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  1. Number one, it's blurry. Take anything you see with a grain of salt. Second, no one teases a small tower ride for over two weeks. Third, TPR needs to stop trying to deny that some coming. It's pretty plain as day with the amount of teasing. It's getting obnoxious.
  2. Just because teasers show one thing doesn't mean other things couldn't happen. The first teaser had nothing to do with Snoopy. Au revoir.
  3. Yes, parks do care about anniversaries. This is Cedar Point we're talking about. You have to be blind to think they won't do anything massive for their ONE HUNDRED FIFTIETH!!!!
  4. Operations drastically improved with Delirium replacing Sh*twave, so we'll see
  5. Umm... how about a hyper or whatever replacing Hurler? Why are you guys trying so hard to disprove a coaster?
  6. What's funny? It's not out of the question to build a hyper.
  7. Think of it this way: if we get a coaster you won't have to hear the KD fanboys for the next 4-5 years!
  8. How would you feel about them adding standup trains to the existing Mean Streak and marketing it as a new coaster?
  9. Worlds of Fun started teasing in April and all they're probably getting is some used flats, a new front gate, and Winterfest. Worlds of Fun also doesn't have a coaster that's been SBNO with blatant teasing around it, Mr. WOFanatic.
  10. I'm not guaranteeing a coaster comes but if it were just a family ride they wouldn't tease three weeks in advance and have the announcement on a separate day as the other Cedar Fair parks. They can't just deliberately piss off fans and visitors (teasing one day in advance doesn't count as "pissing off" like with Delirium). Also keep in mind that RMC has no other projects that we know of, so they EASILY could focus on this one.
  11. KD literally said they will not be GCI'ing Hurler. Where? When they said they'll be doing it *in house*? In their teaser they said no, it's not a GCI. If it was in house they wouldn't have done two weeks worth of teasing.
  12. So, when is Ziz coming? (Not visiting the park until it comes).
  13. So? It's not visited as much as Canada's Wonderland and they have a free water park.
  14. Can Cedar Point PLEASE announce that their new water park is now free in admission?
  15. Final predictions: RMC Hurler, refurbished enterprise, Winterfest.
  16. Anyone find it interesting that there are markers far outside Hurler,as well as the announcement date being different from all the other cedar fair parks (August 20th instead of the 18th)?
  17. If Kings Dominion specifically said, "The Hurler will be done in house", then why do people continue to say it's going to be done by RMC? And for the record...I'm not against it. I would happily enjoy seeing Hurler and Mean Streak redone by RMC. If it was done in house then there wouldn't be any clear, CLEAR hints posted by KD themselves.
  18. It's looking like Hurler will be Cedar Fair's first RMC. If so then there's a 99% chance Mean Streak will also get the treatment in 2018 due to a similar chain of events. Either way it's great to see CF giving love to their woodies and not just neglecting them.
  19. It easily could be a lie. Theme parks do it all the time. Either that or KD found out the coaster was in too bad a shape to keep.
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