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  1. That little mosaic looked amazing back in the day… surely it can’t take THAT much dye to bring back the full red white and blue! Happy to hear about the return of the lower entrance!!
  2. One HUGE advantage with the membership/dining pass combo is that your membership discount applies to the dining pass! We still don’t get the top level dining pass, since we don’t visit other parks enough to make it worth it, but at as much as 50% off, it makes a single park dining pass a great bargain! And the sports bottle comes with the membership, so done and done!
  3. I made a Photoshop image of this… kind of a mule-go-round crossed with SkyScreamer… I don’t know if I still have it, though…
  4. I had been holding out hope for the Screaming Eagle graphic to be returned to the lift hill... still, it’s very exciting to see all the new upgrades throughout the park!
  5. There’s only one thing I can think of that would fit this... does it involve a logo?
  6. Hoping they’ve replaced the pea gravel too... that stuff is painful to walk on!
  7. Yep... different theming ideas to keep the park open (without rides) through January. “31 More days of Christmas”, “Date Night”, “Renaissance Fair”... I answered it’d be tough to get people out in the middle of winter without rides. At least they are exploring ideas to try and generate some extra revenue.
  8. Here are a couple more shots of the restored horse. The pics don’t do it justice... enameled paint, jewels, detailed carvings... it’s too bad there is no room by the Palace to relocate the whole thing in a new house. It will be beautiful!
  9. Don't forget that "in these uncertain times" every company is "still here for you", as well. ...and remember, we're all in this together.
  10. That would depend on your needs, really. If it is your only available day at the park, then yes... a Flash Pass could be worth it, especially on a weekend. Limited ride capacity and limited park operating hours greatly impacts what you can do in a day. My son and I visited Busch Gardens Tampa right after they reopened, and their version of the Flash Pass had a HUGE impact on what we were able to do. Even with that park running at about 20% or their capacity, most coaster lines there were running over an hour due to limited train seating and hourly cleaning breaks. SFSTL ride queues are nowhere near an hour (except maybe Freeze), but if you're hoping to ride as many rides as possible, Flash is the way to go. And, as already pointed out, social distancing (and mask wearing) is not being enforced nearly as well as it could/should be.
  11. From what we've seen, Great Adventure and (to a lesser extent) Magic Mountain both have preferred treatment for the top membership levels too, but SFOG is the best of the bunch (that we've personally experienced). SFOT and Fiesta Texas are on our 2020 itinerary... we'll see how they do!
  12. SFOG's treatment of Diamond and Diamond Elite members was over the top! My son and I were in the "Membership Entrance" line on the parking lot side, and one of the survey team saw our badges, said "Come with me", and took us over to the side building. This and the members welcome center inside the park really made the visit nice. I thought SFStL was going this way when they remodeled Guest Relations, but no such luck (at least not yet)! SFOG Diamond / Diamond Elite entrance building
  13. Not sure about plans specifically, but sometimes you can pick up details through the P&Z Committee minutes. http://www.eureka.mo.us/planning-zoning-agendaminutes/ Usually a pretty dry read, though.
  14. Photo taken by my son yesterday (11/2)... they're back, and in their original color scheme! Xcalibur cars 11/2/19
  15. While disappointed that it's (again) not a coaster, at least it's something fresh, and looking at the selection of what other parks are getting, I'd say St. Louis is getting one of the best toys of the bunch (outside of GAdv and TX)! What has me more pumped about the announcement is the amount of land clearing that is being done, and the potential for even more growth going forward. Can anyone here confirm the return of Xcalibur and Tidal Wave for 2020?
  16. Put the Speed-o-Drome together with Old Glory, and you have a pretty significant amount of space! Unfortunately the Boss Helix cuts right through it. Massive DC Universe?
  17. No hate here... at 48 years old, it's one of the oldest operating log flumes in the US, and the first double flume. A perfect ride on a warm Missouri day! It's great to see the amount of TLC that has been given to the rides and grounds in the offseason! Definitely a change from the past six or so years. I wonder if they got rid of the pea gravel under the tube slides...
