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  1. Anyone else going to the park on Sunday? I'll be getting there around 2. My girlfriend and I are activating passes and we'll probably spend a few hours in the park
  2. It looks like said building would extend up behind the beginning of the element as well... maybe that's the cool interaction with the queue that was being hinted at.
  3. Any ideas why one of the large cranes is out and fully extended above the lift?
  4. Also, I would say I agree that technically Wild Eagle is forceless, but it's the "floaty forecloses" that makes it amazing, especially at night.
  5. It's a ride that's now demolished, but I'm gonna say Chiller. I never understood why people liked it, but I guess to each their own.
  6. Any clue what they're building alongside the track right before the dive loop?
  7. Yeah I meant to be more specific, sorry. I saw a video of them testing Ka while people were riding Zumanjaro.
  8. So I just saw a video from yesterday that shows Ka and Zumanjaro running at the same time. Can anyone confirm this!?
  9. I'll just leave these here: (credit to Coaster Insanity Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/coasterinsanity/)
  10. I knew the ride vehicles were huge, but still impressive to hear those numbers!
  11. Just a little more confirmation: He said "a little glimmer of hope for opening"
  12. ^ It's looking like this is gonna have decent speed through the Immelmann
  13. My favorite night rides have been Expedition everest, Thunderhead, i305, and Definitely Grizzly at KD
  14. Good, cause whenever I imagine the Incredible Hulk smashing things, he always goes about it peaceably so as to not disturb anyone nearby- not roaring like some violent green monster with a bad temper...
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