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  1. Greying out over airtime hills? Never heard that one before.....
  2. Are they still enforcing the no lose article policy on Toro and Ka? I'm going to be at the park on the 24th and don't really want to pay for lockers but will if I have to.
  3. Massachusetts: Superman the Ride New Jersey: El Toro New York: Comet North Carolina: Fury 325 South Carolina: Afterburn I think Toro and STR could very well be the best coaster in country but I'm biased
  4. Superman the Ride at SFNE by a long long way. I have to be up over 2500 rides on it now.
  5. Superman was running bat shit insane tonight. Like "this is the best coaster on earth" insane mode. I really wonder if SFNEs maintenance teams have stepped up and decided to start taking care of this ride, finally. It's running like it's brand new and I love it.
  6. I agree the restraints are horrible. Why they couldn't get something like El Toro's restraints as a substitute for T-Bars is beyond me. But even with the awful restraints it's still far and away the best steel coaster I've ridden.
  7. I would strongly recommend Nicky's Pizza if you have the option to eat outside the park. Absolutely massive and delicious slices of pizza. Living my entire life in Agawam, I can confirm that this place is awesome. Go here instead of eating in the park.
  8. I hope they never remove Bizarro. It's an awesome ride and it's always empty when I've been there. It's a nice break from the lines and I really like it's hidden away location from everything else.
  9. The lines should be very manageable on a weekday. Superman and Wicked Cyclone shouldn't be any longer than 15-20 minutes. Goliath and Joker are the two coasters I'd do first because obviously Joker is new and for some reason unbeknownst to me the GP loves Goliath even tho it's completely awful. I'd recommend the 2nd row on Superman it's easily my favorite row on the train but the front is great as well. Wicked Cyclone is definitely best in the back on the left side. Goliath as already mentioned is only good in the front row. If you have the misfortune of being put in the back row I'd seriously recommend not riding it..... If you need the credit do it but if you value the health of your spine skip it and don't even think twice. Other than that flaming turd Goliath SFNE is an amazing park and I think it's a seriously underrated Six Flags park. They've really stepped there game up in the last 5 or 6 years and it has definitely shown.
  10. That's very interesting about Superman. I noticed last summer that it had a "warm up" time. I rode it first thing in the morning, and I was fairly underwhelmed because it was pretty sluggish, but as the day went on, it got MUCH faster. That's good to hear it is running like that. If it weren't for those ridiculous trains/restraints, it would be one of my favorite coasters. The lap bars are some of the most uncomfortable I've ever ridden (and yes, I have no problem with those on Skyrush). Those horrifically bad lap bars are the sole reason it's not my #1 anymore and El Toro took that spot. I'm not a large guy by any means, 5'11" 150 lbs. but my God they're painful. Even with those it's completely epic and will always be one of my favorite coasters, the layout is such a masterpiece I can look past the restraints.
  11. It seemed to be flipping a bit more yesterday when I was watching it. Didn't ride tho since I think the ride is just meh and don't want to wait for it. On the other they had ERT for Superman and it was running so fast it was insane. I don't know what they did to the ride but it's been running like an absolute dream this year. It's still easily the best coaster in the park imo.
  12. I agree the restraints are absolutely terrible but the ride to me is so good I can't get all worked up over how bad the lap bars are. Id still love it if SFNE got lap bars for Superman that are exactly like Toro's.
  13. Awesome day at the park today crowds where fairly light and the weather for the most part was nice except for a 15 minute downpour midway through the day. Superman (x9)- THE WORLD'S GREATEST STEEL COASTER WAS IN TOP FORM TODAY . The Man of Steel was giving out crazy ejector on every ride today in both the front and back seats and it's running relatively rattle free for the most part. I had the misfortune to ride it during the 15 minute downpour and it felt like I was taking in sustained machine gun fire. Hopped back around and rode it after the rain had stopped and the track was a bit slick and holy shit was it hauling some ass. Joker (x2). Purple side still sucks it doesn't flip at all but got 3 on the green side. Just not the biggest fan of this ride and isn't really something I'd wait more than 10 minutes for Wicked Cyclone-(x3). 2 of my rides felt kind of sluggish but the last one I took later in the day felt really fast. Superman is still the king of SFNE imo but WiCy is still an amazing coaster that makes SFNEs top 2 one of the best in the country. Batman (x2). Running pretty well.... A little rattle but still a nice floor less coaster with some forces unseen on most B&Ms from the 21st century. Tea Cups- LOL, I hate riding these but my friends always want to ride them so I just do it anyway. All in all a pretty good day of riding. Ops were pretty solid across the board and SFNE has made huge improvements there this season. Of course always some usual six flags silliness (slow food services, stapling on Superman, etc.) But I get to ride two of my favorite coasters so I can look past most small issues.
