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  1. When looking at the image, I noticed that the order happens to be, "GROVE", "APPLE", "SNOOPY", and then "2018" in the text. This also happens to be chronological order, going from the Candy Apple Grove addition of Delirium, then to the Planet Snoopy expansion with the family rides, and then 2018. Just a thought, maybe it listed the prior additions, and then '2018' signifying that it'll be their next new ride, RMC Hurler.
  2. I have an idea for how they'll work all of this. 2017: A water park expansion, this will announce the closure of Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom. The funnel, And large slide complex will be moved to Soak City. 2018: Opening of a new RMC roller coaster. This will take all of the 2017 season to build because RMC can't work in bad weather, such as all of Ohio's. (So I've heard.) 2019: A triotech dark ride in place of Shoot The Rapids and possibly Dinosaurs Alive. The Dinosaurs Alive contract is supposedly expiring very soon. 2020: Something large for their anniversary. (My predictions)
  3. The last concert I went to was "Luke Bryan", I love his music and I hope to go again next year.
  4. You're back! I thought someone kidnapped you because of your awesome building skills! Loved the update, glad you're back. (BTW, it's always sad for an Intamin first gen. Freefall ride to go. )
  5. No. Have you been on Geauga Lake (Ohio) property since it has closed?
  6. True. The person below me has ridden 5 hyper coasters.
  7. I love MF, but I gotta say Fury 325 should've won best steel.
  8. Are you referring to CCMR's water element as the glide over the water? I wasn't sure what you meant.
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