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  1. ^Just meant no direct timetable to have a get ready goal. Totally agree otherwise. I mean I did get to walk around SFNE for the holiday walk through and the new DC Universe lit up sign was in and Supergirl was already partially installed at least so work has happened at the parks.
  2. Sorry about that. Yes I get the essential stuff. I guess my point was it had been and then the parks themselves weren’t open and had no real timeline when they could open at least from what I had seen. So they had no reason to work on it. Now that they can open there isn’t a ton of time to do much at this point. My bad for not reading your thought correctly.
  3. I’d love to be wrong but I highly doubt you will see this. With that same logic why weren’t all the 2020 rides installed already. They announced them. Reality is things change and saying it would be closed for track work wasn’t a guarantee of a conversion. Could have been that they didn’t even want to put budget towards standard repairs with the potentially limited season so they decided to keep it closed even if they did get to open the park which as we know never happened. Even if they still had a budget green lit to do it Cuomo has had nonessential work on pause throughout NY so other
  4. I think expectations need to be realistic this year. They are moving forward with a lot of the rides that were announced for 2020 now for 2021 but not even all of them throughout the chain. I don't think you will see Predator or any coaster in the chain get this type of upgrade this year and it will be interesting to see how long it takes before a major overhaul like that takes to come back into play as the parks all try to recover.
  5. Happy to see the SF's chain putting the park opening dates out there. Not sure if it was a leap of faith with SFNE since they weren't able to provide a firm date just yet. Crazy how Lake Compounce, practically just down the road, was even able to open last year since it's in Connecticut. Hopefully the Mass. Governor follows NY's lead with letting the park open for this season soon. Can't wait for some Superman and Wicked Cyclone rides!
  6. It's not what you would consider a typical SF's park. Very family focused but still a nice park to visit. Comet has a great history and is still a lot of fun. They tend to keep good care of it. Totally agree. For all parks in NY it's great news. I'm sure Legoland is also relieved to see this news. The Lake George area in general is great location in the Adirondack's to visit so a stop at TGE is just icing on the cake.
  7. TGE is opening May 1st! https://www.timesunion.com/business/article/Six-Flags-Great-Escape-to-open-May-1-15963033.php
  8. Thanks for sharing. Was wondering how this would end up being and if other parks might get it to.
  9. Thanks that was a lot of fun. I've got some more learning to do!!!!!
  10. Looks like I can make it. Just signed up and paid. Really looking forward to it. Think it's awesome that you guys are doing this!
  11. Took the drive over to the park Friday night to check out the drive-thru experience. Overall we enjoyed it. They had you enter from the employee lot going past Hurricane Harbor and under Batman. New decorations were added for this part and after making your way through the park you finally ended up wrapping around and exiting through Whistlestop Park into the preferred lot. Nice way to wrap up this crazy season. Looking forward to hopefully a much more normal operating season this coming year and still a lot of credit to SF’s for doing what they could this year.
  12. Great report! Haven't had a chance to visit this park yet but definitely want to. Seems to have a really solid mix of coasters.
  13. I really can't wait to ride this. It's looking great and glad to see them making such quick progress.
  14. Totally agree with the eerie feeling. Especially down in the North End. Pretty unique too.
  15. Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru experience now coming to SFNE. https://www.sixflags.com/newengland/events/holiday-in-the-park-drive-thru
  16. ^Welp got me hook, line and sinker. Note to self, translate comments before sharing in the TPR Facebook group. Hey at least it added some life to the discussion today LOL.
  17. ^Yea I’ve done a few of these recently which featured several different concepts and ideas. Some sound like they could be fun and at least something the parks can possibly still do. The survey’s let me pick any of the parks to start so definitely generic and some ideas were tailored around specific parks and not SFNE which I picked. One was for a special edition fireworks show that sounded like it would be a fit for Fiesta Texas as an example. I hope this type of thinking and ideas are just the beginning of what we might see from SF’s new management team moving forward even beyond the curre
  18. I did make it to this park for my first ever visit on our way back from BGW and KD in 2019. I honestly can't really think of anything good to say about our visit to SFA, doesn't help that I was comparing our great visits to the other two parks, but specifically in reference to Firebird I'll just say holy crap I don't think I've ever had my head bang so much on a ride. For what looks like a smaller slower coaster it was just down right painful. I think it's great when parks try to bring new life into subpar rides and it improves them like Riddler at SFNE but in this instance it really seems
  19. With the four trains I could swear I had read it would have the moving station but I’m struggling to confirm that info.
  20. Wow such a great report. Looks like a fun park to visit. Seeing the TPR videos and reading your comments about Lech Coaster I really hope these start to pop up here in the states. Thanks for sharing!
  21. ^Fiesta Texas also added the drive-thru experience but that looks like the last park to get it.
  22. This past Friday night, November 27th, Six Flags New England debuted their version of Holiday in the Park Lights. With everything going on this year, including the Massachusetts state specific restrictions, this was the first time that the park has been able to open all season. When you get to the park you'll want to drive right on by the main parking entrance that's across the road from the park. For HITPL, thanks to timed reservations, SFNE is using the preferred parking lot for everyone which is on the same side of the road as the park and is located down in front of the water park.
  23. Well even better! Thanks for sharing the clarified info and look forward to seeing a trip report when you visit.
  24. Kind of surprised to see it become an upcharge for season pass holders and members but I still think it's great to see SF's trying new things.
  25. This seems like a pretty smart move by the park. For very little cost they’ve added several more potential operating days. SF’s has really been thinking outside the box to combat the current issues. Very cool to see!
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