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  1. Although Walibi did not mention it explicitly yet, they will probably give everyone a Fast Lane Bronze, used as a virtual queuing system, which can be upgraded to Silver and Gold if you want to reduce your waiting time. So all rides in the Fast Lane program will be running on virtual queues, including El Rio Grande which just got included in the program this year. This is quite strange indeed, taking in mind that the Dutch government has been announcing measures that apply to households and not families, which makes way more sense. In any way, I am happy Walibi is opening again, alt
  2. It's good to see Japanese parks opening again, but I wonder if this does not give a false sense of security. On the one hand Japan and its society have the characteristics to deal with the virus efficiently, but on the other hand, the Japanese government has been accused of barely testing people and in a certain way downplaying the situation around the virus to show that the country is doing fine and that the Olympics do not need to be cancelled. I agree with the user above me, it would not surprise me if the decision will be reversed at some point. I hope that I am wrong though, and that Japa
  3. While I did not really follow any news about the park, I didn't expect a park of this size to be closed so suddenly. I was aware that the park was a bit run-down. Was the park running so badly that closure was necessary though? Speaking of Apex, I think we also need to keep an eye on Fantasy Island. Apex owned three amusement parks. Two of the three have closed this winter- Clementon and now Indiana Beach. The third is Fantasy Island. Checking the website of Apex, their list of parks has been taken down and the logo for Fantasy Island can't be found anywhere. https://apexpa
  4. Interesting that Morey's blames the delay on the custom nature of the ride, while it actually is a regular off-the-shelf model, or are they talking about the ride being constructed on the pier / beach / close to the sea? Hope they get the ride open soon though!
  5. Thank you for the elaborate answer, that really helps! I indeed looked at your past posts for most of my information, so it's good to know that some things have changed.
  6. I have some questions about visiting the park. Maybe this is not completely the right topic for it, but it's better than opening a new topic I guess. I'll be there at the end of August. Not the most ideal time for visiting one of the most busy theme parks in the world, but anyway, since I read mixed stories about this, is it better to visit this park on a weekday or on a Sunday? And is there a certain plan I should follow, since, if Google Translate is correct, some rides like T Express seem to open later during the day and close earlier? Also, I have a few questions regarding T Express. I
  7. Nice discussion about the Ultra Twister. That dive loop is exactly why I was looking forward to this particular Ultra Twister, since the others indeed have that moving platform. The speed in the latter half of Rusutsu's Ultra Twister seems totally crazy. Looks like a great ride! Thank you! I did not get a shot of the "Not-Fuji" since it was quite cloudy, but I already assumed the mountain was quite big, judging from the foot of it. It's a really cool place indeed, so much space to just relax and enjoy the park! I totally missed the Haunted Swing, too bad! As you say, it's hidden
  8. Thanks! I guess Nighthawk, Firehawk, Thunderhawk and Kiddy Hawk don't sound so bad anymore right? Thank you! I did go in one of the madhouses and both of the mirror houses. I read in some report that one of the mirror houses' lay-out could be changed with some kind of switch, but that didn't appear to work anymore, if it was true. I didn't encounter a haunted swing / madhouse, maybe I missed it or it was removed? I guess the first, since this park don't seem to renew or remove attractions. The rotoshake for example is still there, although it isn't featured on the park map an
  9. Great photos and report! It surprised me how nice of a park Selva Mágica actually is. By the way, Alicia has been removed. They seem to be overhauling the kiddie land, and Alicia was nowhere to be found during my visit at the end of 2017. Too bad! But it's always good that there is a lot of maintenance going on.
  10. Totally agree! Especially that Arrow ride is just amazing in its own kind. So screwed up indeed. A bit of delay for the next report, but here it is. Some text parts are placed between the photos. A chance to the previous reports, just to try something new. --- Hokkaido Greenland Next, it was time for Hokkaido Greenland. Going to the park, I had trouble to spot the right bus platform. Confident enough in my poor Japanese, I asked an employee at the bus platform what bus I had to take to Hokkaido Greenland. Speaking a little bit of Japanese is one step, but understanding
  11. Thanks! I did not see the alter, but maybe that is because that area of the park was closed off. I think you should be glad that you went a few years ago, since that appeared to be a better time for that park. The exercising prep seems so Japanese. I can totally imagine stuff like that happening in Japan. Maybe because it was rainy, the park looked worse than it really was, but indeed, I saw the TPR TR from years ago and park seemed to be in a better state then. The mid-range parks in Japan are in danger, I totally agree with that. I hope it is just a time period which will end in a
  12. Also just saw the statement on the ECC Facebook. Really disappointed, since I was planning on going to England this year and this was a ride a was really looking forward to. I also just don't understand it. Apart from the popularity among fans, I also read on the ECC Facebook that is was also quite popular among the GP. Together with the fact that Blackpool is a park with seems to value it's historical rides, I just can''t believe this decision. I just hope Dreamland Margate will ever set up their wooden Wild Mouse, and otherwise, too bad but nothing to do about it. I understand progress, but
  13. It would be strange to me that I park would demolish an almost 70-year-old right without any prior notice, so I'm waiting for an official announcement. Still, to remove such a coaster completely... not too promising. Especially when reminded of the fact that BPB did not hold back to remove old coasters here and here because money. Amusement parks are business after all.
