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  1. So I went today......here are a few pics, not sure how to resize them, but I'll do what I can. This is how the park looked around the time it closed..... And here is one of the maps from the park, although i'm not 100% what year it is.... First thing you'll notice is that nature has reclaimed much of the site, the reeds, bushed etc are so high in places it's like a maze. This is the road in, their used to be a sign on the left welcoming you but that is long gone, it was half demolished about 10 years ago according to the article I linked to. All the car parks
  2. Well i've been...and got the photos to prove it. Quite sad...ill post them later today when my in-laws have gone home.
  3. I'm not sure how many people on here are from the UK, but many of you will likely remember The American Adventure. A theme park in the midlands that was based around the US wild west, cowboys and indians etc. As a kid it was by far my favourite place to visit, The Missile was the very first proper adult coaster I ever went on, probably around 12 years old at the time, and so for that reason will always hold great memories for me. Anyway, the park had a turbulent time after the first decade or so, didn't know what it wanted to be, tried to re-brand itself etc. This article I just read broug
  4. Pizza Hut seems to be favourite, in England it used to be good but then turned to shit. Dominoes is by far the better pizza.
  5. I quite like that white, its been there so long they need to do something fresh with it.
  6. My friend is currently working in Ohio (he's from London) for a travel company so hopefully I will get over there this year to visit him and get to Cedar Point. I'm a noob here so I dont really know whats been discussed, however, while Ive been looking into cedar point and my visit there i found this which was pretty cool. nothingbutnostalgia.com/cedar-point-rides-years-gone/ The rides of Cedar Point that no longer exist, such as Demon Drop, Disaster Transport, White Water Landing etc. There are a few articles about old rides from different theme parks on there, including my local
  7. I live in England, we get a little rain, a little grey or a little sun, that's it. Today its rain....with a chance of grey.
  8. Hello, I'm Arran....lurked here for a while, huge amusement park fan, thought i may as well sign up. ..I live in England, done a fair few parks in my time in England/Europe/Orlando etc.
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