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  1. Shades of Green, only one I've stayed at and it's amazing. (It's on the land of WDW so does it count?) It has amazing food, fun events in the hotel, an arcade, gaming systems, and the rooms are pretty nice.


    Technically Shades Of Green WAS a Disney built & operated hotel that was called something like the "Disney Golf Inn" IIRC but was given over to a civilian-run group that operates hotels for the American military(they also run the Hale Koa in Honolulu).

    On a side note,I've never stayed a Disney hotel YET(fingers crossed big time) but The Contemporary is on my "bucket list".

  2. If I won the lottery there would be 2 possibilities:

    [/build a park from scratchb]

    I would buy a huge section of land(at least 500 + acres)with interstate access to at least 2 major cities approx. 100+/-away.

    I would start off small:an Intamin skytower,a ferris wheel with LED lights,a carousel with real organ,and a clone of the Revere Beach Cyclone-and the trains would be buzzbar only.

    Eventually I would add new sections/lands and build a train that circles the park,as well as a multi-stop skyway(like what WDW is doing).

    The signature ride for this park would be a mountain similar to KD's Lost World,only better:It would contain an indoor/outdoor coaster in the upper part of the mountain,while the lower part had a forward/reverse flume ride.

    Buy into Six Flags

    Shell out $1 million to be part owner and then make the following changes:

    Year 1-repave Great Adv.'s entire parking lot and add restrooms to SFA's Gotham City

    -all parks get 10 new Coke Freestyle machines that only serve soda made with REAL SUGAR !

    -Great Adv. & SFA both get an Enterprise,Tilt-A-Whirl,and Chance Wipeout;SFStL gets a Tilt-A-Whirl,Chance Wipeout and Teacups.

    Year 2-Great Adv. and SFStL get a Disko,Larson Scooters and Fabbri Magic Carpet;SFA gets a Disko and a Discovery.

    -Great Adv.,SFA,& SF StL get a in-park brewpub.

    -Glow In The Dark parade is brought back to Great Adv.,SFA,& SFStL.

    Year 3-All other parks get Glow In the Dark parade

    -SFA gets buzzbar-only trains for Wild One& Roar and S:ROS is reprofiled to be more like SFNE's version.

    -SFStL gets buzzbar -only trains for Screechin' Eagle and an Intamin Giga version of Steel Dragon.

  3. Personally I DO count clones and relocations as separate credits,but riding them isn't a priority for me.Case in point:If I ever get out to SFMM,the main rides I'm getting on would be Ninja,Revolution,and S:TE.SFMM's B:TR & Scream are dead last because I've ridden the $h*t outta B:TR & Medusa/Bizarro at Great Adv. .

    PS-I also would NEVER go out of my way for a wacky worm credit;the couple of times I've ridden one were at park events where those particular rides were part of the ERT and I felt weirded out even then(hence my abstinence from those kinds of rides).

  4. I like the old school PTC trains on Wild One and Roar at SFA.


    Other than that, I like the Millennium Flyer trains.

    I like those trains too,but I LOVE the ones on the Coney Island Cyclone & Conneaut Lake Blue Streak.They may be ragged around the edges,but you can't go wrong with buzzbar-only trains!

    My least favorite train to look at AND ride is Great Adv.'s Viper-my shoulders hurt just thinking about it!

  5. Ok this is all new to me. Where exactly is this historical house on the SF property?

    It's north of Wild One's lift hill & helix-you can even see it on Google sky-view maps.

    As far as the house's historic status,from what I've heard (not from the Dippin Dots Guy)is that NOTHING can be done to it:it cannot be renovated(like if it had landmark status;I think the Wildlife Preserve/Wild World people actually wanted to use the building-but that's another story) and it cannot be torn down-it has to rot away under it's own power.

  6. Random question, why did KD stop operating one side of rebel yell backwards? I forgot the reason why, but maybe they could bring it back for just one year with the addition of Twisted Timbers.

    From what I heard,KI & KD took the regular PTC trains on one side and turned them around to run backwards.When PTC found out about it they said that doing so voided whatever warranty/insurance was on said train because it wasn't being "used as intended".Case in point:B&M constructed a special backwards train for SF to use on their B:TRs.

  7. First-ever coaster and first indoor coaster:WDW Space Mountain.

    First wooden:KD Scooby Doo

    First racer:KD Rebel Yell

    First looping coaster:BGW LNM

    First suspended:BGW BBW

    First stand-up:KD Shockwave

    First relocated coaster:SFA Wild One

    First launched coaster:SFA Joker's Jinx

    First floorless coaster:Great Adv. Medusa

    First inverted coaster:SFA Mind Eraser

    First mine train:WDW Big Thunder Mountain


    Favorite wooden:Great Adv. El Toro

    Favorite indoor coaster:Great Adv. Skull Mountain.

    Favorite looper:Great Adv. GASM (RIP)

    Favorite launched coaster:Great Adv. Chiller-Batman side

    Favorite floorless:KD Dominator

    Favorite inverted:Great Adv. B:TR

    Favorite shuttle loop:SFA Two-Face.


    Around 1987/1988 was when I personally remember parks just starting to check restraints. It was rare before that. So was waiting behind the line until the train stopped; air gates were only on shuttle loops. 87/88 would be around the time of the (SF) Great ADVENTURE Lightnin' Loops incident.


    Most rides you were fine with the lap bar up, but not a shuttle coaster that launches into a steep drop. Geez... dispatches were so fast before that.


    My first time at Geauga Lake was 1988, during the ACE Coaster Con. Great to see these old pictures, thank you! I need to dig mine out.

    The Lightning Loops incident happened in 1987.Although I had ridden LNM and Python before then,I don't remember the OTSRs ever being in the up position when in motion.

  9. I had always thought that Marriot's proposed Maryland's Great America was supposed to be closer to Baltimore?


    But anyhow . . . I'd travel back and be able to ride certain coasters I missed in my younger days (Rolling Thunder, GASM, etc)

    From my understanding the original site Marriott wanted was near the Columbia Mall;the developers had a hissy fit(like what happed to the Virginia Disney park)and a couple other sites were looked at (like Baltimore and Laurel).At that time the SFA location was called "The Wildlife Preserve" and was a simple drive-thru safari park that had gone through some ownership changes in it's short history;I sometimes wonder why Marriott didn't try to buy up the park and build rides there.

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