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  1. I'll be visiting Hersheypark on a weekend in late July this year, half day on Friday and a full day on Saturday. Though I'm sure the park will be mobbed, can anyone give some estimates of queues for the coasters, as well as water and flat rides? Also, do any rides consistently have manageable queues?
  2. Six Flags Magic Mountain: 2017: Flat ride package with Larson looper, flyers, and Mack Twist & Splash 2018: Justice League dark ride on former amphitheater spot 2019: S&S Gale Force or Zierer tower coaster in former Deja Vu spot 2020: 400 ft SkyScreamer in Sky Tower spot or Cyclone Bay 2021: 50th anniversary celebration with redesigned entrance and plaza Disneyland: 2016: Luigi's Rollickin Roadsters, Soarin' Over the World, revised MyMagic+ testing begins 2017: Full MyMagic+ rollout, eastern parking structure opens, Paradise Pier Hotel closes, DTD revamp begins 2018: Aesth
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