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  1. You are right. But parks that are open right now are suffering financially. 2020 is lost profit wise. The main concern is that 2021 might not be much better. It does not look like this virus will be gone and cured by next year. I think we have not seen the ugly yet in the amusement industry. And many are expecting the worst. I don't wanna be negative. I'm a very positive person but I am somehow realistic.
  2. A few days ago many Cedar Fair parks announced they were not reopening this season. And many manufacturers announced they are not going to the IAAPA show in Orlando this fall.
  3. Well now some parks that have reopened are shortening their schedule and only operating a few days a week. Some will stay closed this season and many might end the season on Labor Day. So the Halloween events might be rare this year.
  4. I think it's great! The goverments have to come up with some plans to save the amusement industry. A lot of people are worried about 2021. I don't think parks are making any money right now. And unfortunetly next year does not look very promising in this Covid world.
  5. The governement of Quebec gave the green light today to all amusement parks to reopen. La Ronde will soon give a date but a lot of people are asking to be reimbursed for their season passes or at least to have them transferred to the 2021 season.
  6. I think they should just stay closed and focus for next year. Most if not all musement parks will not be enjoyable this season.
  7. Actually I have to admit that I am a little skeptical about Empire Adventures re opening Fantasy Island. We will see. At least if they don't I really hope someone buys the Silver Comet and rebuilds it somewhere else. Everything is all up in the air right now. Most parks are not open yet. Some are but limited crowds. Revenues are low and debts increasing. The amument industry is walking on thin ice. It is moving forward though. But let`s hope there is no second wave this Fall.
  8. It's nice to hear that Fantasy Island in NY might reopen in 2021! A company called Empire Adventures is trying to buy or lease the property and have it open for next season. As of right now pretty much everything has been removed except for the Silver Comet coaster and some water slides!
  9. It's kind of funny that the only two Vekoma corkscrews in North America where in Canada and demolished a few months apart!
  10. I read somewhere the Corkscrew coaster has been sold. Any idea where it's going!?
  11. I think that in the next few weeks more parks will announce that they will stay closed for this season.
  12. Yes you are probably right but it makes me wonder about La Ronde in Canada! They have not flagged that park yet and they only own the rides not the land. I cannot see Six Flags having too much money in the years to come. And having bought back a park like Darien Lake recently before that pandemic cannot do them any good financially!
  13. Reopening soon is essential but at what cost? With low capacity, sanitazition etc... It's going to be horrible moneywise at the end of the year. Everything is changing in a big way in the amusement industry. I think most smaller parks that were doing good and turning some profits before all this will come out okay. But unfortunetly the ones that were struggling might not make it. It makes me sad to think that we will probably lose historical parks and rides. And for some reason I fear Six Flags might close a park eventually. They have done it in the past when they were struggling financially. The experience at any reopened parks makes me think it will never be the same. But we will have to get used to it because there will be big changes. I hope we will see new rides popping up in the near future but for sure it will slow down. I also hope that we don't lose some manufacturers and design firms. The next couple years will be hard financially for everyone involved in this industry.
  14. It makes me wonder if some parks will close for good as a result of this pandemic. All parks are loosing a ton of money. I can see Six Flags for instance closing a park or two and send the rides to other parks.
  15. I have been to Dorney just once and it was in 2003, on the Sunday during Labor Day week end, and GLAD I did because the following week they were announcing that Hercules was not going to return after that week end. Its last operating day was that Labor Monday! I had several rides on it. Although it was somewhat rough I really enjoyed it. It was a very interesting and intimidating wooden coaster, and also beautiful. Too bad it is no more. I also liked Steel Force. I like Morgan coasters. For sure those were kind of the first generation (with Arrow) of hypercoasters and engineering speaking they can't compare to other hypercoasters from Intamin or B&M that were built after, but still are enjoyable. I had been on Wild Thing the previous year and it is pretty much the same ride.
  16. I think all GCI coasters are the most good looking wooden coasters. Aesthetically speaking it's like if all pieces of lumber were placed carefully in some arrangement that it looks good. But I still don't understand why they have to make them turn so much instead of going a little more straight. I think most riders will take airtime hills over powerful curves? I have never been a big fan of GCI. I still prefer an old Custom Coaster International than a GCI. I think BGW was due for a Rocky Mountain coaster. With all respect, with RMC around these days, I believe that GCI is more for the smaller parks wanting a wooden coasters. Too bad (actually good) but RMC is stealing the show now, just like B&M and Intamin did!
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