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  1. Anyone know if Twisted Cyclone is still limited to one reservation with the Flash Pass? On the website Twisted Cyclone still shows as "Coming Soon (one time)" on the rides list. Thanks!
  2. Just went last weekend and my friend bought a new pass. You go to the season pass processing center and get you card. Just take it to the front gate and tell them you want to use your free ticket for today. They scan your card and you go in.
  3. How were the lines today? I'll be there tomorrow and Saturday morning on my out of state ticket special.
  4. Viper can be great or very meh depending on the day and seat. We try to ride in the back, as the airtime is usually really good there. The middle is usually not very good, though every once in awhile we get a good ride there too. I have heard the front is good but have never sat there, as I am a back seat guy. Sit in row 3 on Viper and you will be very happy you did.
  5. According to the website, Justice League is: "THE FLASH Pass Platinum only with a reservation."
  6. Even bigger ouch! Wish I had that much money to throw around!
  7. The daily question of the operating status of Lightning Rod reminds me of a situation in certain sports leagues over the last few years. A twitter account will be created for a bad team and it sends out 1 tweet per day with if that day won the night before. Because the team was so bad, it was always....."No." We need a twitter account @IsLightningRodOpen.......and every day it can just send.... "No" I've already had 3 trips booked to DW over the last two seasons that I've cancelled due to the ride not being open or weather issues. Got another planned for next Friday. I'm to the point that I'm just going to go and expect LR will be closed and experience the rest of the park as I've never been there before. A 10 hour drive isn't much fun though. Looks like they have a $10-15 million (or whatever it cost) paperweight, sadly.
  8. I can confirm this after a visit this past Sunday. It's just terrific.....crushing your friend as you go around every turn.
  9. I just saw the wait times on the app and was shocked. I'll be at the park for the first time next Friday I was thinking a flash pass wouldn't be necessary but looking at the wait times today, I may have to spring for one. Thats terrible. Was hoping for a slow day with lots of Wicked Cyclone and Superman. You did confirm my suspicion of the lines being due to school groups. Damn you young kids !
  10. SFGAm hasn't been my home park in many years, but American Eagle is the furthest ride from the entrance besides perhaps Goliath. No need to run to get on it. It is far less popular than many of the other coasters, plus being at the back of the park will make the line build slowly. If you do want to hit Little Dipper, I'd hit it on your way to the back (I'm not sure how many trains they run as they built it after I left). The Jr. Vekoma is in the kiddie area that, if they are enforcing the rules, you won't be let in without a kid. Unless they changes this rule, but I did check it last summer when I was there and this was still the case. So don't put off American Eagle until the end of the day, but no need to run. My two cents.
  11. Aww shucks! They should really update their website. Thanks for the input.
  12. If you do get the platinum flash pass, can you confirm that you got double rides this year? I've seen most of the Six Flags websites have removed this from a benefit of the platinum but SFGAm hasn't. I assume their website is accurate, but would love confirmation. I've read posts online on how Six Flags has changed a few policies this year and everyone has cited the elimination of double rides. I was just assuming this was only at select parks. I plan on spending an entire day at the park for my one visit this year for the first time in my life. I grew up going to the park, worked at the park but don't think I've ever done a whole day. I live in Orlando now but go back to visit family every summer so get one visit. So plan on going all out if double rides are part of the package still.
  13. The website says "Lightning Rod (limit one ride per person)" for TimeSaver. I've never been to Dollywood but I don't recall TImeSaver being explained like this last year. Here is what the website says for this year: Rides To receive expedited access to lines at select* rides, simply look for the TimeSaver entrance at your selected ride and show the Host your wristband. One tab will be removed from your wristband by a TimeSaver Host to allow entrance to the attraction. Unused tabs will be forfeited.
  14. Looking for some advice on a trip to Dollywood in late April. I was originally planning on going to the park on Friday April 21st. I saw that season passholders can get someone in for free with them starting on April 22nd. So I potentially could go on Sunday, April 23rd instead and save some money for my friend if I were to buy a season pass. Friday the park is open an extra hour, probably due to spring break. So, if one was only going for roller coasters, would the crowd be much different between Friday and Sunday? I've never been to the park before so am unsure what kind of crowds are normal. Thanks in advance for any tips!
