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  1. I totally agree with you.  CLP is not the last park to get demolished.  And Blue Streak is not the last coaster to get demolished.  There will be more.  We have to enjoy the parks and coasters while we can.  They are not eternal.  Although we have lost many wooden coasters since the new millenium, we are lucky to still have classic parks and wooden coasters around to ride.  Times change.  And right now, the pandemic is certainly not helping.

  2. It is indeed very sad.  As far as I am aware only the trains were saved from the demolition.  Apparently all signs inside the station were scrapped.  I have a hard time thinking some organizations such as ACE didn't step in drastically to save the Blue Streak.  I know in the past they did and have been monumental in keeping the coaster up.  I know some people just think its time had come but I am sure more could have been done.  Obviously the pandemic is somewhat a bit responsible for the outcome.  Had it not been for the pandemic and the closure of the park in 2020 I think CLP would still be in business.  The park was profitable and the Blue Streak received new track work on the lift hill in the Fall of 2019, which the trains never rolled on.  I guess the pandemic, and, the sale to the wrong new owner are the cause of all this.  We certainly can blame him for many things, but he was the only bidder at the sale of the park.  Last Fall the Knoebels were seen at the park purchasing some stuff like benches...etc.  I just wish they would have stepped in to save and or relocate the Blue Streak.  They are the best at doing this.  But again I ackowledge the coaster was not in the best shape and it was maybe just as much money to relocate it than to build brand new.  What makes it more sad and frustrating in this whole story is that the owner Todd Joseph never spoke the truth about the park.  He seemed to hate it and wanted to get rid of the amusement park as soon as he purchased it.  Had he been transparent all along, the people and the community would be more accepting of the outcome, and some stuff from the Blue Streak could have been saved and auctionned off.  The Blue Streak had a lot of history with it.  It's the least he could have done.

  3. Maintenance, layout, quality of design and fabrication all play into whether a wooden coaster will age well.  Aggressive layouts, IMO, have to have a forgiveble structure so that the structure is not too stiff, allowing some sway as the train travels on the tracks. The way it is braced is really important, more so on intense layouts.  And of course the trains must be appropriate for the coaster they serve.  All very curvy, twisted layouts SHOULD have articulated trains.  PTC box train cars sould only be on out and back layouts with mostly straight hills, not on twisters!

  4. On 6/10/2021 at 7:21 AM, CenturyFlyer said:

    I emailed the park about the one train ops awhile back.  Like Knoebels, they do it to stop the PTCs from tearing up the track too much, which I do appreciate. I was mainly curious if there were predetermined days during which they traditionally run two trains, and that's sort of the case. On Saturdays in late June, July, and August you'll see two trains if the crowds warrant it.


    Is there another train option!?  PTC trains are heavy and harsh on tracks.   As soon as the tracks become a little loose those trains beat them pretty good. Bring back the light and spacious Morgan trains!

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