  18. RIDE Survey from Six Flags! I filled out my third survey from Six Flags in as many weeks today... no Flash Pass options or beards this time though. The bulk of the survey was gauging my interest in a new coaster for the park... specifically a B&M Dive Coaster! I know the odds of it happening are still slim, given the track record, but Corporate is at least ASKING about it. That counts for something, right?
  19. Under Dave, this was happening... and at other parks, it is still happening. I made it up to Great America last weekend to see what a real Six Flags park looks like. Fantastic new coasters (especially Goliath and X-Flight), and cleaner and more "together" than SFStL in every way. Not every store and restaurant was open (last weekday in operation for the summer), but there were no lines, friendly staff everywhere, and plenty of people out cleaning tables and sweeping walkways. One even offered to clear my tray as we were getting up from lunch (and no, I'm not 80! ). Maintenance was clearly being done as well. As an example, the Demon (Ninja's close cousin) rode VERY smoothly(!) and had all of its lights and sounds still working, including the 35-year old theme song (from back in the Marriott days) still playing loudly and proudly in the queue lines. Other queues had the TVs on (and turned up) with Looney Tunes cartoons and Six Flags Trivia on display. My son lost his glasses out of his jacket pocket while on Superman... we filed a report at Lost and Found and were told they patrol the grounds at least once a week. On the way out, three shirt-and-tie higher-ups were at the front gate, complete with their own brooms and dustpans. I let them know how much we enjoyed the visit there, and (being from St. Louis) how much we wished the same attention could be spent on our park. I know Chicago is a bigger draw than St. Louis will ever be, and they will always get better toys than us. But it's much deeper than that. I had the sense that the staff had pride in their park. That spark existed here up until a few years ago... but it left with Dave. At least my membership here gets me in there (and the other parks) for free... that's one reason to keep it. I'll be looking forward to trips to Great America and Texas next year... and keep hoping that St. Louis gets their mojo back.
  20. I'm calling it now that one of those pendulum rides will replace Excalibur if they can't get it fixed by 2020. Coaster in 2021?
  21. At this point, I'd be happy just to get back Shazam (check), Colossus, Xcalibur, Typhoon Twister, Joker, all six cars on Superman, a fully functioning Justice League, a replacement for Highland Fling... our standards have been lowered! Who's up for Colossus: Reverse Blast?
  22. "Bad guest... bad!" LOL! Unfortunately, the staff has to care about that at least a little bit, and this year's staff hasn't been trained to do that, in my experience. Three incidents, all within one visit to HH a few weeks ago: 1) Tube Slides: While it is not unusual for them to have only one lifeguard at the top running all four slides, The person at the top was not a lifeguard, but wearing a t-shirt that said "Attendant". He was in no hurry to make his circuit around the four stations, and said nothing to riders as they went down. No "Keep your arms and legs off the sides, face forward, don't spin" lecture that is usually so common on this ride. One person even asked to go down backwards, and the "Attendant" said "Sure." and proceeded to push him down the slide backwards. 2) Wahoo Racer: Similar incident here... "Attendant" at the top, with riders on the left side going down at different times than riders on the right. Pretty much letting family groups go when they wanted, as long as the bottom was clear. No "On your mark, get set, go" routine that used to be common. 3) Gulley Washer Creek: Lifeguards all around here (and I should point out they were at the bottom of the above rides as well), but I only saw a couple doing what I call the "Head Bob Dance"... the up-and-down sweep-the-entire-area with your direct line-of-sight procedure that works so well here. What is going on, SFSTL? Is guest safety no longer a priority? I was hoping to get a Visit Survey after this visit, but haven't gotten any yet this year for any of my visits. I've only had the one HH visit so far this year, and sincerely hope my next visit is different.
  23. Rumor?? More like a wet dream!! Here's what Walt Disney's original "Sky-Hi Mule-go-Round" concept looked like:
  24. Somewhere I have my "artists rendering" of the Sky Mule-go-Round developed by Walt Disney for SFSTL that I posted back on that board. I'll have to find where I saved it. RIP sfstl.net.
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