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  1. Does it compare to In n' Out? In n' Out is the bomb. period.
  2. I went there when I was about 10 and I had fun. But considering that was 6 years ago I would probably find it boring now. Bottom line is, don't go for the rides unless you are a credit whore, go for the amazing Miniland and the Technic coaster (forget its real name, but its a wild mouse coaster.)
  3. What happened to the "elephant ears"? I wouldn't want my arms turned into ground beef without them...
  4. I've heard GP say that coaster enthusiasts are nerds. Who knew?
  5. Yea...I don't have any pictures of the old drop, is there any chance you could scan it and post it? I am really curious about this ride. I also rode it before they converted the steep slide to the more shallow slope...But the steep side was always closed and never ran water. It was truly and amazing slide though.
  6. Thanks! did you remember it having a very small pullout, or was that just me?
  7. I have a question for anyone who went to Wild Rivers a while ago and can remember riding th Edge and the Ledge, AKA the big black twisty tubes you see from the road. I remember seeing the steeper side of the ride closed for quite a while, until it was converted to a shallower slope. Also the pullout of the drop was extremely small, maybe 3ft high for a 20ft drop. It just doesn't seem safe to me, but pictures show people riding on it. Does anyone remember riding the steeper side of the ride and can share the experience? Also what caused it to close? Thanks
  8. I really hope they dont tear down Deja Vu. It is still my favorite ride there, which is kindof a shame considering the potential that park has
  9. Hey Robb, this is kindof a late post, but I can confirm that the outside seat on the bac krow is the absolute WORST spot to ride a 4d. X was absolute hell in that seat, whereas it is very enjoyable (IMO) in the front inside seat.
  10. Wow. You really are one creepy dude. The Fuji-Q trip sounds like a letdown. Thats too bad.
  11. I was there on sunday, I rode 6 times and got stapled only once. It was because the little green indicator on the lap bar wasn't working, so the guy just stapled me. It was't as bad as the first time I ever rode it though, on the opening week, it was a staplefest.
  12. I can't believe Montezooma's Revenge hasn't been mentioned yet! Those breaks are neck-snappers! Best: B:TR - Great, fast and snappy ending to an awesome ride. Deja Vu - I actually found hanging by the back spike scary as $h!t Ghostrider - I havn't been on it in a while, but I remember the end bunny hills in the back seat were incredible. Worst - X - Ouch Xcelerator - The ending to this ride is so lame, they could have done SO much more. Montezoomas Revenge - Gives me a headache every time.
  13. Wow, guys, its just a binaural recording... I used to have a really great one of a thunderstorm, its kinda quiet but its amazing.
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