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  1. While that may be true ive been to many parks many times and i cant recall a bad experience of course there always will be someone havin a bad day. I guess a good question is what do you do if the employee isnt having a good day. Me personally it doesnt matter if you give an attitude at first, i dont judge you, but ill crack a smile out of you and bring out the better side. Or another question... has any employee gone out of their way to make it a better experience for yourself? We need alot more interaction with each other to bring the joy
  2. Just was wondering what kind of experiences everyone has had with the workers of parks you have visited. In our experiences we have fun with the workers to make them feel alive and it brings out their personalities. We dont likento watch people work in misery! Especially with the high number of people coming in and out its a stressful job. I have yet to have any complaints but was wondering what kind of experiences you have had?
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