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  1. Glad to see you ride all these coasters, I was at Kentucky Kingdom 2 weeks ago and they Storm Chaser's blue train in the transfer station before I got on the first time, but I still enjoyed Storm Chaser a lot regardless. T3 wasn't awful, it was rather mediocre because it was still pretty rattly, but the paint looks really good since they repainted it a while back. Lightning Run was a lot of fun and a great first coaster of the day since it's close to the entrance.

  2. Vinesauce Joel Land with rides like Swan Dive, an Intamin Reverse Freefall with swan boat cars that derail at the top, Popo, a ridiculously fast Launched Schwarzkopf coaster, Free Pizza poisoned with C4s, a "maze" called Don't Get Lost, and a racist bumper car ride with oriental music called The Asian Driver Experience where the ride operator says "Oh Herro, you want to ride the bumpah cah?"

  3. Zamperla: Back at the Barnyard@ Nickelodeon Universe

    Zierer: Pepsi Orange Streak

    Vekoma: Barnstormer@ Magic Kingdom

    Gravity Group: Zippin Pippin@ Bay Beach

    CCI: Zach's Zoomer

    Arrow: Corkscrew@ Michigan's Adventure

    Dinn: Wolverine Wildcat

    Chance: Big Dipper@ Michigan's Adventure

    PTC: Little Dipper@SFGAM

    Schwarzkopf- Whizzer@SFGAM

    B&M: X-Flight SFGAM

    Intamin: American Eagle@SFGAM

    GCI: Roar@SFA

    Premier: Joker's Jinx

    RMC: Storm Chaser

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