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  1. So good to see the forums back and looking great to boot. Thanks for bringing this update to us all!
  2. Guessing you are right but I still haven’t seen a full closed for year announcement yet like Darien Lake & Great Escape put out so maybe an outside HITP chance but not looking good.
  3. SFNE does have the two star coasters closed but I still find it to be a fun event. Both Riddler and Batman seem to fly through their courses in the cold. Batman gets different wheels that are even louder than normal. Harley Quinn is open and I love that ride to. It’s a well done event at the park. Goliath is even a better lawn ornament this time of year as the back drop to the parks main tree lighting ceremony!
  4. ^Jumped to membership when it came out but I agree what you get with a SF’s season pass is so worth the money.
  5. When we did the Safari it was a little over an hour to drive through. Looks like the 2021 pass info is now out. https://sixflags.com/greatadventure/store/tickets
  6. Even though we don’t know what might still happen this season looks like the 2021 pass info is coming out. https://sixflags.com/newengland/store/tickets
  7. This is awesome news. With SFNE being closed I’ll have to get my first Great Adventure HITP in this year!
  8. Very cool to see BGW come up with a way to open at least some of the park this season. Thanks for sharing!
  9. ^Thanks guys! Hershey did a good job overall. Solid investment in a really good park already.
  10. TPR was invited to check out the all new Hersheypark Chocolatetown region and it's featured new B&M hyper Candymonium which is being billed as the Tallest, Fastest, Looongest and Sweetest coaster in the park. First off the new entrance / exit at Hershey looks awesome and you can't miss Candymonium as it sits right there. Work is still continuing on the entire area including the Kisses Fountain, which will be an awesome photo op, but everything is looking great already. Once you go through the gates you are staring right at the soon to be Kisses Fountain and Candymonium. A little loo
  11. ^Thanks! Really cool to see the baboons getting the public view again too!
  12. Ok so I’m going against skipping the be first day. I genuinely can’t wait to hit a park so I bought a LC season pass, great deal good through 2021. Reserved to go July 1st and can’t wait!
  13. For anyone in the area I highly recommend the temporary drive-thru Safari. The park is handling it great and it made for a fun and enjoyable visit!
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