being among their best. I think it will be a land when all is said and done, but might open attractions in stages (i.e. New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom). As a defense of Marvel taking a large chunk on DCA over, that part of the park used to be dead, even before Tower of Terror closed. Ever since they opened Mission Breakout and started the Summer of Heroes festivities, it is easily more crowded than Cars Land. As for if this land is revealed at D23, we'll just have to wait until next weekend to find out.

  4. Wasn't sure which thread to post this in since it's all the Pirates rides but I figured this one since out of all the parks this seems to be the one with the most purists: http://www.ocregister.com/2017/06/29/auction-scene-in-disneylands-pirates-of-the-caribbean-to-no-longer-auction-brides/


    Good for them. No more pirate pimping. Next up, we got to get rid of all the gluten in the park. It is silently poisoning everyone. Then I want breaks for the small world children.


    Let's not forget the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion being insensitive to the dead. How did they have so much audacity back in 1969?

  5. So I bit the bullet and woke up at 5:00 this morning to head over to Disney and ride Mission: Breakout. The park was packed, and within an hour of the park opening, the wait time reached five hours. I was lucky enough to wait less than an hour in the actual line. Once inside of the gates the line flies by. I passed the wait time sign and was on the ride in 25 minutes. I actually wanted the line to slow down after the office, I couldn’t take in any of my surroundings.


    Regarding the attraction’s placement and surroundings, if you’ve watched any of the tours Joe Rohde has given of the attraction, you’ll know that it is meant to feel out of place. The Marvel films feature superheroes and extraterrestrials that do not fit normal, everyday life on Earth. The Collector’s fortress is meant to have come from Knowhere and taken up residence inside California Adventure. Hence Rocket’s “Is that Disneyland” line.


    Overall, the Disney parks, ever since Walt was around, have been about one thing. Telling a story. Walt created Disneyland to be another media to showcase his ideas through, rather than just film. This attraction, unlike many, if not most, of the attractions in DCA, tells a story. The Collector has taken the Guardian’s prisoner, Rocket has escaped, and he needs your help to free his friends.


    As far as the ride goes, it is, in one word, fun. It’s just flat out fun. My whole lift was laughing throughout the whole experience. I was cautiously optimistic when it was first announced, but I gladly welcome Mission: Breakout to California Adventure. Our Tower of Terror was half-assed and built on the cheap anyways, so why not make it unique from any other attraction in the world? And before I get the whole “Marvel films aren’t even good,” I will say that the films may be formulaic (but so is Scooby-Doo, which everyone seems to love). But people, like myself, don’t watch these films for plot or drama, we watch because we love the characters and having a good time. That is what this attraction is centered around.

  6. I can say that I was just at the park a little over a week ago and the amount of space that is available extends from the fountain in front of Johnny Rockets down to the Sky Cabin (which seems rather doomed). It seems plausible that this space could fit a station with a coaster going over Xcelerator into the open space across La Palma from the park. I don't know how the zoning in this area works, but the "K" on top of the Sky Cabin could be attached to a support where the Cabin is now, keeping it in its designated landmark spot.

  7. 1. What is the name of your home park?

    Geographically is Disney California Adventure, but I consider Knott's Berry Farm to be my home park


    2. Do you own a coaster related T-shirt?

    Yes, my 2016 West Coast Bash shirt


    3. Do you enjoy Vekoma SLCs?

    Only ridden one (Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) and did not enjoy it at all


    4. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind.

    California Screamin', Outlaw Run, Cheetah Hunt


    5. One park you would definitely never go back to is...

    Probably Six Flags New England, simply because operations were so awful the day I went


    6. Have you ever ridden a drop tower taller than 200 feet?

    Yes, Supreme Scream at KBF


    7. What is your favorite roller coaster?

    Wicked Cyclone (And yes, I do know its at the park I would never go back to)


    8. When you go to a park three things you must have with you are...

    Phone, theme park related apparel, food


    9. How many times did you visit your home park last season?

    Between ten and fifteen times (I lost count)


