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  1. The trip is in the books. Here are some notes. Arrived a little later than I had hoped (10:30) and the local couple with us was shocked at how "crowded" they thought the park was. Went straight for monster on the way for the water park. It was shut down so they could add attachment points for barbed wire on the fences. The male of the couple who worked on the install of the light package was flabbergasted that they wouldn't have their crown jewel opening with the park opening for work that could be done at closing times. So...hit the water park up. The cabanas are awesome and really enhanced our stay. Rode the slides that we wanted with moderate to medium waits. Hit the wave pool (which didn't look impressive...but was surprisingly well done with wave alterations and patterns). We ate lunch at the water park, and I was VERY impressed by the options, price, accessibility, and speed. Coming from SFSTL as my home park, it was a night and day improvement over that park (and miles better than hurricane harbor). Shortly after lunch, it was time for the rides. Things were complicated by their youngest child not wanting to ride much of anything exciting (as opposed to my daughter who wanted to ride everything she could and was bored with the kiddie rides (she's 5 but a budding park junkie). Sadly their daycare took a trip to adventuresome early this summer and they put the kids on Tornado...together in pairs...without adults riding with them in the same car. Needless to say, but that child is now scarred for while, and too scared to ride anything big. Hit The outlaw twice. Once with my daughter (hated that ride...as it was spent.focussing on her not getting jostled too badly) and once alone (much more enjoyable). No drop, but a few good pops of airtime, and nice speed. Hit dragon. Man, the ride queue is dingy. And odd garbage was laying behind the scenes (how about an office rolling chair just sitting under the ride area with milk crates strewn about). Good lake setting, forgettable ride. Hit a bunch of flats and while they are just flats, the ride ops were either amusing, overly generous with ride duration time, or both. Hit monster. 30 minute wait. WORTH EVERY DAMN MINUTE. That ride is special and a hellova gamble for the owners. They are still working on the queue area and fences, but wow. The variety of elements that Gerstlauer put into the track was amazing. Just so smart. The way it plays with speed is genius. Impressed. After that we hit raging rivers. After the issue with the ride op that slipped, fell, and passed away...they have altered how they load the boats. The line now moves insanely slow. Hopefully they'll install panels at ride level so the ride can't move forward without both buttons being pressed (at loading and at ride control). Dicked around at water park until 7pm (water park closing), then friends youngest talked us in to riding Underground. HORRIBLE MISTAKE. Huge time eater. Awful ride. At this point some adults hit up monster again while I entertained the kids. Then when it was my turn...they closed.The line off. Couldn't get in line to ride. This was 8:15. Line was about 30min. Park closes at 9. This sucks. Park closes at 9. On a Friday. In July. There is an amazing light package for this ride (my friend's handiwork no less)...and they close the park and ride early so that you can't even see it.in action. Why spend this money if you can't use it? Loved.aspects of the park, but the few critical notes would be to use to trains on the coasters. Every coaster but monster uses one train only. Therefore ride capacity is atrocious. Two, please for the love of coasters paint them from time to time. Dragon and tornado look shameful. I hope the new coaster gambit works out, as revenue can really help the new owners (previous owners kids) can continue to revamp a park that had fallen into stagnation.
  2. Thanks for the plans! We probably would do the nighttime rides as well with the water park in between. However, I did have fears concerning that the other idea would be better to avoid water park lines. I have been considering that plan of attack at SFSTL as well. Even though tomorrow is a Friday, I'm hoping the crowds won't be crazy as it is still a weekday.
  3. If Carowinds is second tier for CedarFair, what is in the tiers? First tier:CP, KI, KBF Second Tier: the rest?
  4. Heading up to Des Moines tonight, staying with friends, and then both of our families are hitting the park together tomorrow. It will be my families first time...and even though they live there, I think that they have barely been to the park. What makes that even weirder is that he is an electrician who spent this past spring installing the light package on the ride. At the behest of the other couple we splurged and rented a cabana at the water park. Our plan is to drop off our gear there first, go hit the rides, and then finish up at the water park. Hoping that's a good plan (I'm a regular at SFSTL and that is how we attack that park). PSYCHED FOR MONSTER.
  5. Of course! Thankfully the tickets are free and we're going mid week.
  6. Well...looks like planning our trip for late July was a moron move. Also, pardon my ignorance, but what is BKG?
  7. Awesome and much appreciated info. I too enjoy learning the technical aspects (I am a biologist, so the curiosity sense is strong....but lacking in mechanical areas naturally). The forum usually is a jovial one, and all of my posts have been pretty lacking in that regard. I really love studying the mantis shrimp, and it does create cavitation bubbles to kill its prey. Thought I would try to insert some humor when expressing my gratitude at the depth of your explanation. Enjoyed the insight!
  8. Anyone aware of the crowd situations so far this season? I am used to lower crowds in the past at SDC, and I'm planning a trip on a weekday at the end of July. I'm not worried about my trip and the crowds, but I'm wondering if the attendance is truly doing well enough to justify these park updates and seemingly increasing capital expenditures. A friend of mine went two Fridays ago and indicated that they walked on outlaw run three separate times at different times of the day! All of these improvements should at some point result is attendance spiking. Basically...I am dreaming that somehow I can continue seeing great park experiences with low lines, while the park does well enough to keep growing/improving. Maybe the increase in rides and activities result in a dilution of wait times across the board?
