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  1. Here it is, our 2015 Six Flags Great Adventure Music Video! Be sure to check out the video and give it a quick thumbs up! Thanks!
  2. Just finishing up our 2015 Six Flags Music Video. Will post here later in the day.
  3. These are the keys to the event being a fiscal success I hope the park can pull in at least 2,500 - 3000 attendees per day. I think Ryan is probably right about the 15,000. Attendance yesterday was pretty strong. (A few pictures were posted a few pages back, the last 2 are from Great Adventure History) You're right. Just confirmed it was 15,000.
  4. lol I will also say that Flash pass and ride operators were overstaffed. Those were there yesterday would probably agree with me. I honestly think they were expecting a bigger crowd in my opinion. Should be more crowded today with the Santa Run.
  5. Based on your posts I guess you work at the park? I'm not questioning you but this number doesn't even seem close to being right. The midways were very crowded last night even during shows... So let's say there were 500 people in the theater at a time (seems close to being right, when we went they just about filled it), coaster trains were generally full even if it was re-rides so Nitro would have about 72 people on it at a time, Batman 32, Green Lantern 32, Superman 32, Skull Mountain 56 (2 trains) and Dark Knight was filling it's pre-show last night so let's say that's 30 people. So just if we count people on the coasters and I'm the theater at any given time that's above 750... So that would mean at any given time half the people in the park (assuming they were all there at the same time and nobody left) was sitting in coaster trains or in the theater. Maybe you take a few off because each coaster will have some empty seas for groups of 1/2/3 that's don't even out but not many. Plus Skull Mountain and Batman had full station waits for most of the day and at one point Nitro's line was back to the old hot dog cart so that's about a 20 minute wait or more. Now how can that number explain crowded midways, long food lines everywhere, long lines for most of the flats, the people on the flats, the people in the stores, the long line to meet Santa. The Mrs. Clause show that was almost always just about filled... Again I'm not questioning you but that number doesn't add up. Not even close... I mean look at the pictures on the last page (and a report of an hour wait to see Santa around 4 which is the same time Nitro's line was at it's longest point). Nitro ran well... Earlier in the day it was a little sluggish but as it kept running it really sped up. The greeter said they plan to keep switching between warm weather and cold weather wheels as needed for the event too (maybe Ryan can shed some light on how that works). Last night the mid course was even kicking on which it doesn't do when the ride really crawls. I agree. The number does seem a little low, but this is what I overheard from other guests
  6. WOW. Great job Six Flags! Park number of guests didn't look like a lot though. I hope this becomes a true success for the company. Very well done with great attention to detail. I HIGHLY recommend watching the tree lighting show which takes place every half-hour. I admit, it gave me chills. A great job done by a great company! Glad to be a part of the Six Flags family!
  7. How the heck did you get pictures of those lights? We were there till closing but didn't see anything lit up?
  8. Yea, I agree with this, too. I agree it needs some TLC, but I'm wondering how effective a thorough power-washing of the visible sections would be in improving the ride's appearance. A lot of the photos I see regularly cited as evidence of a paint job to me show mostly grime. Power-washing would be a more cost-effective short-term approach that would allow them to allocate funds to more pertinent projects. Yup. I also agree. I'd rather have the money spent elsewhere.
  9. Also, looks like the Flash Pass building is gonna be closed/cut off too. I'd be amazed if they weren't trying to rob people with Flash Passes. My buddy who works Flash Pass said he will be working every day and every hour of HITP, so I'm pretty sure Flash pass will be open.
  10. Haha! Nice one. So I guess you got a free on-ride pic thanks to me! LMAO. The funny thing is, the guy working the photo booth tried to crop you out! LOL Haha Yeah. Free picture! I bet he wishes he cropped us out now! haha It was awesome marathoning El Toro though. Best coaster in the park in my opinion.
  11. Buldikus, Great review! We were on that El Toro train with you! The two dudes in the first row of this picture. That's awesome! I heard you guys talking about how El Toro is better if you were to come back at night and I thought to myself "This guy knows his stuff" haha. Glad you had a great day!
  12. Welcome to the board. 1. Lowest crowds tend to be very early in the season (April/May) but always pay attention to the parks event page on their website. If they have a few groups at the park it can become insanely crowded, even on days early in the season. Like Spring Break. During the summer, mid week is best but again, if there are groups (camp trips etc) you'll be looking at lines. Sat/Sun in the summer can be brutal, especially if weather is nice. SFGAdv typically opens their new attraction Memorial Day weekend. If you are planning your trip around the opening of TM and are booking (hotel, airfare, whatever) in advance I'd plan for after July 4th. Zumanjaro opened July 4th weekend. I would hope TM will be open for Memorial Day since SF has installed this ride before (Batman, SFFT), but you can't use that argument since Lex Luthor is essentially the same thing and it still took GreatAdv until July 4th to get Zum up and running. 2. Kingda Ka is a definite must do for any coaster fan. It's hard for me to say as I'm not a huge fan and have only ridden it like 2-3xs this season, but generally it seems to be reliable. If this is at the top of your list, get there at opening and go right to the ride and wait for it to open if its not already. 3. If you have two days you can probably squeeze everything in that you want to w/o a flash pass but if you only have one day and its reasonably crowded I suggest you splurge on a Gold Pass, but don't bother with Platinum unless you plan to ride and re-ride as much as possible. A gold pass can get the job done, just make sure to reserve your next ride as soon as you are scanned into your current ride. Don't wait until you are finished riding. 4. Depends on what you really want to hit. Superman usually has long lines because of its restraints and usual understaffing of the ride, but if you've never done a B&M flyer I highly recommend it. A lot of folks here won't agree but there is nothing else in the park like that pretzel loop. The rest of the ride sucks, but worth a ride for that element alone. Ka always has a line so another you want to hit right away. With Zumanjaro, the line does move slower, so again, go there first if that's your big "must do". Any other tips? Ride El Toro - 2nd to last row. Best ride in the park hands down. I always tend to go here first since its a little out of the way and doesn't get a line for the first 30-60-90 minutes of the day. And you can re-ride it for a while until the line forms. And you'll probably want to re-ride it. Nitro - back row far right seat. Bizarro - in the front. Green Lantern - unless you really have a thing for having your skull bashed in, skip it. Runaway Mine Train is worth a ride, great fun and a great setting. Ride the Skyway for great views. Macho Nacho is good food. Best of the West has OK food but great views if you get a good seat. We have a pretty good log flume. Zumanjaro very quickly became one of my favorite rides in the park. And don't skip Batman, it's amazing. Oh and I can't forget Skull Mountain - last row. Thanks Yoshi! Was hoping you'd have some insight. Anyone else? I agree. Well said!
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