    10. The first Intamin coaster you rode is...

    Xcelerator at KBF


    11. Have you ever spent an entire day at a park alone?

    Yes, did both California Disney parks alone for the first time last year


    12. The independent park you go to the most is...

    If you count it as independent, Silver Dollar City, been there twice


    13. Does B&M or Intamin make better hyper coasters?

    Only ridden Intamins, so that's an obvious answer


    14. If it was free, what upcharge ride what you jump on right now?

    None, I'm not a huge flat ride fan, and most upcharge rides are flat rides


    15. What is the best food at your home park?

    Mrs. Knott's Fried Chicken, a must every time


    16. The name of the worst GCI you've ridden is...

    Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa


    17. When you're not riding something at your home park where are you?

    At school


    18. Favorite water ride in a dry park (flume, rapids, etc)

    Timber Mountain Log Ride at KBF


    19. Do you get your photo taken with park mascots?



    20. Name one personal item you've lost at a park.

    My KBF season pass


    21. Name of the worst B&M invert you're ridden is...

    Hungarian Horntail (Blue Side on Dragon Challenge) at Islands of Adventure


    22. Name your favorite steel coaster under 125 feet tall.

    Wicked Cyclone at SFNE


    23. Name your favorite coaster/ride manufacturer?

    Tie between B&M and Intamin


    24. What waterpark have you visited most often?

    Never been to one


    25. The name of the fastest wooden coaster you have ridden is...

    GhostRider at KBF


    26. What is the name of the flat ride you've ridden the most?

    Supreme Scream at KBF


    27. Name a ride-related injury you have suffered.

    Whiplash riding Fire in the Hole at SDC when I was six


    28. Favorite Halloween event at a park?

    Knott's Scary Farm


    29. Name the most recent Arrow ride or coaster you've been on...

    Matterhorn Bobsleds at DL


    30. Name of your favorite ride that never leaves the ground (safari, train, bumper cars, etc)

    Universal Studios Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood


    31. What ride makes you laugh the most?

    Xcelerator, listening to people freak out just before the launch


    32. How many RMC's have you ridden?

    2, Wicked Cyclone and Twisted Colossus


    33. Best flat that goes over 100 feet is...

    Supreme Scream at KBF


    34. When you are on your way to your home park what is one worry that you might have?

    It will be way too crowded


    35. Favorite park that is NOT your home park is ___________.



    36. How many different parks did you go to last season?



    37. The indoor coaster/dark ride you ride most often is...

    Was Tower of Terror at DCA but I guess is now Revenge of the Mummy at USH


    38. When you spend the day at the park what do you drink all day?



    39. The name of the best B&M you've ridden is?

    The Incredible Hulk Coaster at IOA


    40. Name three other forum members that will fill this out...

    Anyone else who has nothing better to do on a Friday night

  8. Funny that this "incident" should happen, considering the Sky Cabin spot is where Windseeker was originally planned to be. As far as removing the Sky Cabin, I remember reading that the "K" on top has been designated a local landmark and cannot be moved in anyway, that's why Windseeker moved location within the park. Should it be closed, it could remain as a new park icon and be used as a focal point for a new coaster helixing around the tower, just thinking aloud.

  9. I watched the video yesterday, and it is by far my favorite No Limits creation ever. I don't have much experience in the program (I've always been better at rct3) but I know how tricky NL can be. A massive props to you for getting Mark Silverman in on the project, I've watched just about every interview he has done on his Rod Serling, and he appears very dedicated to his craft. I will be rewatching this many times, it is simply mindblowing.

  10. I spent this afternoon and evening getting as many rides in on Tower of Terror at DCA, a total of 4 times in 6 hours, and when spending 6 hours in a line with mostly GP, you are bound to hear some gems.


    One I heard was a teenage girl telling her group "I rode this last year, and during the drop, my seatbelt came open and I hit into the ceiling. I could've died. I really wanted to sue." Last time I checked, Tower of Terror has never had an incident like this.


    Another one I heard was "Why is this line taking so long? I thought the sign said an hour and 20 minutes." This may seem normal, except the sign actually said 120 minutes. Not so much GP as bad at basic math, but I thought it fit the bill.

  11. They've only been running two shafts on Tower of Terror for the past couple months, which is why wait times have been so high and Fastpasses have sold out so quickly. Over the past weekend, they started running 3 shafts again and the Fastpasses have started lasting longer, well into the afternoon (to almost 4pm today) and the standby line ranged from 13-30 minutes during the day. We went on Late Checkout (begins at 6pm daily, no FP offered) and the outdoor queue was 90% filled and we were in our elevator in 22 minutes. It's not bad at all now that all three shafts are back running.


    I didn't realize they've started running three shafts again. I've been sick over the past week and haven't made it over to the parks, but I've noticed shorter waits on the app. Good, only having two shafts ran the risk of one breaking down and slowing the queue down even more.

  12. Headed to the parks not this weekend, but next weekend. Will be spending Saturday, Sunday, and Monday between the two parks. Just how crazy busy can I expect it to be? Will one park be better than the other on certain days? How fast have Tower of Terror fast passes been "selling out" in? Any other tips to maximize this trip?


    Make the most of single rider lines on Indy, Matterhorn, and Screamin'. Also take the monorail in at park opening and hop on Hyperspace Mountain, should only be a 20 minute wait. Don't stress out over crowds, that only makes everyone's life harder. Most of all, have fun!

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