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  1. Bert, great report, just got finished reading the rest. Really captured everything of the trip very well. Hope to see you and everyone else again soon. Phil
  2. Zach, great report. This was an amazing trip and Robb and Elissa went above and beyond with everything. Was great meeting you and everyone else on this trip and hope all are doing well since.
  3. Great report Bert. It's great reliving this trip and also meeting everyone for the first time. Yes it was me who took the pics from the water cannons! lol
  4. I really wanted to get to this but just can't get the schedule to work out. Hope to be able to attend next year. Hope everyone has a great time!
  5. I wish I could go to this but other obligations make it impossible. Hope to attend in future years.
  6. BGW is such a beautiful park and IvadR is a fun ride and great for the families there. Great addition to go along with Griffon, Aplengiest and Appolo's Chariot.
  7. I've been following this thread and love how well organized it is, and the great time everyone is having. Love the pics and reports, and I am very impressed how everyone made the best while at Universal. Surprised to hear about the problems there. I hope I can make one of these Japan trips in the future as they look like a great time and a nice change of pace from the US. Enjoy the rest of the trip everyone.
  8. Very interesting results. Did not expect 3 wooden coasters to be top 3 overall but can understand why, and appreciate Medusa getting the recognition. Thank you Robb, Chase and AJ for all the work put into this.
  9. Forgot about that one. Rip. Does this mean all 2017 projects are Free Spins? Forgot about that one too. So I guess that's it.
  10. Just watched the video and he did indeed say there were 4 projects for 2017, but then added that included S&S projects. Since we now know there are 3 of those coming (check at the 19:59 mark), that leaves 1 more .......I would look towards Ohio if I were a betting man.
  11. They have been marketing it, but I do believe this is the first installation, yes.
  12. What about this? If a clue is that it hasn't been done before, I don't know of an S&S installation of this type of tower. http://www.engineeringexcitement.com/product/rotating-tower/
  13. I would agree with this 100%. I'll add that at first I hated Skyrush but over the years it has grown on me and I now actually look forward to the out of control ride you get on the wing seats.
  14. I was there from 12 to around 5 yesterday. Most everything was a walk on until around 3:30 or so, then lines backed up due to 1 train (Thunderhawk) or just slow operations (Steel Force). The rain then came and solved that problem though. Overall place was not crowded though.
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