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  1. To make it worse, it's the Burj Khalifa! I just rode a Vekoma SLC!
  2. Six Flags New England Silver Dollar City Dollywood Busch Gardens Tampa and Williamsburg Alton Towers Nagashima Spa Land Six Flags Magic Mountain Efteling Hansa Park Phantasialand Cedar Point Carowinds Kings Island
  3. Clearly the best candidates for an RMC Mean Streak name in my opinion are: Mean Streak:Revived, Twisted Streak, Cruel Streak, Metal Streak and Wicked Streak.
  4. Glad to see you ride all these coasters, I was at Kentucky Kingdom 2 weeks ago and they Storm Chaser's blue train in the transfer station before I got on the first time, but I still enjoyed Storm Chaser a lot regardless. T3 wasn't awful, it was rather mediocre because it was still pretty rattly, but the paint looks really good since they repainted it a while back. Lightning Run was a lot of fun and a great first coaster of the day since it's close to the entrance.
  5. Valleyfair and Nickelodeon Universe. Even though I've been to these parks, I'm getting new credits since I haven't gone to each in 3-4 years.
  6. Updated list & Thread revival: Wicked Cyclone Tatsu Superman@SFNE Monster@Adventureland Banshee@Kings Island Twisted Colussus Outlaw Run Lightning Rod Intimidator 305 Fury 325 Every coaster at Cedar Point The Beast@Kings Island Nemesis@Alton
  7. For a park I've been to, it's Holiday World, but I've heard that Kings Island will have one of the best wooden collections with the addition of Mystic Timbers.
  8. This will probably never ever happen in the near future but I want the train ride at Michigan's Adventure to be removed and in its place, either a GCI wooden coaster or a Chance Hyper GT-X. Also there should be a path connecting the two dead ends at the park.
  9. San Andreas. Lightning Run or Storm Chaser?
  10. Every roller coaster at Geauga Lake before they either got relocated to other parks or got scrapped. Yes, even the Vekomas at the park.
  11. Wild One at SFA, if you count being relocated. Other than that, it's Runaway Mine Train at SFOT.
  12. Now that my trip to both Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom is over, I can now say the most credit whorish thing I've done up to this point is riding Howler and Roller Skater.
  13. Vinesauce Joel Land with rides like Swan Dive, an Intamin Reverse Freefall with swan boat cars that derail at the top, Popo, a ridiculously fast Launched Schwarzkopf coaster, Free Pizza poisoned with C4s, a "maze" called Don't Get Lost, and a racist bumper car ride with oriental music called The Asian Driver Experience where the ride operator says "Oh Herro, you want to ride the bumpah cah?"
  14. Thunderbird at Holiday World, the inner seats make the ride much more smoother!
  15. Which added Seven Dwarfs Mine Train clones to all 3 parks! But out of nowhere, Kentucky Kingdom...
  16. Zamperla: Back at the Barnyard@ Nickelodeon Universe Zierer: Pepsi Orange Streak Vekoma: Barnstormer@ Magic Kingdom Gravity Group: Zippin Pippin@ Bay Beach CCI: Zach's Zoomer Arrow: Corkscrew@ Michigan's Adventure Dinn: Wolverine Wildcat Chance: Big Dipper@ Michigan's Adventure PTC: Little Dipper@SFGAM Schwarzkopf- Whizzer@SFGAM B&M: X-Flight SFGAM Intamin: American Eagle@SFGAM GCI: Roar@SFA Premier: Joker's Jinx RMC: Storm Chaser
  17. Keeping in tradition of the Fourth of July and the previous post being a Vinesauce Joel meme...
  18. The trim brakes on the first "airtime" hill on Raging Bull. There is virtually no airtime on that hill at all.
  19. For now, it's probably Raging Bull 7th row at night. This opinion will most likely change with my upcoming trip to Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom.
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