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  1. Planning on going to the park on Thursday October 5th. I was wondering what I should expect for crowds and if a flash pass is necessary? I know the park is only open until 5 pm, wanna make sure I can get several sides and the major coaster. My only previous visit was back in spring of 2018, however Twisted Colossus and Superman Krypton were both closed. Would appreciate any advice. The price of the platinum flash pass for $180 a day for only 6 1/2 hours of operation is ridiculous.... Also, I saw on screamscape that some of the coaster have been closed quite often during week days (ex: full throttle and superman krypton). Can anyone confirm/clear this up, along with any current rides that have been down/not operaitonal for a while? Thanks in advance!
  2. Visited the park for the first time with my wife this past Friday 6/3, had a great time! Biggest negative was that the park stated upon entry that the park was in "limited operating mode" due to "staffing issues". Due to this about half the dining locations were closed around lunch time, leading to some lines for food. Additionally, Flight of Fear was closed all day along with the Rapids and some kiddie rides. We stayed in the park until 5 pm, we got the fast lane plus prior to our visit (figured on a Friday after memorial day with only 2/3 of the day at the park), but we didn't need it at all! Lines were no more than 5-10 minutes on all the coaster all day long. Here's what we got done: Dominator (1), Tumbili (2), I-305 (10), Anaconda (1), Backlot (1), Reptilian (1), Woodstock Express (1), Racer 75 (1), Grizzly (1), Apple Zapple (2), Twisted Timbers (5) Obviously we prioritized getting a lot of rides on I-305 & Twisted Timbers. Also did a ride on the antique cars and the log flume, which happened to be the biggest lines of the day and the only ones we benefited from Fast Lane Plus on. A few thoughts on the park/rides: 1) The park is very pretty! I was impressed with the landscaping and theming, specifically in Candy Apple Grove and Jungle Xpedition. 2) The park has great merchandise! Really had to avoid the temptation of buying a bunch of stuff. 3) Staffing was overall very friendly and helpful throughout the day. 4) Operations weren't the best, but were alright and not too noticeable especially given the short wait times. Most rides were running multiple trains, the 3 wooden coasters only had one train. I agree that the ops for Twisted Timbers are great and it seemed like the staff for that ride was well trained. 5) I-305 and Twisted Timbers alone are worth a visit! I had wanted to go on I-305 ever since it opened and it was always a top-5 bucket list coaster for me, and it didn't disappoint! I had heard a bunch about the intensity and it's definitely true! I enjoy intense rides so it wasn't a problem for me, although I was only able to ride 3 times in a row before my body started telling me I needed to take a break. I had also heard about the relentless airtime on Twisted Timbers, but man that thing still caught me off-guard! Probably the most laughs I've had on a ride on a long time! That ride definitely exceeded my expectations.
  3. Thanks for the advice Mike! If I do those 3 rides in that order, what time do you think I would be done with both those rides? Not sure what to expect for wait times. Also should I consider including Tumbili in that group because it's the new/popular ride?
  4. I am going to the park for the first time on Friday June 3rd. I already purchased a fast lane pus for that day. Where do I go in the park/at the gate to redeem my ticket and get my wristband? Also when do the gates opens and/or can I get my wristband (the park opens at 9 am). I'm trying to get a quick start in the morning since I can only stay at the park until 3 pm. Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. I am planning on making my first trip to the park in Mid-Febuary. Can anyone provide some insight for my questions below? I would really appreciate it. 1) The park is open Sat. & Sun. (10 am - 9 pm) during my vacation. I am really just trying to get one ride per coaster credit (plus 3 on Medusa and Superman). How long should I expect this to take (few hours, 1/2 day, etc)? I'm not sure what to expect for crowd levels or operations. 2) Is there a particular day (Sat. vs Sun.) or time of day (morning vs evening) that would be better to visit? 3) Is there a fast pass available? I couldn't find any information about it on there website. If there is then I may just buy that to get all the credits done as quickly as possible. 4) Are there any coasters closures/operational schedules I should be aware of. From what I could see online, it seems like all coasters are currently open/operational. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone for your help! Is there a set time that the virtual queue opens for Hagrids for the day?
