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  1. Man, what a cool addition! It is indeed the world's first racing launch coaster, "coaster" being singular. It definitely looks to be a Premier-built ride, because those trains are unmistakably Sky Rocket trains with some nice dressing. I agree with the idea that both WCR and Maxx Force are designed by Ride Centerline, because the flow and elements are very similar to each other. I would say the same for Steel Curtain, and I might even guess Alan Schilke could have done them all as well! I wonder if the renders just recycle the track style or it really will have something similar

  2. Guys - simple request...credit the source of your photos, especially when they're taken when the park is closed. Thanks!

    Nice to see you on the forums! I'm guessing you've been spending this whole process laughing your butt off to discussion in this thread I'm very excited for your future projects, great job on this one, you may have one of the greatest roller coasters ever in your hands (as if you didn't already...)!

  3. Now Gwazi doesn't get RMC'd . . . . what (if anything) goes in its place?


    What would go there....Who knows. What I'd like to see there....A Mega-Lite style coaster.

    They already have Cheetah Hunt, which is pretty similar so I think they'd avoid it. But going with the sister-park logic that SeaWorld does, perhaps they could even just take it down and put a new GCI there to fill the lack of a wooden coaster, maybe a more intense kind a la Gold Striker compared to InvadR. It's an interesting situation, but as long as it doesn't stand SBNO for much longer and something happens I'd be happy.

  4. Definitely true. I feel like some enthusiasts start cheerleading certain companies (DAE RMC?!) and hating on others (Boring & Mild). I'm certainly guilty of this with my fanboyism of Intamin. But recently I feel like everyone is significantly improving their designs and that makes me super excited for the next decade. I think it's safe to say we're living in a coaster renaissance!

    While your point of a coaster renaissance is very true, the DAE RMC and Boring & Mild things are just tongue-in-cheek jokes on the r/rollercoasterjerk subreddit. We're just making fun of the over the top enthusiasts out there in a nonsensical way for fun. That includes TPR as well

  5. This will be a real challenger for #1 ride in the park for many guests! It blows away records, has a crazy layout, and a fabulous park to be in! I'm quite sure the Cedar Point fanboys have been appeased (for now)...


    As with Twisted Timbers, this new train modification they're doing is very strange to me. I feel like it may be part of an attempt to fix friction issues, or something of that nature. I don't exactly like the look of the new zero cars, but it's not anything that will detract from the experience.

  6. When I visited SFGAdv recently, hearing people put "the" in front of coaster names was a bit annoying. What made me want to punch one lady was "the El Toro." That's not even just amusement park GP stupidity, that's just ignorance to an easy-to-translate Spanish phrase...


    I also would like to ask if there's a thread dedicated to the most memorable/best things you've heard/said at an amusement park. If not, I'd love to create one!

  7. I know y'all know what we gonna do now...


    Though this isn't directly coaster related, I listen to the Disney queue loops during my engineering work as well


    ...you get excited when your order number at McDonalds is 325. (Happened to me this morning. )

    Every time the number 325 comes up (quite a lot recently) I get excited lol

    I got a Fastpass for Test Track for 3:25 and I told my friend and he was so confused...

  8. So is the second inversion a stall or a roll? I can't tell from the angles


    I heard it was like a full inverting stengel dive that rotates left, inverts and rotates the opposite way (the way it exits)

    The second inversion is a stall, similar to that of Wicked Cyclone's but more banking and a drop out of it.

    This clearly explains it:


    Somebody posted a picture on Facebook of a new beer brewed for cedarpoint called "iron horse". I went back to grab the picture, and it's now gone. Perhaps this could possibly be a tease for the name of mean streak 2.0?

    Not new, it's been around since at least the 2015 season.

    Maybe it was a teaser back in 2015 that we never paid attention to. I'm sure the park new about RMC Mean Streak back in 2015.


    Mean Streak is getting the Iron Horse Treatment.


    Maybe I'm completely wrong and I'm overthinking things.

    This wouldn't happen as nice as it may seem simply due to Maverick being horse related and directly next door. But I do believe that iron horse was used intentionally as a teaser for what's being done currently.

  9. I had the idea to go this coming weekend, but as you all know Joker officially opens on Saturday. Would the crowds be better on that day or Sunday? If the lines were too long for it, I could just go elsewhere in the park with lesser lines (I'd have a newcomer to coasters and rides with me). Or would it be better to just wait for another weekend? I'm not too familiar with weekend crowds, since I mainly go midweek over the Summer to avoid large crowds.

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