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  1. Any wooden coaster requires a lot of maintenance.   Boards are replaced on a regular basis.  Retracking needs to be done quite often.  Maintenance is very critical, first for safety and second for the quality of the ride.  Large woodies are no exception, especially when they have an aggressive design like El Toro.  Intamin did a fabulous job.  Those pre fab woodies are wonderful, very well designed and thrilling.  The issue here is mostly just proper maintenace not addressed.  Maintenance wise you cannot overlook anything on roller coasters.  The park knew something was not right and let it go.  2 major malfunctions in a short period of time.  Thankfully no one was badly hurt from those incidents but the fate of El Toro is in limbo.  With the state of NJ investigating and Six Flags cutting their budget accross the chain it could be enough for the coaster to be torn down or stay dormant for a while.  Hopefully it will not have the same fate as Son of Beast, although personally I don't think so in that SOB was badly designed and El Toro not.  

  2. SF is done spending huge amounts of money for a while.  I think for many years a lot of parks in the chain have been lucky for getting new major rides or roller coasters.  The economy these days does not allow for so many new rides I think.  And most SF parks already have a lot of attractions, but yesI agree those need upgrades and proper maintenance.  The amusement industrie in general may be reaching a plateau IMO.  With SF not purchasing a lot of new attractions, CF could eventually follow that trend as well.  I am not saying the new CEO is completely doing everything right but he is trying hard to make the company money, and that is what counts for any business.  

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  3. Wooden coasters in general require a lot a maintenance and the bigger ones even more.  As time goes on they loosen up and become rough.  Parks that own huge wooden coasters must have a very good maintenance program by skilled carpenters otherwise they become so rough and not really enjoyable, and sometimes dangerous.  I think all the wooden coaster manufacturers nowadays design and build good coasters and start off nice and smooth.  Maintenance is what makes the difference in the long run to keep a coaster smooth and safe!  Big woodies are no exeption.

  4. 36 minutes ago, DirkFunk said:

    Intamin doesn't build the track for it. That may actually be part of the problem. Who knows what kind of lead time they were required to have by Cordes Holzbau for getting new track pieces built?

    That might be a serious problem for those Plug & Play Intamins.  I don't know who recently retracked Colossos in Germany but apparently it's all good and smooth now.  SF might go to RMC in a not too distant future considering the bad attention the coaster gets from the media.

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