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  1. I'm thinking of making a trip. Next time I would be able to go is Memorial day weekend. Will the lines be bad that weekend?
  2. I may have been overwhelmed by the dread of that line, but I didn't see the go Mets sign. Trip report: It was packed. We pulled in by noon, front lot was full (except for season pass lot) and the back lot was filling fast. I only ended up riding Goliath and Demon. Some wait times I saw: Goliath 120min demon 60 Viper 75 superman 120 (they said the single rider line was the same) Bull 120 I kept telling my friends this wasn't going to be a good time to go. We needed to get our 2016 passes by nov 1 to get the gold package we got on a deal. It was just sooo crowded. Lines for every ride, food, everything were really long. This park needs to be twice the size. Days like this are no fun and my group was disheartened as soon as we walked in. We rode Goliath, then Demon. My group didn't want to do spinning rides, so we didn't even ride any flats. We left at 4 and people were still pouring in. I have no idea where all those people were parking, the lot must have been full by then. It was a beautiful fall day though, perfect. So from what I'm reading, next weekend might be ok? Is it possible Sat or Sun might not be that bad?
  3. Standing in line for Goliath right now. 2 hour wait. All coaster I have seen so far have lines going out into the plazas.
  4. Take it for what it's worth, but the wikipedia page says it's a clone of the Coney Island Cyclone. Maybe all the roller coasters you are referring to are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viper_(Six_Flags_Great_America)
  5. koaster, I'm glad you had fun at my home park. You did well being able to ride every coaster without a flashpass on a short hours night. I'm a newbie here, but I didn't know Goliath was considered "the bottom" RMC. I think it packs a great ride into a small space, which you have to take into account. It's as long as anything that has occupied that spot, and way better. I'm surprised you didn't mention the drop. 180ft is sweet I completely agree about Bull, and even though the eagle is rough, I don't know anyone who doens't like it. Thanks for the pics of Goliath from the back side BTW. You don't see it well from the park. P.S. Does anyone know why Jack isn't in front of the Fountain? I'm going this weekend and always look forward to seeing him.
  6. Haha, well Bill, It wasn't an even trade between FD and Vortex. Vortex looked to have the longest line I saw all day. FD was walk on I will have to check out Vortex if I ever hit the park again. Buck, No thanks, I love whizzer!
  7. Hi guys! I haven't been to any good roller coaster parks outside of my home park, SFGA near Chicago. I had the opportunity to extend a business trip an extra day and check out this Canada's Wonderland. I was in Toronto this past Wed-Sat. First, Toronto was a lot of fun! I was staying downtown. First night was NHL opening night, then baseball playoffs two nights, then hockey again. They city was lively to say the least, and I had a great time. I went to CW Saturday, and had to leave by 3 to catch my flight. I knew it wasn't a lot of time, but wanted a chance to at least ride Leviathan and Behemoth. I was not disappointed. I first hit Flight Deck. Walk on, and rode twice. It would be an awesome ride if it wasn't so rough. I went over and Behemoth was walk on too! I ended up riding that 4 times. Great coaster, good drop, good action afterwards. I wish it wouldn't break so much right before the airtime hills though. Hit MCM, which was a little rough but fun. I then went over to Leviathan, and the wait was only about 15 mins! I rode it 5 times in a row. This thing is 50% bigger than any coaster I have been on. The speed is incredible, and the drop is awesome. I wish it has a little more airtime, but the rest of the ride is cool. I then hit Wild beast, Dragon Fire, Leviathan again, and the Bat. I wanted to try Vortex, but didn't leave enough time. Overall I'm really glad I checked out CW. It's a great park, and you guys have some awesome rides.
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