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  1. Thanks Elissa. I'm in the UK right now and I haven't see any 3 to 2 coverters anywhere - I guess they're not needed here. I suppose I'll have to wait until I get into Narita and pick one up there. My boyfriend thinks it's funny that I might have to walk round with SUPER curly hair! Razor "I hate curly hair!" Edge
  2. Hey Robb & Elissa , When you went to Japan, did you use any US appliances over there? I've heard that most Japan sockets are class II, meaning they only have two holes instead of the three (earth pin). I've got something that will do the trick for converting the voltage, but it has a 3 pin configuration. Is there some kind of simple adaptor that latches on for the Japanese wall sockets? Only a few days left now! Razor "I'll die of embaressment if I can't straighten my hair for Disneyland" Edge
  3. How about a 'Tower of Terror' style ride where the riders are inverted or spun around during the drop. That would be pretty scary!
  4. Definately DO NOT bother getting the express ticket that you have to pay for - we thought this was a complete waste of money and occasionally we were waiting for around 30 mins anyway. Just stick with the free exrpess or regular queuing!
  5. I also have a degree in English Linguistics - all these naughty people that use short-hand (tut-tut) I think I've been blessed (or scarred?!) with a hawks eye for spotting bad spelling and grammar. I speaks proper I does. x
  6. I think it's the best ride in Disney at the moment. I bet it's only a matter of time before they have to dumb it down to receive the same fate as Alien Encounter. I heard they've already stepped down the G's twice since it opened - what next!
  7. There's been quite a few posts on Japan lately (it seems everyones going there!). I'm going in a few weeks and i was wondering what kind of budget most people would reccomend per person, per day? A friend told me a cup of coffee can cost $10 in Tokyo! I will (of course) be visiting several theme parks so I have to take this into account, and I am partial to the occasional extravagently posh meal :? Forgive me if someones already answered this question somewhere
  8. All these naughty people not having breakfast (tut) lol. The last thing meal I had was a georgous roast dinner
  9. Ooh I don't know really. I've always been a bit of a star trek fan, and I love the Holiday programme 8)
  10. I doubt anything they do will involve water now they've drained it. There was a rumour of a splash mountain style 'Villain Mountain' attraction but i can't see them doing that now. Well at least Pooh's Wood will be cute if nothing else
  11. If that's so, why do you continue to attack people? I don't see anyone else being as rude and hypocritical as you on the entire forum. There is no substance in what you are saying, you consistantly contradict yourself, and there is no sense in resuming your childish provokation. I suggest you take your impossible arguement elsewhere, where someone, like you, enjoys bombarding forums with pointless rhetoric. I have NOT read your PM's - I do NOT deal with abusive people, and I will NOT be posting, or reading anything further you have to cough up on this matter. I sent you a diplomatic apolo
  12. I agree, respect is what it's all about. Funny how it's only ever the hateful types that start the arguments, and the rest of us just get along.
  13. Ok, how about not having any rides, but taking ALL the safety fences away...that is both exciting AND keeps the focus on the animals, somewhat :shock:
  14. For some of us it was our favourite ride. Some of us hated it. But 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is never coming back.... What would you most like to see replacing it now that they're planning that stupid Pooh's playground?
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