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  1. going to be in town and decided to hit up lagoon Thursday night and Friday but getting a bit worried about the cold weather.  Anyone know when they stop running the coasters? is it 42 degrees like other parks?  I assume most of Friday will be fine as it says high in the 50s, but still don't want to fly from ohio and get shut down! Friday night looks really cold



  2. 43 minutes ago, tykunkel1031 said:

    Thinking about making a trip up to CP this weekend. For those that have been recently, will I hate myself with how busy it is? Also with that, will I need Fastlane? I came last year on one of the very last weekends, and it was so busy, we only rode Steel Vengeance, Val, Maverick, Millenium, and a couple of flat rides. We were there open to close. I’d like to avoid that if possible, and I’m willing to pay for one day of FL/FL+ if needed. 

    The drive is about 6.5 hours, so I was thinking drive up for Saturday afternoon/evening in the park, then spend most of Sunday there as well. Thanks for any help!

    Don’t hate me if I’m wrong, but the last few fridays and sundays(not Labor Day weekend, I was out of town so not sure ) have been great for lines, people are in school or it seems like they are waiting for haunt to start and not coming.  Saturdays I am not sure about. 

  3. 1 minute ago, SharkTums said:

    ^Do yourself a favor and stay far away from the others! Those trains are even more like SAW death traps!!!

    Haha I had plans to go to Texas and California next year which is why I asked.  They will be ‘first time last time’ rides most likely which is unfortunate because I see this stupid cheap single rail model popping up everywhere in the near future and I am thinking I won’t be able to enjoy them at all (Jersey devil was this way for me) 

  4. anyone else in pain on Jersey devil? 

    I’m tall, I’m fatter, but fit on every other coaster model just fine. Rode Jersey devil yesterday for the first time, and the way you have to sit, chicken legged or whatever with your feet 4 feet apart and your knees bending in put so much pressure on the joint / ligaments below my knees it was the worst pain ever and swear something was going to snap in my leg

    I tried sitting various ways and thought I figured it out until the ops make you put feet flat on the black section of the car and not the red angled part of the car that goes over the track 

    So my question is: anyone else with this knee pain?  Will losing weight did this (always working on it), or is this due to just being taller at 6’3? Or do I just have weak knee/leg ligaments and joints?

  5. This looks like an amazingly fun trip!  but I would highly recommend hitting up Holiday World July 24 or July 31 for night ride on voyage (closes 10 pm), and/or hitting up silver dollar city July 31 or August 7 for night rides on time traveler and outlaw run (closes midnight) if you can reverse the order somewhat or something (start in Chicago?).  All are amazing night rides and VERY good in the dark.  If you can't do it no problem at all there, just thought I'd throw that info in on when they close later than normal for a few weekends.

  6. If you all were gamblers, would you bet on six flags being open / rides running on Sunday based on hurricane dorians path? We’re flying into Atlanta on Friday afternoon and planned carowinds for Saturday and sfog for Sunday, fly out Monday, but we can detour to Dollywood Sunday instead, decisions decisions... stupid Mother Nature

    The most recent track I'm looking at (released at noon eastern) shows it off the coast of Florida on Monday, with the potential track area barely in Georgia.


    I think you should be fine. Depending on how much lead time you need to adjust plans, keep up-to-date and be ready to adjust up to your deadline.


    If you're willing to drive to Dollywood on Sunday, why don't you instead swap SFOG and Carowinds (SFOG on Saturday, Carowinds on Sunday)?


    I like this idea, as carowinds will probably be less likely impacted on Sunday. Guess I’ll cancel my hotels and see what the model is predicting when we take off Friday!

  7. I can give you my thoughts. I've been a good amount this year. If you are at the front gates 30 minutes before they open, you'll be able to knock out all the credits by noon or 1:00pm. Twisted opens 30 min before listed opening most days. Ride it a few times before rope drop. Then just knock everything out one by one. At rope drop, Scorcher will be a walkon. Dare Devil Dive will be next and a near walk on. Then grab Mindbender and Batman. You wont have any lines. Head back to Superman next. You might have to wait a 20 minutes or so depending on when you get there. Then GASMachine, Blue Hawk, skybuckets over next to the mine train and grab it. Then, knock out Goliath. That's optimal but prob not even necessary.


    If it's anything like Memorial day weekend, the park will be dead in the mornings. We were surprised how long it took people to show up that weekend.


    Yesterday was free military day at SFOG. Active and up to 3 guests were free to get in. 45 minutes after the rope drop I was sitting on Goliath taking re-rides without leaving the station. It was dead until 1 or 2 pm.


    Heavy church areas. Sundays are usually light for much of the day.


