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  1. Did the Myrtle Beach people own any other waterparks outside of South Carolina?I had been to 2 waterparks that were very similar-one in Miami(around 1980) and one in Rehoboth in 1983.The Miami one just had a couple of concrete waterslides built into a manmade hill;the Rehoboth one had that and a rampage slide.

  2. I also LOVE eating rice soaked in butter... Whoever said that, I never realised it was weird!


    Well I never thought it was weird either until I mentioned it to one of my friends and he was like: "what?! that's disgusting. RICE....with...BUTTER??" I asked a several other people and got similar responses so now I assume it's weird to eat rice with butter. But it sure tastes great!

    I thought I was the only one who did that!

  3. My oldest memory that I can definitely connect to a certain time is/was vague memories of my mother being pregnant with my brother.I'm almost 3 years older than him-old enough to remember my mother "going thru the stages" but not old enough to fully understand what was happening.

  4. 1-Have my grandparents buy up tons of land in Las Vegas and Orlando,Fla.

    2-Get all the blueprints/videos/etc I could find of Drachenfire,Tenn. Tornado and all of Vekoma's coasters and give them to Arrow Dynamics in the 1970's.

    3-Get Marriott to build the Maryland Great America in what would become SFA's spot.

    4-Travel to all the old parks/rides/areas that I've heard of:Geauga Lake,the original Elitch Gardens,Palisades Park,KI's original Bat,Crystal Beach Cyclone,Disneyland's & WDW's opening days,the Times Square of the 1970's,the Las Vegas of the 1950's & 60's.

  5. . . .the thrill comes from entering a seemingly tight hole at high speeds. . .



    I agree!! There was this one time at band camp where we.... Yeah, I'll stop there.

    I can't remember the name of the park,but I remember seeing a trip report where there was a German wooden coaster that had a cut-out of a naked woman sitting above the entrance to the tunnel.


    Ok, I understand that logic. The wait was about 20 for both of those mentioned. Batwing about 30.


    Batwing has a 30 minute wait when there's five people in line.


    Even ride OPs are worn out from the uninspiring walk back there. Build a path from Coyote Creek. Going through Whisltestop with the WWloT construction detour is more exercise than I care to do. It should be quicker but it isn't.


    Can I get a sky ride? Can I a get a SKY RIDE! From between the fountain and the water slides to the back between WWloT and Superman. Make em clear and call them WW invisible jets. Talk about cheap low thrill upgrade. You could tell the kids about the struggle.

    How about SFA does like WDW and builds a full-circuit multi-stop sky ride?Have one station in the waterpark,another near Batwing and a third near Wild One.

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