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  1. Herschend has arrived:

    Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay


    *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* Come see the Harlem Globetrotters for a week-long showcase from Saturday, June 19th through Friday, June 25th! Enjoy the Globetrotters showcase of their renowned ball handling and trick-shot skills at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm daily. Visit http://KentuckyKingdom.com/Globetrotters

    11:41 AM · Jun 7, 2021·Twitter Web App

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  2. Went to the park yesterday, for their opening day. Entry was quick, they took your temp then you proceed to the entry gate. Most people were social distancing, but only about 20% were wearing mask. All employees were wearing masks, and there were Hand Sanitizer stations all over the park and at the exit of every ride. Saw several employees out cleaning all day long, more so then normal. All rides were open, except for the Raging Rapids. The Giant Wheel, 5D Theater and Bumper Cars will remain closed all summer. All the coaster were loading every other row and flats would let families sit next to each other but would put empty seats between groups. Wait times was anywhere from 10-20 minutes for most rides. Everything went well, except for occasional first day break downs. The old part of the water park was open yesterday and the new part will open starting Friday. Deluge will not run this Summer, social distancing wouldn't work on that they say. Going back Sunday to hit the water park.


    New mural by Hurricane Bay

  3. Yeah, I'm writing it off this year, won't be the same. I understand all the restrictions, but it just isn't worth it to me. Ky's Governor has said Ky Kingdom is one of the last things he will give a OK to. Too many thousands of people in one place, even though your outside. They done cancelled Keys To The Kingdom and I don't think if they can open before July, it wouldn't be worth it for them. Even opening in July, would be tough for them, to make any money this year. Most of the attendance comes from Season Pass holders, they will lose money. 50% of Season Pass holders, go in the park and don't spend over 20.00 on a visit. This year is just a waste and we have to face it!

  4. Breakdance, Himalaya, and Thunder Run are also turning 30 this year!


    I can't wait to see what they'll do with HalloScream especially. Last year they started making plans in July, but now they have a whole year to prep for whatever they'll pull off. This is especially good considering their calendar states they'll be open Halloween Day Saturday!


    Yeah, I;m excited to see what they do for Halloscream. Wonder if they'll use Oak Island again?

  5. Went to King Louie's Winter Walk through, at Kentucky Kingdom yesterday. We learned in the presentation that Halloscream will be back and expanded. The Giant Wheel is being given a refurbishment and Thunder Run received more track replacement. They took us in the print shop, technical service shop and in many back stage areas. It was a nice event, I only took a few photos.


    Group Photo


    Kentucky Flyer


    Lightning Runs first drop


    Underneath Lightning Runs airtime hill


    One of the many curves on Lightning Run




    Sign from Halloscream

  6. Great report, I was there Friday night, you got me and my girlfriends in the sunset shot on the Giant Wheel, " pic " that is me and my girlfriends. It was good for their return to a Halloween event, I hope it returns next year, even though I'll most likely visit another time or two. The crowd was minimal, like you said, no real wait for anything. I hope it picks up and turns out to be a hit.


  7. I love those pictures, Midgetman82!!


    I also have a TR from the event on Friday night. What I don't have in quality I make up for in quantity (hopefully?) and some descriptions of my experience of the mazes.


    I'm doing this thing now where I'm trying to keep them all in one thread, so here it is.


    Great report, that picture you took on the giant wheel looking towards Thunder Run, has me and my two girlfriends in it.

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