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  1. Where the heck could Hershey fit a new coaster anyways, short of replacing one? They did somehow fit Skyrush in, but the southern-most section of the park has coasters weaving over and under each other. HP does have some serious space issues. Would love to see Sidewinder replaced with a Sky Rocket II and Wildcat get the RMC treatment, but a new coaster is probably off the table until at least 2019/2020. A drop tower in the next few years would be a great addition.
  2. Gonna be out in St. Louis visiting a friend on Memorial Day weekend. How busy is the park on Memorial Day itself? Never been before, any tips would be greatly appreciated as well!
  3. Describe each 'tier' of the CF parks. Is there an official park categorizer that places parks in each tier or are you just disappointed that Kings Dominion is in the top 5 in Cedar Fair's most roller coasters instead of the top 2? Fingers wrote: I wouldn't even put it in top 5, as CP, ConWon, Carowinds, Knott's, and KI usually rank higher in the food chain. Here's how PhantomPoster ranked the parks investment-wise, and I tend to agree: Tier 1 Investment Parks Cedar Point Canada's Wonderland Tier 1.5 Investment Parks Carowinds Tier 2 Investment Parks Knotts Berry Farm Kings Island Tier 3 Investment Parks Kings Dominion Worlds of Fun Tier 4 Investment Parks Valleyfair Dorney Park California's Great America Tier 5 Investment Parks Michigan's Adventure Mostly agree, although I would put Kings Island up there with Carowinds. KI is gonna get a major attraction at least every 5 years, as it challenges the attendance of CP. I also would probably put KD above WoF. I went to school out in Kansas (visited WoF numerous times), and while I think WoF is a really fun park, KD is definitely a level above in terms of attendance/revenue/investment by CF. Knotts hasn't had a ton of major investment, but that is likely due to them being limited space wise.
  4. KD's coaster lineup is pretty great, with one of the best headliners in the country. But teh inescapable fact it's a 3rd-tier CF park. CF just has to maintain the park, and improve it's non-coaster offerings which it has done in spades (IMO). I still think there is a potential for a coaster in 2018/19, just by looking at where it is on the CF food chain. But there are plenty of CF parks that haven't gotten a coaster in a longer time than KD, so it could potentially be another 5 years or more.
  5. First time poster. Looks like a fun little coaster, though the height requirement just misses the sweet spot that would be absolutely ideal for BGW. That being said, happy BGW is finally getting a woodie. I can't imagine InvadR will cost too much, much like Tempesto last year, athough this looks to be a more substantial addition. Hopefully BGW is on track to receive a major coaster in 2020, as they haven't been breaking the bank for these kind of additions.
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