  9. If you actually read my post you would clearly see that I was addressing a possible way to cross Thunder River without draining it. Cavitation came up when I mentioned that the ride would preform an e-stop if the water level drop to low. Now if you want I will gladly tell you more about cavitation such as the two different types and causes. If you don't like the technical insight that I provide about rides then don't read my post. Please don't be offended, I truly enjoyed your post...seriously. Having fun but not poking fun! Wasn't trying to be a jerk, just impressed that you gave us that much detail, and I wanted to call it out without being fawning. I just recently got crushed for "butthurt" about reaction to one of my posts. Now I'm on the flip side. Eventually I'll locate the sweet spot (obvious reference skipped). Also down for the info on the two types. BTW.
  10. If you actually read my post you would clearly see that I was addressing a possible way to cross Thunder River without draining it. Cavitation came up when I mentioned that the ride would preform an e-stop if the water level drop to low. Now if you want I will gladly tell you more about cavitation such as the two different types and causes. If you don't like the technical insight that I provide about rides then don't read my post. Please don't be offended, I truly enjoyed your post...seriously. Having fun but not poking fun! Wasn't trying to be a jerk, just impressed that you gave us that much detail, and I wanted to call it out without being fawning. I just recently got crushed for "butthurt" about reaction to one of my posts. Now I'm on the flip side. Eventually I'll locate the sweet spot (obvious reference skipped).
  11. And there it is...the reason I'll read these posts for the rest of my life...cavitation discussions. If you want some hardcore biological cavitation action...the Mantis shrimp creates cavitation bubbles with its raptorial appendages with such ferocity that the water boils immediately and releases bursts of light. No joke. This probably would also be bad for the pumps.
  12. The crazy thing is that I really don't let my mind wander too much when it comes to SDC. I have the utmost confidence that whatever they decide to do will work out well for the park. They've earned my trust. I do hope it's not a spinner though. Unless it was themed to one or all of their skillets...in which case I would suck it up.
  13. The shuttle coaster, while very cool...would likely be a capacity nightmare...even with longer trains. Plus, I can't see them getting another woodie anytime soon. I looked for, but couldn't find the spinning coaster you described.
  14. Fair enough, I appreciated the originality. I have to admit, the bathroom situation at SFSTL has been a huge improvement. I no longer dread their usage.
  15. It wasn't that I didn't want to pay, I just couldn't hold it any longer. Sorry to alarm everyone. FYI, didn't make it.
  16. I'm not getting all of the backlash...but whatever. I've been lurking for months, reading endless bitching about not getting a first class ride, OMG the Boss is rough, food service is an issue...ad nauseam. My entire post wasn't negative, and we did have a great day. My experiences at SDC, CP, HW, WOF, VF, and...hell adventureland...never involve the two types of issues I commented on. They were out of the norm for me, and I shared them. Didn't expect the dogpile for it. I know my home park lags behind those other parks, but these issues seem silly and easily correctable without major capital outlay. SFSTL is my home park. It seems stuck in a bit of a self-fulfilling spiral...little significant improvement, unique gp attendance drop (read: non pass holders), revenue reduction (pass holders spend much less in the park), no new big ticket rides, rinse, repeat. I do wish it could return to glory...but it is what it is. TNT, thanks for your perspective, as it makes sense. In five visits to the park in the past two seasons though, JL has yet to start within the first 30 minutes of park opening. It may also be nice to alert riders that part of the ride isn't working. Controlled expectations help alleviate disappointment. My piss comment was in response to the belittling comment made concerning equating the issues with soap dispensers being out. I don't get why it's shrug worthy to wait in a food line for an hour, buy two beverages for ten bucks each on a hot day, and expect ice. What a bitch I am. I anticipate more shade, but this will be my last response to it. I love humor (coffee, slot machine, etc) just don't get the hate. Peace.
  17. I've been keeping up, but when someone tells me that the ghost coaster is being pushed back...it made me think something official was out there.
  18. On our first trip to CP, I was ignorant of the insect issue. Rode Blue Steak at dark. Had my mouth wide open and flew into a mob of them under a light near the track. One was lodged somewhere in my throat and I dry heaved on it for about four minutes. Fool my once...
  19. Where is the news of a coaster coming at all, let alone getting pushed back?
  20. Well, that escalated quickly. My daughter has been waiting to ride JL for quite some time. We finally got on (it has been down consistently when we're there) and the ride was incomplete. I guess I should have asked one of the ride ops to piss in a cup for me so I could wash down my disappointment with something warm...given that the park wasn't expecting guests to want any cold beverages on a hot day. So...park visit reports should be confined to praise only? WTF MAN?