  7. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to maximize my morning at Islands of Adventure? I will be heading to both parks for the first time in a decade on Friday September 3rd. I am staying at a Universal resort so will have early park entry to Studios (7 am - 8 am), during which I'm planning on riding Despicable Me and Escape form Gringotts (currently only rides offered, Islands is not currently offering Early Park Access). Islands is opening at 9 am that day. I have an unlimited express pass during my visit, so my main focus is getting rides of Velocicoaster & Hagrids during the morning hours. Should I exit Studios after my two morning rides, enter in main gate to Islands at 8:45ish, then walk straight to Velocicoaster? Or should I hop on Hogwarts Express at 9 am and take that into Islands and head to Velocicoaster? My worry with this idea is that people at rope-drop for Islands will beat the Hogwarts express to the Velocicoaster/Hagrids area. Any advice on maximizing my morning for these two rides would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks so much thrillseeker4552 for all the helpful information and advice I appreciate it! Looking forward to enjoying my first visit to the park.
  9. I am planning on visiting the park for the first time this coming Monday the 13th. Weather is looking good and the park is open from 11am to 6 pm. I plan on getting there at opening and staying for 4 to 5 hours. Is this enough time to get all the major coasters and thrill rides done (with some time for re-rides of Joker, Medusa, and Superman)? If anyone has any tips for me so I can enjoy my trip as best as possible and use my time efficiently I'd appreciate it. I'm assuming V2 will not be open form reading the forum which sucks, hoping that Harley Quinn will be open in time for my visit. Also since it's a Monday what should I expect for lines on the major coasters and operations? Hopefully they aren't doing one train operations. Thanks ahead of time for your help.
  10. Regarding the intermittent track work that was done on Twisted Colossus earlier this week, does anyone know if it will be continued next week? I am visiting the park for the first time this coming Wednesday and I am a bit worried that the park is going to continue doing track work during the week and then have TC open for Friday through Sunday. If anyone has any insight on this I'd appreciate it.
  11. Asking for some advice here. I am from New York and will be going to Magic Mountain on Wednesday March 14th, 2018. It is the first time I am going to the park and even though the park is only open until 6:00 pm I can only visit it for one day during my vacation. I am going to invest in a platinum flash pass regardless of crowds since I have no idea when I'll get back to the park. What should I expect for crowds? Also do you think I can get everything done with the platinum flash pass in that one day? I'm really only interested in the roller coasters and possibly Lex Luthor Drop of Doom and Justice League Battle for Metropolis. I also need some clarification about the platinum flash pass. For coasters that say "one-time" under the platinum flash pass (Twisted Colossus, Full Throttle, Superman, and X2) does this mean I can only use the platinum flash pass one-time for these rides the entire day? Also does this one-time use include two-rides by being able to remain seated after the first ride or is it only one ride and you get off? I'm assuming all other coasters are the typical get on and ride twice with the platinum pass. Also I would appreciate any advice with the order of coasters I should ride. I've heard X2 gets mobbed when the park opens so I'm not sure if its a good idea to get that done first or not. I know a few years ago you needed to pay $15 to use the flash pass on X2, is this still the case or it in included now with no extra charge? Also how early can you typically get through the front gate before the park opens? I want to be the first one to get into the flash pass building. Does the flash pass building open at all before 10:30? I'd appreciate any response/advice regarding my questions. Thanks
  12. I visited the park for the first time this past Sunday and had a good day overall! The out-of-state deal they are currently offering for $30 which includes two days of admission and free drinks was a nice surprise for my family. The drinks came in handy since it was around 100 degrees for the majority of the day. I stayed at the park the entire operating day (11 am - 8 pm): Lightning Run: 4 rides----WOW! I was expecting this coaster to be good but it blew me out of the water! The first ride was in the middle and was great, however the back seat is extremely intense! Front row is great but the best seat for me was in the back. The first drop is great and feels bigger than 100 feet. The entire ride is intense but also full of laughs. The combination of ejector airtime and sharp turns is perfect. This coaster was my favorite at the park because I found it to be slightly more intense than Storm Chaser and I absolutely love the layout. The great drop, big airtime hill, set of turns and drops make for a greta first half of the ride and the ride only gets better with the finale of low tight s-turns and multiple low ejector airtime hills! This coaster is the jewel of the park in my opinion! I am a smaller rider so I did not have an issue with the restraints (I didn't on Storm Chaser either) and I didn't feel too stapled in. 9.25/10 Storm Chaser: 6 rides----The only other RMC I had been on was Wicked Cyclone and I expected to get a similar ride experience on Storm Chaser. The ride is similar