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  1. Looks amazing. That 2nd hill is ridiculously small, the airtime will hopefully be amazing.
  2. Thanks! I unfortunately didn't see any sign of Revolution being put back together.
  3. Lakemont was a nice little park. The employees were very nice and doing a good job. The park was almost completely empty and it wasn't uncommon for the rides to not only not have any line but even sit deserted for long periods of time waiting for patrons to come try them. The ride all day wrist band was an incredible value at just less than $10, I had no qualms with the extra fee to ride Leap the Dips as well. We parked in a parking garage overlooking this lovely roller coaster, The main reason we are here, the oldest roller coaster still in operation. A look out of the station. Death machine. Worst rides ever made, ever. Leap the Dips is filled with turns, leaps, and the occasional dip. Skyliner, a nice medium-ish sized woodie. As you can see, the crowds were light. In the front row you are now experiencing great airtime, in the back you just experienced some great airtime. Everyone wins on Skyliner. Going down. Pretty cool signage. Looking down a path at Lakemont. Death machine and Leap the Dips seen from a safe distance. Effing insane!!! Much of the park is nice little picnic areas such as this. Tons of family reunions on the day we went. We rode the train, it was nice. Skyliner's awesome first drop. Skyliner's "aight" first turnaround. A look at the choo-choo and its station. A look back at the "dips" part. Thanks to Delgrosso's, Lakemont, and this lovely part of PA for a great day! ...Forgot to throw this in earlier - a look at Leap the Dips station and operator.
  4. Yesterday (Saturday July 24th, 2010) me and my dad made our way out to Delgrosso's Amusement Park and Lakemont Park for the first time ever. The weather was insanely hot; "surface of the sun" hot. The crowds were pretty light as in the most I waited for anything was about 10 minutes for the Crazy Mouse at Delgrosso's. Both parks are pretty fun in their own special way and both more than lived up to my expectations. They both had a very nice atmosphere I thought. More shade would have been nice - but I only noticed that because of the freakishly hot weather. The coasters were by and large not terribly noteworthy; a reverchon spinning mouse, a wacky worm, a chance toboggan... But Skyliner and Leap the Dips both ended up being a great time. Leap the Dips was actually far more exciting than I anticipted, a couple of the dips were pretty intense! Skyliner had great airtime in the back car, as well. Some of the non coaster rides deserve a shout out. Particularly the Sky Diver at Lakemont and the Space Odyssey at Delgrosso's. Sky Diver is absolutely insane... One of my favorite flats ever. Space Odyssey was bizarre... Rocking out to Thunderstruck blaring out of some pevey amps while strobe lights and disco balls flash was an entertaining experience for certain. Now, on to some pictures! Welcome to Delgrosso's - here I am in front of the sign. Plenty of interesting flat rides to choose from. Looking down a path. Just a couple of Delgrosso's numerous top notch food eating options. Ah, the primary reason we are here, the spinning mouse. As this photo shows, the park is smack dab in the middle of some of PA's finest mountain views. Really very beautiful area. Lifting. Spinning. Looking down another path; I really enjoyed the drop tower. The views from up there were incredible. Dropping. Paratrooper, another fine flat ride found at Delgrosso's. Beyond a doubt the smallest Merry Go Round I have ever seen. Yep, I rode the wacky worm. One more "looking down a path at a couple rides and people" picture before we head to Lakemont. Those pictures coming shortly.
  5. A cable broke? Its safe to say this is Intamin's fault, then.
  6. Python was back by Batwing for several years, but I think its gone now... I haven't been to the park in a couple months now so I can't remember for certain.
  7. I recall seeing that during most of my visits, there would be a 0-1 train wait for most rows while a long stretch of q-bot users waited on the exit path for their ride.
  8. The first boomerang in the world was Sea Serpent in Wildwood, New Jersey I believe. The story got mentioned on Elliot in the Morning here in DC, but of course they had nothing to add that wasn't mentioned in the awful article.
  9. Popular coasters is a key word, in all my visits to SFGAdv (6 or so total) I never waited more than 10 minutes to ride GASM. Believe me, whatever major attraction (Chang more than likely) is replacing GASM will be an improvement. In any event SFGAdv has easily one of the top 3 coaster collections I've experienced personally so they are very well off with or with out GASM.
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Meteor-Roller-Coaster-Wildwood-Photographic/dp/B00334A0OG/ref=sr_1_45?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1279870263&sr=1-45 I think this is what he meant
  11. OK... that was the worst article ever written in relation to a coaster. So we have no idea what happened, how severe it was, or if a Vekoma boomerang has "loops". Very informative...
  12. Its too bad, rotoshakes were insane rides, I loved the roll over beginning, mid-cycle pause at the top and the grand finale hanging upside down for a few seconds... Such an awesome ride. The beginning was always hilarious, you could hear everyone's change fall out of their pockets and smack the ground during the first couple roll overs. I have to say as much as I miss Iron Eagle (when it was actually open), SFA has done a pretty good job lately keeping the stage that took its place filled with bands that liven up the atmosphere in that area a bit.
  13. Iron Eagle was closed the entire day during at least 75% of my visits to SFA... Two Face was regularly a walk on the entire summer I worked on it and was also closed half the time. There's a reason why those rides are gone and why there's practically none of them in existence elsewhere in the world. On that note - are there any rotoshakes still in operation? If anything I was more mad when Sky Escaper was removed since other parks have managed to continue keep their's running just fine over the years.
  14. http://www.proslide.com/rides_05_inst.php Proslide Rocket Installations.
  15. Never during the middle of the day or anything. Only time I didn't have to wait was one morning several years back when Kings Dominion's PR person at the time did a random morning walk back type thing for local coaster enthusiasts and I was operating a small coaster site at the time - I was able to walk right on the front row first train of the morning and got off just as everyone else was running to the line.
  16. Looking at the park's map - to get the most fantastic food do I go to "Murf's Kitchen"?
  17. A SFGAdv fan person complaining that their park doesn't get enough love/attractions? Wow, now I've heard it all.
  18. Just got sent the link on facebook, happy to vote for hopefully helping to save a classic coaster.
  19. After reading the rave reviews of the food that sounds like a great idea. I figure if I end up getting a bracelet I'll go ahead and hop on, but if I just get enough tickets for the mouse I'll probably pass it up; I'm a credit whore as long as it doesn't cost me any extra cash. Thanks for the feedback everybody!
  20. I hope they bring back the old fright fest attractions and all the scare actors give high fives personally.
  21. That isn't a bad idea actually, the Oak Grove picnics could be a great and relatively easy place to set up a maze with all the large pavilions in place there.
  22. Looks awesome, I can't wait to make it out there next season and get on BD, and maybe (miraculously) FT.
  23. This Saturday I'm looking to make a day trip from the DC area up to Lakemont and Delgrosso's to get the credits and perhaps whatever other rides might look worthwhile. I'm thinking I'll head to Lakemont to start the day then proceed to Delgrosso's. I just have a few questions going in. 1. Are there any "must-rides" other than the credits? Are either of the parks worth getting unlimited rides? Are any of the coasters worth more than a ride or two or are any of the other rides good enough/different enough to justify it? 2. Is the food good at either park, or should I plan on bringing my own stuff to picnic with between parks? 3. What time does Delgrosso's close typically? I can't seem to find that anywhere on their web site. Thanks, any tips or info would be good to hear as I've never been to either park.
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