  21. At SFSL today, and Fowl Ball should be ready tomorrow. HOPEFULLY it can alleviate some of the food issues at Mooseburger. Got in to the park a little after opening (about 10:45am) and did the traditional "what's the story with Justice League today?" checkup. Of course the ride wasn't open yet. BUT, the line wasn't prohibitively long in waiting. Asked the employee at front of the entry doors if it was down or safety testing, and he indicated that they were still testing. And that it would open soon. He was correct, and our choice was rewarded with a pretty short overall wait (maybe 15 minutes). The line moved way faster than I've ever seen, which was awesome. However, screen two was down. Nothing doing there. When we got off I informed the OP and she just shrugged and said "yeah, everyone is telling me that". Great response! I'm also becoming increasingly confident that in a cost cutting move, six flags is having their employees show up at the last possible moment...resulting in the testing cycle being delayed EVERY DAY. JL seems to need extra testing each morning, start that sucker earlier and be ready. It is your flag ship ride. Treat it as such, as your GP does! The park was DEAD for the first two hours, which I chalk up to most of the GP hitting the water park first. Got to ride a ton in that time. One frustration is that the drink machines at Mooseburger were out of ice. BY 12:30!!!??? What the heck? We were there for an hour. Never any ice. We're in June. On bring a friend free day. A Friday. And this happens? They only had two expeditors at the food line (putting food into baskets), which was causing a horrific line situation. Lastly, I long for the day that both sides of the log flume are running. I miss the immediate climb.
  22. Daily inspections start before park open, but if maintenance is working on them past open time, they still need to be reinspected, just as if an e-stop was made or a breakdown. The only rides that may get inspected last minute or "late" would be the ones in the back due to the time it takes guests to get to them.... They generally work front to back. Early entry is to keep the front gates and metal detection free flowing and not backed up and relieve them of pressure... large crowds packed together like that in the front are a security and safety risk... And they also do it to make a few sales in the front mall area and drink stands so that when the gates do open, the lines for those stands don't block the way of all those guests trying to come in and slow down the entry process. As far as informing the guests of non moving lines, some rides do not have speakers... Yes, I agree they should have workers at those rides verbally face to face letting the guests know, and I have no idea why they do not. But I do know at rides that do have speakers, they generally do inform. HWFan.... Anything I forgot here? Every other Six Flags I have been to, and entered early with my Gold Pass, you were able to ride the rides immediately. You didn't just que up for them in line. It's frustrating that our park has to be different. LOL. That is so SFStl. I don't think it makes me happier as a patron to hear that something billed as a perk for pass holders is really just something to benefit the park itself. Wow. In regards to the clone situation, that doesn't bother me too much, depending on the ride cloned. American Thunder is a great coaster regardless of whether or not it's cloned. Same for freeze and batman (at the time). What I don't want ever again is a coaster to be moved here from another park. That's just insulting. "Here's a coaster nobody liked at park A, but you donkeys are so hungry for anything new that you are sure to love it...and by the way...you have probably already ridden it before at seven other parks". I'll admit that it looks nice in the park, it's just a terrible ride.
  23. HWFan, I'm really not "furious", that is always my preferred handle on forums, xbox, etc. It was stolen from a character name in the movie Mystery Men (an average at best film with some great character names). BfM just frustrates me as we always go out of our way to get to the park early, get in early, go straight to it so the kids can ride it before the line reaches absurd status, and each time it's not running. So we end up having to skip it. By the time we realize it's up again, the line is insane. I think my real frustration stems from three issues. 1) shouldn't the rides be past inspection and ready to ride at opening? 2) What is the point of early entry if you can't ride anything? 3) the lack of information sent to the patrons waiting in a non moving line for 30 minutes is deplorable and only breeds misinterpreted formation and mistrust. Other parks keep you "In the loop" so you can make an informed decision. If it's "going to be a while"... then tell us! I was emailed a survey, and I'll follow through their. Love the discourse on here btw...
  24. I realize that comparing sfstl to Disney, cedar fair, know else, etc is a waste of time. It's our park, it has its charm, and it's not great at any one thing. It does every aspect of amusement park average and respectably. But there are issues that bother me. JLBFM is an albatross. Every ride in the park had a wait time of 20 minutes or less today (per experience and the app), however, with the line barely out of the door the wait time was listed at 130 minutes. WTH??!! Also, it appears as though the employees are running the rides through their tests at 10:29 AM for a 10:30 AM opening. Several rides were not rideable at park opening (JLBFM and Pandemonium for sure), and I'm not sure what the perk of gaining early entrance into the park is for if you can't get one ride in before the masses descend. NOTHING runs until 10:30, period, and it isn't likes this at the other parks who have early entrance programs. I greatly anticipate my trips to SDC and SFGA later this summer, and I'll trek back into SFSTL with average expectations later. One last note, I've been lurking for about 200 pages now, and per earlier discussions I was hoping the boss was going to be smoother early in the season (when compared to my rides in the past). NOPE.
  25. First trip of the year...used our gold pass for early entry (which should really be called "get in line first and hope rides start on time". Waiting in line for JL...it's 10:52...and the ride hasn't stayed yet. Why did they install this POS? After all the hiccups from last year, I was praying this would be better this year. NOPE.
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