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  1. I don't know what to think yet about this announcement. So far we know 1 thing, mean streak is closing, and we do not know for sure what will replace it. At my park CW they removed skyrider and we all thought something was going to be replacing it for next year, didn't happen and the year after that didn't happen either. Skyrider I did ENJOY but I would rather have pretty much anything else new there. Now if I apply this to mean streak, if they remove it and just leave it for 1 year, I will be sad because the coaster is FINE, and I had a great experience at 10PM when it was pitch dark and raining like crazy and the ride OPS let us keep riding without getting back in line (only a couple people in the station). But if mean streak is replaced by an RMC or GCI, I will still "miss" mean streak because I had great memories on it, but I will be overall extremley happy and will have to make it back to Cedar Point to ride it. So I hope they choose the right thing to do, but with this big teaser video I doubt they are just leaving the space empty. And since they are removing it still in the middle or near the end of the season, and not when the park closes, tells me that they need to do it earlier to start making something for next year.
  2. Man we need a new ride. Cedar Point stoled our B&M Giga RMC Launched Flyer. There is some green track at B&M plant, maybe its for us?
  3. Lol. That would be pretty cool if they had gyms in queues. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  4. If it's a kick A$$ ride, I'm pretty sure enthusiasts would be fine with long lines. Not just enthusiasts but also the GP. The GP will wait 2 hours plus 45 minutes for the front row of top thrill dragster, and there is clearly a reason for that. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  5. ? I'd rather wait a bit more for a phenomenal ride. By that logic we should just build 8 trains at CW cause they don't get lines. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  6. I doubt it would be going anywhere.....it is still actually one of the "newer" coasters in the park if we are talking last 10 years. Also...it hardly takes up much of a land footprint..so even if it was removed....I doubt there would be room to put in the launched giga invert RMC with flyer and winged elements that some of the fans would like. Even though it's one of the newer coasters, it's rough and unliked by many. Also to address the small footprint, they could remove Flight Deck as well (another ride that is rough and unliked by many) that is nearby. Together, they would free up a lot of land if they were taken down. These rides are perfect for smaller parks. If SkyRider sold, these will sell no problem. I also really miss SkyRider. It was so much fun had the best ejector airtime in the park, which was even crazier standing up. We're missing a really good sit down steel looping/ inverting coaster, launched or not. I keep wishing for a world class looping/ inverting Intamin coaster like Taron or Maverick to really round out Wonderland. Even Premier and Gerstlauer build some great stuff (Karnan at Hansa Park looks amazing). I'd even take a third hyper coaster if it was a clone of Superman, Goliath or Expedition Ge-Force to show Canadians what an awesome hyper is really like. Only thing is Behemoth's queue would keep shrinking if that happens . I just hope we're done with B&M coasters for a while, with the exception of inverts since they honestly build the best in that category. Yes I'd rather have an intamin blitz rather than a B&M wing rider. We already have an invert so I doubt they would install a new one and remove yet another coaster. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  7. My friends and I might be driving out to cedar point again and hopefully hersheypark for the first time. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  8. Its actually not an iphone, its a samsung phone with the "samsug gear" thing. They should really demo it at the "VR Coaster" booth so you can try it. Anyways, the line is very small for the VR thing and if it didn't fit, the line would still be much smaller than the real lime, and would set you back at most 10-15 minutes total.
  9. Agreed. Probably the first ejector airtime I ever went on. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  10. The other way around is worse in my opinion. Over-crowded stations still move people through quickly, but with assigned seating and 1 car per row, if the assigner is slow, there will be empty rows. It happens all the time at Canada's Wonderland on behemoth and leviathan, cause every other person is asking to go to this row and the ride attendant has to say no.
  11. Anyone at CW right now? There's this guy wearing a fury 325 shirt with a coaster mania backpack that I see all the time. Is he a tpr member? Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  12. Went on skyhawk again today WIND IS THE ANSWER Holy shit, the WIND helps break records so much its ridiculous. My previous record was 18, not the best but it was OK, but today it was windy, and HOLY CRAP I just got destroyed by the wind. The only problem is its less consistent, like you spin 1.5-2.5 times per second going into the wind, but going out of it you slow down a bit. That was the first time I was REALLY dizzy on that ride, I was losing a lot of vision going that fast and I did not know which way was up going down. Pretty thrilling though.
