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  1. About 1/3 of your total posts have been spent stating that Six Flags America sucks. While you're entirely right, what does this add to the conversation exactly? It wasn't to add to the conversation. I was just stating my opinion. I feel they can add better things to this park. This park is in your nations capital and it ran like this To be fair as bad as this park is they're slowly heading in the right direction. The new area looks really nice, the new addition for 2016 is solid and Holiday in the Park is an amazing event. If I'm in the area I might actually stop by for HITP.
  2. This park still is trash. Only live 20min away and rather travel to HP Or KD. Its only known for there water park
  3. Where are they clearing land? I was at the park yesterday and I didn't see anything. I was there yesterday it was next to 305. Its not big just a little space. Like i said i dont know how true it is the security guy just told me to look
  4. I dont know if he was but next to 305 there was a bulldozer with a little land clearing. Idk if thats kd property or not. He said he could tell much though
  5. People still go to this park. I know its just my opinion but this park is not the same anymore. If i can do this park in 5 hours. Its has its good time but why dont this park get love like the other ones
  6. Ok so i was at kd yesterday. As usual the volcano got stuck so i waited in line so it could be fix. So glad everyone else left cause it got fix in a in 30 mins. But the security people was telling me they was building something next year. He said go to the eiffel tower to if you see anything. Well i didnt go there just rode i305 it was a little bit of land clearing. Just don't know how true it is
  7. Right cause if you count fire ball as a coaster then it's going to be another 4 years for a new ride
  8. This six flags need more than just a water park improvement. That bourbon street coaster is nothing but a state fair ride. They need something behind batwing or mind eraser.
  9. If kd gets something like sky rush I will be there every weekend. I love skyrush
  10. I'm pretty sure you'd get tired riding the same crap for six to seven years after a major ride was build. I know I am. The rides are cool and all but we all need something different
  11. A lot of rumors out there suggesting both KD and CW will be getting a wing coaster in 2017. Cw just got a ride why do they need it. Kd need it the most
  12. I see why kd waiting til next year for a coaster cause of its agreement with bgw
  13. Guessing 2017 is for our new coaster. But this ride seem cool
  14. I don't see why people for cedar point are whining bout a push date. Cedar point gets rollercoaster out the tail. They just got gatekeeper and now they getting a dive coaster. It's been five years since we got anything and the ride we have lines are rarely long. Volcano line still.is long and they even change the line around
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