  14. My homepark is SFNE and it's always straight to Superman and usually right to the back seat.
  15. If my rides on it 2 weeks ago were any indication it isn't smooth in the slightest.... In fact, I honestly don't know what coaster I hate more Golaith or that dumpster fire POS down in Jersey Green Lantern.
  16. If they move it to anything else they should move it to Bizarro. It'd be a nice popularity boost that the ride deserves. If they move it to Nitro or El Toro tho
  17. It looks like it's going to rain here Saturday so you probably shouldn't need one but budget for one anyway. I was there on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend last year with beautiful weather and never waited more then 15-20 minutes for Superman or Wicked Cyclone but if you're doing the water park it could be packed because Sunday is supposed to be nice.
  18. Oh my God I thought I was the only one who thought this. I don't know what they did to it but It's been absolutely amazing so far this season and it's awesome.
  19. This awful thing should be launched into the sun.
  20. 1. El Toro- No doubt the best coaster I've ridden. Ridiculous airtime, the RT hill is the greatest thing ever and the twister finale is phenomenal. And it has the best drop I've ever experienced. 2. Superman (SFNE)- Just barely the best steel I've ever ridden. It's neighbor from across the park is giving it a run for its money. Awesome airtime, awesome tunnels, the spaghetti bowl is brilliant. May have the best layout of any coaster ever but..... the trains really really suck. Everything from the restraints, to the headrests, to the rattle. If it still had its old trains it'd be #1 3. Wicked Cyclone- This very well could be my #1 steel. The pacing is relentless the airtime is amazing and the inversions are awesome and it's soooo smooth. 4. Fury 325- I found this really overrated but still great. It had a nice drop, the speed was amazing and the treble clef was awesome and the air was nice too but it was just missing that all out intensity of the top 3. Dare I say some spots even felt force less 5. Nitro- I thought this ride sucked when I first rode it but some front seat rides changed that. The floater air is so nice and relaxing and the helix is so intense and the bunny hop run back to the station is amazing. 6. Afterburn- This ride surprised me so much. It's so insanely intense in the back seat. I thought the batwing was going to rip my arms outta my sockets. Seriously underrated coaster 7. Intimidator- All this ride really has going great for it is the floater air. I wish it wasn't so trimmed and because it's so trimmed it's basically force less. And the pacing really sucks 8. Comet (Great Escape)- It's been almost 5 years since I've ridden it but I remember it having some nice airtime and being pretty smooth. It got some spots retracked this year so I'd like to get back to Lake George to ride it. 9. Kingda Ka- I don't care what anyone says. This ride is absolutely mind blowing in the front row. The launch is so insanely powerful it just pins you to the seat peels your eyelids back and tries to rip your face off. Such an unbelievable experience. 10. Batman the Ride (GADv)- I only rode it when it was backwards and I really want to try it again with it forwards because Great Adventure regulars say it is completely amazing.
  21. I just saw the wait times on the app and was shocked. I'll be at the park for the first time next Friday I was thinking a flash pass wouldn't be necessary but looking at the wait times today, I may have to spring for one. Thats terrible. Was hoping for a slow day with lots of Wicked Cyclone and Superman. You did confirm my suspicion of the lines being due to school groups. Damn you young kids ! Yeah you'll definitely need one I have a feeling there will be a lot next week too. I know my sister's school has a trip there next Friday so I bet it will be just as bad. A few tips for the park. Ride Goliath toward the front if you can. The ride has assigned seating but since you have a flashpass you'll have a decent chance at the front. Its completely awful anywherw else. Ride Superman in the front 2 rows. It's not as good as it used to be in the back. Ride Wicked Cyclone in the back seat left side.
  22. I picked a bad day to go to the park. There's school trips EVERYWHERE! Every food line is as long as possible. Superman's line is to the set of switchbacks closest to the lockers and Goliaths is probably about 2 hours. Feel bad for those dumbasses who are waiting for that just to get there spines smashed to smithereens.
  23. Just a thought I had reading the Great Adventure thread and reading a few HITP TRs, could Intamin provide a set of wheels for Superman that allow it to run in the cold like B&M does for Nitro? Obviously this wouldn't happen this year but maybe in the future even tho the DC area is easy to cut off. Reading some GRadv TRs Nitro in the freezing cold sounds ridiculously awesome and if SFNE adopted GAdvs amazing weather policy I could see it happen.
  24. 2009: Bizarro SFNE (Don't know if this counts) 2011: Gotham City Gauntlet SFNE 2012: Goliath SFNE 2015: Wicked Cyclone and Fury 325 2016: Joker GADV
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