in many ways but also different and feels like it's own ride, which is a good thing. The first drop barrel roll was a new coaster element for me and I enjoyed it. It felt strange the first ride but once I rode the coaster more I enjoyed it more. The first airtime hill...all I have to say is WOW! That thing ejects you out of the seat! I know a lot of people are comparing it to Maverick's airtime hill and I can see why. The first overbanked turn is great. The set of off-axis airtime hills and second overbanked turn was good, not great. I loved the zero-g roll as I felt completely waitless through it. The finale of the ride was actually much more enjoyable than I expected from watching videos and reading reviews. It is a bit strange but it is enjoyable and offers good airtime and laterals. My favorite seat was the front row as the ejector air is just insane! For me Storm Chaser was a very close second to Lighting Run. 9/10 Thunder Run: 2 rides---I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of roughness since the ride was retracted a few years ago. While rough it was still enjoyable and the first half of the ride was much more intense than I expected! The first turn after the drop and the few airtime hills immediately following it were the bests moments of the ride for me. I rode once in the back and got beat up a bit, but it wasn't too bad and by the time I got off the ride I felt fine. I wasn't able to ride in the front but I would assume that is the best seat on the side for smoothness and ejector airtime. 7/10 Roller Skater: 1 ---Typical kiddie coaster I rode just to get the credit. I will say that it was quite smooth compared to other kiddie coasters and surprisingly had "decent" speed heading into the brakes and station. T3: 0 rides---This ride is located by the water park which probably contributed to it's long wait times the entire day. One train operation didn't hep either and since I have been on Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England I decided to sacrifice the credit to ride Lighting Run and Storm Chaser more. Although it was a 45 minute wait (the longest of the day for me) I waited for Raging Rapids River Ride since I usually enjoy rapids rides. It was a good ride but I would've liked to get a bit more wet. I also rode the Skywatcher swings which were nice and relaxing with a nice breeze. The Angry Birds 5D ride was cheesy as expected and clearly targets younger kids, but it was still enjoyable and it was nice to have some air conditioning. The water park was crowded as expected due to the heat. Wanting to ride the coasters more I only spent two hours in the waterpark towards the middle of the day. I was able to go around adventure river twice which was a lot of fun for me and my family. Castaway Creek lazy river was also fun although not as exciting. I also rode one tube slide of Conquistador Canyon which was fun but not worth the 30 minute wait. Wave Runner body slide was very enjoyable and thrilling as well. Unfortunately the two water park rides I was looking forward to most, Deep Water Dive and Deluge Water Coaster, had close to an hour wait each so I wasn't able to experience them. I could've sacrificed more time in the water park to get them done but with the short operating hours of the park I decided against it. It was a great day and I had few complaints. One was simply that the layout of the park was a tad annoying with having to cross the street to go back and forth. Raging Rapids and T3 are awkwardly placed behind the waterpark which made those rides a pain to get to. Another complaint was that all the coasters were running one train. I was hoping that since it was a weekend they would at least run two trains on Storm Chaser and Lightning Run. Luckily operations were overall pretty good (except for the morning of Lightning Run) and crowds for the coasters were relatively short. The longest I waited for a coaster was 30 minutes for Lighting Run for the first ride of the day. I was actually shocked that Storm Chaser had such a short line all day and I suppose it's due to it's location in the park. My last complaint was that they closed the line for Lighting Run at 7:30 and it was about 20-25 minutes long. I showed up at 7:32 and wasn't able to get a last ride in. I understand each park has their own policies, but still it was a bummer. I would highly recommend the park to anyway considering visiting it! Lighting Run and Storm Chaser are two world-class coasters and are by far the best two reasons to visit! Both are probably in the back-half of my top 10 steel coasters. I hope to get back to the park in a few years once they add the new mysterious RMC coaster.
  13. How are the crowds typically on Opening Weekend? What kind of wait times should I expect?
  14. The proposed Chance Coaster is located in the back of the park by the water according to the rendering map which means it would be as far away from neighborhood houses. Add this to the fact that a Chance "Hyper" like Lightning Run would only be around 100 feet tall and I don't think there would be an issue in regards to noise complaints. The Dragon Coaster is also 80 feet tall so the proposed Chance coaster wouldn't be an eye-sore either in terms of height.
  15. Does anyone have any update on the park's current situation with Standard Amusements? I know their proposed deal included investing $23 million within the first five years. If the deal did in fact go through and get approved, then 2016 would be the first of that five year period. What do you think the park could receive in terms of large attraction additions?
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