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  1. Rev: Chain replacement so who knows how long it will take. GL: something big, it won’t be open for a very very long time. Essentially SBNO status now. When did Rev even go down? I’d imagine I’m not missing much with GL as its basically just a more painful version of the Free Spins
  2. What’s even wrong with Revolution? Is it that serious to where it won’t be operating during july 4 weekend. Also, what’s going on with GL too?
  3. Wait so do you guys think Rev, GL, or Apocalypse will be open during the time I visit, between July 1-10? That would be a bummer if Rev wasnt open considering I never got the credit and really wanted to ride
  4. Hey Magic Mountain regulars. I’m from NJ and visiting Magic Mountain sometime between July 1-10 and need help picking a date that wouldn’t be as crowded. Obviously July 4th weekend will be crazy but besides that I also need some tips for where to go first, what to eat, and basically what to expect. I went in 2014 like a week after Colossus closed but I was only like 10 and dont remember that. Anyway, I missed a lot of credits and am just gonna do anything anyway. So please help me out!! It would be greatly appreciated
  5. Over Texas’ tourbillon came in the other day, hopefully ours isnt too far behind. Park’s PR has been very quiet this offseason
  6. Not sure if this has been said yet, but maybe this could mean a ride's removal?
  7. Looks like they're completely redoing the Chiller part of Old Country. Some things I've noted about the area from the map are -Munchopolis looks like it will be placed in the building where they have the little Fright Fest store, I forget the name -Metro Grill looks to be placed near the Movietown Arena. It seems like it will be a decently sized restuarant due to the food description but no building is on the map nor was there a building there last season. Thats something Ill be interested in seeing come April 1 - JUSTICE LEAGUE headquarters store has been renamed to GOTHAM CITY gifts. This probably means nothing but maybe it could be a hint to a rename of GOTHAM CITY gifts. some other things to note are -The park finally got some sense and put Ka's description as "Tallest and Fastest coaster in North America" not the world - Shore Snacks will be giving out Nathan's hot dogs, and the original Nathan's has been replaced by the new cheesesteak place. -Plymouth Rock Arena is back to Northern Star arena. - (as noted above) Runaway Mine Train is back as "Runaway Train." - A new 10$ and Below store in Golden Kingdom near El Toro.
  8. Both are open. Thank god! Hopefully I can pick up all 13 credits in the time im there.
  9. Heading out to the park tomorrow, it'll be my first and probably will be my only visit. Just wanted to know if everything is open and nothing is like shut down for a week or anything. Its better to know now than tomorrow. I heard V2 is down, as well as Raging Bull ((
  10. Thanks guys! Just one more question. Which is the day when there are less crowds, Monday or Tuesday, and are they that bad on the day that its less crowds
  11. Any clues lately on what the 2017 attraction could be? Its pretty obvious where the attraction(s) will be located, but what could they be. Some guys on GreatAdventureHistory.com are speculating RMC T-Rex/Raptor. In my opinion, I feel like the park will either get the same flat package Six Flags Over Texas got (minus a scrambler), Justice League Dark Ride (which isnt very likely considering its most likely going to Over Georgia and Magic Mountain), or of course a T-Rex, the guys over at GADVhistory really do give some great points! Anyways, what do you guys think we could get?
  12. Hey Great America enthusiasts! Im making a trip over to Chicago later this month from New Jersey (I'm a Great Adventure enthusiast) and my family and I are planning to go to Great America for a day, either Monday, July 25th, or Tuesday, July 26th. I wanted to know how I can get the best experience possible, ride every single coaster at the park, and get done all of the good flat rides and attractions. Im not going to get flash pass, and I'm hopefully going to get to the park at the 10:30 opening, so where do I go first, where do I eat, what should the lines be like, etc. Thanks so much! If any of you ever need help planning a GAdv trip let me know and Ill help!
  13. Yeah but Batman: The Ride didnt have the huge ass plaza Joker will have. I still think the ride will still open on Memorial Day to the public, and the media day/ pass holder preview days will be a week before Memorial Day weekend. Also, Harley Quinn is expected to open sometime in the middle of April, which is good!
  14. I agree, they should paint the helix. Just the helix. Just to screw with people. We all know they should just paint the MCBR, just the MCBR. The MCBR is a waaaay more important part of Nitro than that stupid helix. Its easily the most exciting part of the whole coaster
  15. About Nitro or Superman being repainted, I would love to see both repainted, but im slightly leaning towards SOME of Nitro to be repainted. By some, I mean the queue to be redone, that ugly station to be redone, and the predrop and lift hill to be repainted. No other parts of Nitro really need to be repainted besides the predrop and lift. I also think theres a slight possibility that they could just say F*** it and just repaint the whole ride with a whole new set of colors because people have been asking for years for new colors and repaint, so the park would be knocking out two birds with one stone
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