    The bad news is food ops were terrible yesterday. Chicken wing place wasn't even open at noon. JB Sports Grill wasn't open at 12:30pm. Understaffed and not opening on time or very delayed.


    Thanks for the advise but I do have a question. You’re saying they open the park / twisted cyclone 30 minutes early? Do you need a special membership or anything to get in early?? I have the basic gold season pass from six flags great America and I’m not sure if my friends will have a good pass or not.

  8. another flash pass question (sorry!)


    Is Flash pass worth it at six flags over Georgia on Sunday 9/2 (labor day weekend?) I would normally buy it no thought at all since I'm traveling from Cleveland (carowinds + SFoG trip), but there are several rides that say "one time only" on their site, even with the most expensive platinum option, is this true, or does that "one time" apply to the regular / gold options?


    Batman, dare devil dive, and twisted cyclone one time only... at that point not sure if the pass is worth it. thoughts?



  9. Really pains me to read some of the responses here to firehawk, why would you want any coaster removed when they have the space to keep it AND build something new? I like firehawk, I like vortex, and they need to keep both. Removing a coaster is never good when there is so much space available that there is no need. KI isn’t running out of room like CP so keep them all and keep adding imo.


    In fact, I’d take firehawk over any B&M forceless flyer any day of the week. Will be funny if they tear it down to build a b&m flyer instead of a giga you’re all praying for

  10. That super 8 was the nastiest hotel we have ever stayed in. Roaches,stained carpet, stained bed sheets, hair on bed and in the tub, water leak, dirty toilet, run down conditions, and extremely rude staff.


    I'll try and find the pictures if I still have them, if not they may be in this thread a few years back.


    Found them here.....



    Again, years ago... It was nothing like that just this past year! Hotels deserve forgiveness too! Especially when they're as cheap, and offer as many amenities as this one does!



    same here, I have stayed at that super 8 probably 8-10 times since 2015 and never had any issue with bugs or dirt. sure the pictures don't lie, but its just a cheap no frills hotel. can definitely do better if you want to spend more.


    the hotel I WOULD not recommend, is the Microtel. The walls are paper thin and I"ve heard hookers having sex multiple times lol. Even when not kept up late by raunchy sex, the families with kids would wake me up early morning. (i knew they were hookers because you could hear the knocks on their doors follow by sex). walls so thin never again!

  11. I'm asking my coaster bretheren for a little help. We are looking at two different options for a long weekend in early October.

    We have our CF Platinum so were looking at:


    Valleyfair & Mall Of America




    Dorney & Knoebel's


    ...What would be our better option?



    late to the party but 100% knoebels and hershey park, about an hour away from eachother, 2 great top tier parks. if you can't or don't want to do hersheys, do knoebels + dorney. Renegade is awesome but knoebels is just a great park and phoenix is amazing, especially at night

  12. Quick question, is the entire park closed for halloweekends once the haints open, or do they have rides open as well? I tried looking on the website like I did for KI, but didn't see whether or not any rides were open.


    Certain rides are closed on Friday. Closed coasters include corkscrew, mine ride, rougarou, and Gemini. As for flats, some of those close as well but I don't have a list, I'm sure it's on the CP site somewhere

  13. Hi All, thanks for answering my previous dumb questions! I do have another sadly...


    what time does it get dark at holiday world these days? I'm sitting here in Cleveland and there is plenty of light left at 7:30 EST. I really want too ride the voyage in the dark to compare it to a beast night ride (my favorite coaster at night), and have a trip scheduled for October 15th. If its not dark, I may go to a different park as I've already been to Holiday world earlier this year (also didn't get to ride voyage at night then). I love the voyage during the day, but NEED to ride it in the dark


    Anyone who is local that can comment on when its dark or if it will be dark by 8 pm central time on October 15th? I'm stupid with time zones so not sure if it gets darker there an hour earlier, plus Indiana is crazy with most on EST anyway!


    thanks again for helping a lurker / newperson

  14. Oh man, if you've only been on a rushed Hershey visit and loved it, a nice relaxed visit is going to blow your freakin' mind.


    I actually think Hershey is a total two day park ... take it easy ... ride the monorail .. take a trolley tour, I bring the niece and nephew and do all the cheesy ChocolateWorld stuff, enjoy the ambiance, stuff my face with candy, hit up a few coasters ...............


    then late in the evening when the line inevitably dies down, marathon the everloving crap out of Skyrush.


    Next day, rinse & repeat.


    and then you can't walk the next day due to your thigh's being bruised and bloodied


    skyrush hurt me bad lol. i marathoned it and the next day my thighs hurt so bad on a big trip to six flags great adventure. i'm weak, old, and frail

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