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  1. We used to have a place called Ontario Place in Toronto's harborfront, they had the best log flume, it was super long had a great job and some good theming. Other than that I think dudley do rights rip saw falls or splash mountain are great water rides.
  2. Probably maverick especially if it had the heartline roll. For wood definitely el toro, never rode anything like it.
  3. WTF? Looks like half of the second wall was put up. Maybe the dive loop is gonna be fully indoor
  4. I am planning to go to Cedar Point this summer with my friend. I had a team a couple nights ago that we went, it seemed very realistic, and when we got there literally everything was closed. Last time I went, maverick was closed for 3/3 of the days I was there and the morning we were leaving everything except for gatekeeper was closed.
  5. When your physics textbook names a rollercoaster and has the complete wrong statistics
  6. Yea what went on? Was it just a simple Q&A or did they release that "surprise"
  7. You mean you actually wanted to ride these more than once? Hell yea, these rides are in my top 6 in CW. After Flight Deck, Vortex, And Leviathan. I can handle bumpy rides very well, and wooden coasters just hit it for me.4
  8. How are the lines today? Im going next saturday so whatever you are getting should be less lines on Saturday because of the holiday this weekend.
  9. I went here last weekend, the park was EMPTY! Walk on on behemoth, we stayed on Wild Beast and Mine buster (stayed in our seats, didn't even need to get up and change seats). These october weekends are the tiem to go. Weather is also great, not too hot not THAT cold (although bring a sweater)
  10. Heading there on that weekend too (16th to 18th), I hope the lines aren't too bad, if they are gonna be REALLY bad we will get fast passes. Heading on the early morning on saturday and sunday and that usually got us on maverick walk on every morning
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