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  1. during our stop there this Summer, literally the Happiest employee I saw (and I'm being serious - she was so pleasant and smiling and happy that I asked to take a picture of her) was the "Goth-y" exit operator at the Whip.


    (which caused someone, (Robb, or maybe Zach) to respond: "She's smiling because she's not actually having to be on "Shopping Cart: the Ride").


    it is astounding that she was the only employee I seemed to see in a good mood, but that's what I noticed.

    She was super nice too!


    (ETA: when I took her pic, I did mention I'd like to post it as part of my TR, and she was OK with me posting online, so reposting the pic here)

    Goth girls are cool!!!

  2. 1980-KD Haunted River

    1980/81-WDW Big Thunder Mountain

    1982-KD Grizzly

    1986-KD Shockwave

    1999-Great Adv. Medusa & Houdini

    2006-Great Adv. El Toro

    2008-Great Adv. The Dark Knight

    2008-KD Dominator

    Honorable Mentions-although both places didn't have much in the way of rides,I got to go to EPCOT and the SF Power Plant during their inaugural seasons.

    And From my home park of SFA:

    1982/83-Rainbow Falls(Zoomazon),the wave pool and various flat rides(IIRC the only original ones left are the High Seas pirate ship and Pirate's Flight) from when the Wildlife Preserve changed into Wild World.

    1986-Wild One

    1999-Joker's Jinx & Two-Face


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