  15. Ding ding! We have a winner! Long drive for sure. And a one way car rental is probably just as much as a flight. My goal is to do both VF and hit up the couple coasters at the mall if I can swing this little trip. Definitely looking forward to Renegade and Spongebob.
  16. Thanks for the input. Now I just need to find a flight into Minnie early in the morning and a flight to Wisconsin later that night! What's everyone's opinion of Renegade? I've been on a handful of GCI's, enjoyed them all but never been totally blown away. Gold Striker has been my favorite of the 7 I've been on.
  17. Thanks for the input! I figured SFA and KD were possible in a day if necessary.
  18. How long would it take to hit up all the coasters at SFA on a Saturday in late April? I'm hoping for a trip up there and trying to see if its possible to do SFA and Kings Dominion in a single Saturday. Thanks for any input!
  19. If one was only interested in riding all the coasters at VF, how long on a weekday in mid-June would it take to do everything? Hoping for a quick stop in MN to do VF before I hop back on a plane to WI and trying to figure if I can fly in and out in the same day. Thanks for any input.
  20. I'm planning a trip to KD late in April. I hope to do Six Flags America Saturday morning and early afternoon and then head to Kings Dominion for late afternoon and the evening. I'll have Sunday to clean up any missed rides. What kind of crowds should I expect on a Saturday/Sunday in late July? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hey everyone, looking for some advice. I'm planing a trip to SFMM this year and looking for the best time of year to go in terms of short lines and rides actually being open. Any time of year is an option. I see daily operations start at the end of March. There are a couple weeks in there that the park is open till 9 during the week; I assume this is for spring break. I'm looking to go on probably a Wednesday and Thursday. Should spring break those weeks with the longer hours be avoided due to spring break? Or is there another time of year that would be better? I'm hoping for a day and a half at the park. I've been before but my trip buddy hasn't ever been so all the coasters need to be ridden at least once. Thanks in advance!
  22. Sea World Orlando: 1. Mako 2. Manta 3. Kraken Busch Gardens Tampa 1. Sheikra 2. Montu 3. Cheetah Hunt 4. Cobra's Curse 5. Sand Serpant 6. Scorpion 7. Kumba And since I spent the first 18 years of my life in IL and WI... Six Flags Great America 1. X-Flight 2. Goliath 3. Raging Bull 4. Viper 5. Superman 6. American Eagle - Red 7. Demon 8. V2 9. Whizzer 10. American Eagle - Blue 11. Batman 12. Dark Knight
  23. The lines for SFDK on coasterqueue.com today seemed pretty long. Was anyone at the park today to confirm how busy it was? I was at CA Great America and the place was a ghost land! Was hoping for at least a semi slow day tomorrow for my visit to SFDK. Also, can anyone confirm that the Flash Pass is only good for one reservation on Joker for the entire day? The website says " single ride reservation" but doesn't give any details.
  24. I echo the statement above. I went last Friday night and the park was super packed and Saturday during day was very manageable. So I would highly suggest the day trip over the night if you don't need to do any of the Halloween stuff. I also wondered about a holiday event. I saw Six Flags is doing holiday events at many of their parks, as far north as Great Adventure. Which seems a little nuts to me. But I would think Carowinds would be a good park to do some kind of event in late Nov/Dec. Maybe in the future.
  25. It was a good trip! Friday night was super packed but we did alright since we had a few quick queue passes from our last trip that we used on Fury. The line was outside both blocks for Fury all night so the passes really helped. We ended up doing 5 rides on Fury, 3 on Intimidator (avg wait was probably about 30 mins), 2 on Afterburn (avg wait 20 mins) and 1 ride on Hurler (30 minute wait). The best take away from Friday night was front row on Afterburn in the dark. Both my friend and I got off that ride both remarking how great it was at night in the front row. Saturday was even better. The crowd was pretty busy but we had our Fast Lane passes for a full day of almost walk on rides all day. The only exception was Fury. The Fast Lane line was at the bottom of the stairs. But we were able to get plenty of rides. Saturday's totals were Fury - 14, Intimidator - 13, Afterburn - 2 and Hurler - 1. We had awesome weather too so overall a great trip up to Carowinds.
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