  14. Sad to see Space World go. Last year, the park felt dead already since it was empty in the middle of the summer, but it certainly has some nice rides. I also liked that the park was in the middle of the city. Not that it felt like a city park, but the higher rides provided some nice views. I hope at least the bigger rides will find a new home. Still, I can only wish those S&S trains on Titan will be scrapped might the ride find a new place. Some of the worst coaster trains I ever encountered. My manly parts still hurt when I think back to my ride on Titan.
  15. Here an English summary of the situation: So, because Colossos is a prototype, its track is made of a special type of rail. This led to extra inspections by the TÜV. During one of those inspections, it became clear that the condition of the track was worse then assumed, leading to an immediate closure. The complete track of 1500 meters long has to be replaced. Because of the complexity of this operation, it will cost as much as a completely new installation, and it will take two to three years. On top of that, the companies with the ability to execute the operation will have to create the
  16. Saving the best for last, some shots of Tokyo Dome City:
  17. Seibuen Yuenchi - 07-31-17 I started today at Seibuen Yuenchi. I did not really have a plan for today, but just decided to hit up some new parks. On roller coasters not the most exciting parks, but I like that the little whoring I do leads me to places I would otherwise not visit. I originally would not hit up Tokyo before I arrived, but I added this and the previous day in Tokyo mainly to get rid of my jet lag, which really bothered me last year, but surprisingly, not this year. I thought about visiting Disney, but since the purpose of the first days mainly was to get used to the timezone
  18. Thank you! Can't wait for the possible future report / video of when you guys are riding it. I bet you will have lots of fun! Thanks! Bandit is indeed a fascinating ride. I didn't know it supposedly inspired Magnum XL-200, but I can see how. Interesting detail! Nice comparison to Euro Mir, that explains it very well I think. So funky indeed, but just great! Maybe even better than Euro Mir's ultra loud, catchy lift hill soundtrack. Let's just say both are great.
  19. Some pictures of Momonga: And finishing up with some park shots:
  20. ^^ & ^ Thanks for the comments guys, glad to know that my report is read! An indeed, Joypolis and the spinner are definitely really interesting. I'm happy I got to visit to place. --- Kodomo no Kuni - 07-30-17 This day, I started with some credit whoring. Kodomo no Kuni is a park located in the outskirts of Tokyo. When I say park, I do not mean an amusement park, but it is more a nature park, with many paths to walk. Along those paths, here and there some playground equipment can be found. of which a small roller coaster, along with a few other mechanical attractions, is the
  21. So, both in 2016 and 2017, I went to Japan. While it was totally expected in 2016, it was not that expected in 2017. I just kind of took a chance to go to a summer school of a university my own university is connected to, and I planned some holiday time around it. I hit up some parks. Mostly new, although in Tokyo, I also hit up Tokyo Joypolis, Yomiuriland en Tokyo Dome City again. The first two because I mist a coaster last year, the last one because going on an Intamin Mega Coaster in the middle of Tokyo is just plain fun. For Dutch readers, yes, I already shared quite some of my trip report
  22. Since I am thinking about going to Holiday in the Park in December, does anyone know what major rides I can expect to be closed if I'm able to visit? I read somewhere that Mr. Freeze and Batman are closed for sure, are those the only two closed big rides? In addition, does someone know the answer to the same question for SF Fiesta Texas and SF Mexico? This is maybe not the topic for that, but I feel like I'm spamming the forum if I post the same question in three different topics.
  23. Sundays in October are a great time to go to Carowinds (generally Sundays are great days to go anyway unless it's a holiday weekend). The longest you'll have to wait is maybe 10-15 minutes at most, with many rides near walk-on. Just get there when the park opens and head straight to Nighthawk to get it out of the way. It's very low capacity and is likely only running one train currently. Ricochet (wild mouse) is pretty low capacity as well. Everything else you should be able to get re-rides on to your heart's content. Thanks for the advice! It's actually rescheduled to the Sunday in two w
  24. I am currently in the United States for a while and have the chance to visit Carowinds upcoming Sunday, during daytime. Since the park hours are quite short compared to the summer, should I consider Fast Lane, or should the wait times be doable? Hope any locals could give an indication.
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