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  1. So I went today......here are a few pics, not sure how to resize them, but I'll do what I can. This is how the park looked around the time it closed..... And here is one of the maps from the park, although i'm not 100% what year it is.... First thing you'll notice is that nature has reclaimed much of the site, the reeds, bushed etc are so high in places it's like a maze. This is the road in, their used to be a sign on the left welcoming you but that is long gone, it was half demolished about 10 years ago according to the article I linked to. All the car parks are still there, being slowly reclaimed by nature. The main path to the entrance. The old entrance, photo taken over the metal fence. The coal thingy is the only building still standing. The base of a hut like building but I'm having trouble working out what it was. The Augusta Golf Challenge Tee, where you could win huge prizes if you got a hole in one. The area near where the twin looper once stood This shipping container is the only structure on the entire park (apart from the coal building), I thought it might have been a security office, but it was just a closed shipping container. People are not happy about the houses which are going to be built on the land next year.... A random track wheel....no idea what it came off, but it was in the twin looper area. Can't really read the words now, but it's something along the line of 'stand behind the white line' as the train track is directly in front of it. The base of silver city....where all the cowboys and indian shows took place. Pier 49, now long gone.... The area of the Yankee Clipper and High Sierra A small piece of remaining train track. The main steps View from the top of the main steps Site of the Aztec City The Go-Kart track The site of the old log flume, at one time the largest in Eruope
  2. Well i've been...and got the photos to prove it. Quite sad...ill post them later today when my in-laws have gone home.
  3. I'm not sure how many people on here are from the UK, but many of you will likely remember The American Adventure. A theme park in the midlands that was based around the US wild west, cowboys and indians etc. As a kid it was by far my favourite place to visit, The Missile was the very first proper adult coaster I ever went on, probably around 12 years old at the time, and so for that reason will always hold great memories for me. Anyway, the park had a turbulent time after the first decade or so, didn't know what it wanted to be, tried to re-brand itself etc. This article I just read brought back some massive nostalgia, thought some of you might like it. nothingbutnostalgia.com/the-american-adventure-theme-park/ After reading the article, and hearing what's happening to the site, I've actually just decided I am heading to it today for the first time in...22 years, as i am off work for the day and would like a look around, even though most of its blocked by security. Only an hour and 15 minutes drive, one last look before it becomes another housing estate.
  4. Pizza Hut seems to be favourite, in England it used to be good but then turned to shit. Dominoes is by far the better pizza.
  5. I quite like that white, its been there so long they need to do something fresh with it.
  6. My friend is currently working in Ohio (he's from London) for a travel company so hopefully I will get over there this year to visit him and get to Cedar Point. I'm a noob here so I dont really know whats been discussed, however, while Ive been looking into cedar point and my visit there i found this which was pretty cool. nothingbutnostalgia.com/cedar-point-rides-years-gone/ The rides of Cedar Point that no longer exist, such as Demon Drop, Disaster Transport, White Water Landing etc. There are a few articles about old rides from different theme parks on there, including my local park in England, Alton Towers....I say local, still two hours away but close enough. Although last year was a disaster with the high profile crash that cost people limbs.
  7. I live in England, we get a little rain, a little grey or a little sun, that's it. Today its rain....with a chance of grey.
  8. Hello, I'm Arran....lurked here for a while, huge amusement park fan, thought i may as well sign up. ..I live in England, done a fair few parks in my time in England/Europe/Orlando etc.
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