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  1. ^ Wasn't Marriott's supposed to do a third Great America near the East coast?


    But they bailed, because of the upkeep on the two they already built....maybe?


    The third (unknown) Marriott's Great America theme park I would love to see

    early designs and concepts for. Even though I know it would start with that

    double decked carousel, and the entryway plaza, and the three armed

    ferris wheel, etc.etc.

    From my understanding the Maryland Great America was originally planned for being near Merriweather Post Pavilion/Columbia Mall but those developers raised a ruckus about it.Later on I heard that another location closer to Baltimore was offered,but Marriott was already looking to get out of the amusement industry.

  2. I like the spookiness of the crumbling Hall Manor in the woods behind the Wild One at Six Flags America. (anyone got or seen any decent pictures of it?)


    Of course, it was my favorite Haunted House during Fright Fest

    By the way,there's plenty of stories online about Eleanor,a little girl who supposedly was buried somewhere nearby(I've heard it was around either Wild One's or Joker's Jinx stationhouse).And I think Facebook has a couple of pictures of the inside of Hall Manor.

  3. Of parks I've been to before but anytime in the last 15+ years:WDW and both Busch Gardens.

    Of parks I've never been to:

    -Anaheim Disneyland

    -Knott's Berry Farm

    -SF Magic Mountain

    -King's Island

    -Cedar Point

    -The parks in Pennsylvania I haven't ben to yet(I've only been to Lakemont,Waldameer,and Conneaut).

    After that I'd like to try all the European and Japanese parks.

  4. My favorite sounds:

    -That B & M roar.

    -The overall sound of an Arrow:the old-school clicking of the OTSRs,the chain lift,and some Arrows(it mostly seems like the mega-loopers) seem to have a low rumbling sound(as opposed to B & M's roar).

    -The sounds of Premier launched coasters,mostly that popping "poof" before the actual launch(I'm not sure if it's the LIM's starting up or the brakes).

    -The rattling of Intamin Freefalls.

    And there is a sound I find annoying(but don't actually hate) is the metal-on metal screeching of some old woodies;Great Adv.'s Rolling Thunder was a serious repeat offender.

  5. For Great Adventure:

    1-Getting rid of GASM and Rolling Thunder .RT was a unique racer and GASM helped make Great Adv. part of the "coaster wars".

    2-Not building Hurricane Harbor as part of the theme park.

    3-Not building a hotel-or at least allowing an outside party build & operate it.

    For SFA:

    1-Not building around the train EX:Gotham could/should have been where the catering area is now.

    2-Not keeping Python.

    3-Not building Ultra-Twister.

  6. Is there any info in the Amusement Attic about a place called Laser World in Orlando,Florida?The place I'm talking about was opened in downtown Orlando around 1980/81 in an old movie theater;basically all it was was people doing sci-fi style dance routines to pre-recorded music with laser patterns projected behind them.I know I didn't dream this but I can't find anything online about it ....

  7. I think it was a major case of "way too much way too soon".Premier Parks started out buying up small parks like Wild World/Adventure World and did ok,but then somehow bought the SF chain.Admittedly there was a coaster war going on-with parks building B&M and Intamin rides every year and the crowds were eating it all up-but Premier/SF bought & built their way into financial trouble.Just look at all the other parks that had been "flagged" and then sold off or closed:Elitch,Geauga,Astroworld,the parks in Europe...SFA has had tough times,but I think it's fighting its way to success.

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