  13. 1 hour wait is nothing on a crowded day. I guess we were lucky but lsat year we went like 10 times and never once had behemoth over 30-45 minutes and leviathan over 60 minutes.
  14. Just went to CW yesterday again, Skyhawk really hurts my shoulders, but also the lower part of the restraint presses down in the WRONG places, gets painful when you are hanging upside down for long periods of time or you are spinning super fast. I managed to hit 16 cause we only got to ride it twice and I wasn't holding my left wing down enough. Behemoth was also running fantastic today, got a 2-3 click loose ride and I was really floating up hard. Lines were crazy though, 1 hour wait. According to the app, there is 5 minute wait for behemoth and leviathan today. I don't think this makes any sense due to it being a sunday and fathers day as well.
  15. Does anyone else find the skyhawk restraints a bit weird for taller/broader people? My shoulders are still very sore from yesterday, due to the forces pushing your shoulders up against the restraints. I'm 6 feet tall so I guess I am taller than the average person, and my friend who is a couple inches shorter than me had no shoulder pain, but he only managed to flip once and got 8 flips, I got 18...
  16. Second best part about Cedar Point, other then the rides. That first view of the park, brings chills to me EVERY time and I've been 4 times. Its literally an ISLAND OF ROLLERCOASTERS! PURE ROLLERCOASTERS! Driving up to that with someone new is always special, seeing their reaction as well.
  17. Looks awesome! I think Hersheypark would be the #1 next theme park to visit, SFMM seems a bit too far just to go for that park but hersheypark is pretty close to me, and they have a very solid selection of rides.
  18. Holy crap I was so discombobulated, at the part where your spin is dampened to get you level coming down, I wasn't actually still spinning but I still thought I was. My sense of levelness was messed up for about a minute after that Whats your personal record? could you hear it actually groaning when you hit maximum angular velocity? What you mean? I was travelling probably at around 1.5 rad/s But the groaning? Didn't notice, but I did notice there was click noises every revolution near the end of it, is that it slowing down or the clicker counting revolutions? I also find the sensation is very weird, you get pulled out through your head for half of it, and then pulled out through your feet for the other half, is that a result of a non-heartlined inversion? It interests me
  19. Holy crap I was so discombobulated, at the part where your spin is dampened to get you level coming down, I wasn't actually still spinning but I still thought I was. My sense of levelness was messed up for about a minute after that Whats your personal record?
  20. We went to CW today, first time flipping on skyhawk. A common occurrence among my friend was that they could become inverted, stall, but then fall back without flipping and lose all their momentum from not switching at the time of inversion. If some of you get this problem, if you are slowing down a lot towards being inverted, you likely wont flip, and prepare to continue rocking the other way instead of holding in that direction. I hit 18 rounds, but that was because I made the same mistake again, and took me 2 more rockings to get to flip again. I think 25 would be pretty good goal for me to hit.
  21. Haha I love how carowinds gets to be seperated into the 2 Carolinas. If a coaster went in both states, I guess you could say its the best coaster in both states
  22. I dont think 70k is realistic. Disneyland of all places is at max capacity at 60,000, where they only let in seasons pass holders in and stop selling tickets. At 75,000 you can only get in if you are a hotel guest or have a hand stamp for reentry. Whent hey reach 85,000 they literally close the park and you can't get back in. If you have a stamp, too bad, if you have a seasons pass, too bad. I think SFGADv would have less capacity than Disneyland.
  23. I swear I'm going to throw a temper tantrum. I think VR will be great for this ride. Barely attracts lines, and with the VR it could potentially be pretty good.
  24. Home park is CW, in the summer I go almost every 2 weeks on average if I am at home. Probably go up to about 10+ times per year, last year I had more than 5 but because I kept putting off a seasons pass, but I ended up going way more often than I thought, but luckily my friends "bring a friend" thing made the tickets like 20 bucks per day.
  25. Highly doubt this, maybe the entire park brings in a million dollars per day, with average spending at ~40$ per guest in park and ticket price 40$ leading to 80$ per day, roughly, and to reach a million in a day you would need 12,500 guests per day, which is I think less than average.
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