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  1. I really like this idea.


    It would be especially intriguing for coasters whose manufacturers have gone by the wayside. Just look at Manhattan Express: Premier Rides has already built new trains and installed a magnetic braking system for that ride, but what if they were to channel the ghost of Togo and turn it from a piece of flaming poo-poo into something palatable? Hell, you could go even further and demand them to bring back the good 'ole Ultra Twister. I would love to see companies get in touch with the past and completely revive classic coasters, if that is actually possible from a legal standpoint... but that's neither here nor there.

    I think Premier Rides still owns the rights to build TOGO rides,and at one time was considering LIM launched UltraTwisters-which might work as long as it doesn't have Viper-style restraints.

  2. I think the main reason existing coasters don't get revisions is simply the COST of doing it.Perfect example:SFA-my home park-has Mind Eraser,one of the original SLCs;either SFA could get new trains or spend the money on a new flat ride(like the Wonder Woman one they're getting).While I would love new trains for Mind Eraser(and trains with buzzbars for Wild One),I could understand them shuffling the extra money elsewhere(for the time being at least).

  3. I just remembered a movie I saw on cable a few years ago:"3 Ninjas High Noon At Mega Mountain".It was filmed at the new version of Elitch Gardens,but edited to look like it was an ocean side park;I think the "ocean view" of the park was filmed at Belmont Park.The movie gets even wierder:Hulk Hogan plays a washed-up TV star,and the park is taken over by terrorists who are led by Loni Anderson and that Ernest guy from all those old 1980's commercials.

  4. Ah, so they're finally taking advantage of the new height limits. What's it now? I think the previous was 200 feet.

    The previous limit was 200 feet and that was started back in the Wild World days,mostly because almost no rides back then were being built that high.About 3 years ago the zoning commission stated they were willing to give more leeway for height,as well as letting the park stay open until midnight.

  5. 1900's-Leap The Dips(Lakemont)

    1910's-SFA's Wild One(Giant Coaster)

    1920's-Coney Island Cyclone

    1930's-Conneaut Lake Blue Streak

    1940's-I haven't been on one yet

    1950's-Waldameer Comet

    1960's-Lakemont Skyliner

    1970's-BGW Loch Ness Monster(Great Adv.'s RT a close second)

    1980's-KD's Grizzly(Great Adv.'s GASM another close second)

    1990's-Great Adv.'s Medusa

    2000's-Great Adv.'s El Toro (Geauga Lake/KD Dominator and SFA's Batwing honorable mentions).

  6. At SFA I've had Roar and Joker's Jinx all to myself during the park's last hour of operation.

    At Great Adv. I had GASM all to myself under similar situations(pre-closing) and B:TR and the left side of RT.The B:TR and RT times where during park event ERT:everybody else was marathoning El Toro&Kingda Ka,so I binge-rode B:TR & RT.On both rides I was in the front seat,and while my personal ERT on Batman was fantastic,the "alone time" I had with RT was magical.

  7. I would love for suspended coasters with b]actual swinging trains to make a comeback,but most parks either don't have the space or lack an interesting location/terrain to pull it off.

    Strangely enough,I think BGW could rebuild BBW,using Drachen Fyre's station,and having the track "go away" from the rest of the park;of course I'm just speculating based on aerial pictures from Bing maps.If they don't re-use the BBW name,they could also call it Vampyre,Valkyre,or The Wraith.

  8. Six Flags was originally going to buy the Coney Island Cyclone and move it to Astroworld. Six Flags decided to build a bigger version of the Cyclone and called it Texas Cyclone.


    Can you imagine what could of happened if the Coney Island Cyclone got moved to Astroworld?

    Not that long ago I read that when Coney Island was going to sell the Cyclone to Astroworld,they were going to replace it with an Arrow Corkscrew !!!

  9. Of rides I've been on:


    SF Power Plant-The Sensorium

    SF Great Adv.-GASM,left side of RT,both sides of Chiller,Freefall,and even Viper(just to remind myself how bad it was )

    Casino Pier-the Jet Star and Stillwalk Manor

    Funtown Pier-the looping coaster

    KD-The Haunted River and Yogi's Cave

    BGW-Big Bad Wolf

    WDW-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Snow White's Scary Adventures

    Fun-N-Wheels Orlando,Fla-the Schiff Wild Mouse

    Of rides I've NEVER been on:

    Crystal Beach Cyclone,Drachenfyre and WDW's Alien Encounter.

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