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  1. So I may have an opportunity to go to the park on the first Friday of May but only for about 5 to 6 hours.


    Just curious if any of you who are more familiar with this park have a general estimate on if it's possible to hit all the coasters in that time span during that time of year without FL?


    This will be my first visit to the park, which has been a long time coming considering the amount of years I've been a CF passholder, and I'm very excited. Any other tips for a first-timer to WOF would also be appreciated!

  2. That's really cool! I'm definitely on board that these three characters represent "RMCMS2018's" three trains! Digger, Black Jack, and Wild One! I hope they each have unique themes on the trains - That would be so rad! I also love that this is keeping up with Maverick right next door!


    That back corner (from Millennium Force to this thing) of the park may have the best coasters per square foot than any other place in the world!


    Definitely think you're right about the whole 3 train theme idea.


    To expand on that, I've had the wild idea for a while that those characters will be included in a "Shed" element. With the transfer table being in front of the station, unlike Mystic Timbers, they have the opportunity to really enclose it and tell a story before the ride, instead of after. My guess is that they would use the 3 characters inside as well as use them in the 'Battle for CP' app.

  3. Mean Streak is closed.

    Mean Streak is being RMC'd

    ^Has yet to be officially announced despite a copious amount of construction done, but not BGW Tempesto levels.

    IAAPA is next week.

    RMC will be at IAAPA.


    Possible announcement?


    An announcement at IAPAA has been a fairly strong rumor as of recent.


    Seems plausible, and would definitely be a unique way to announce a new coaster in comparison to their last few.


    Along with the fact that we've seen various Coaster announcements at the event in the past.

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