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  1. Honestly pretty much the only thing WoF has on SFStL in relation to rides is the seatbelts on the coasters, particularly Patriot and Mamba. Not sure if the average person is bigger in KC than STL (Patriot had a designated row for 'bigger' people) but the last time I was there it was nice to not have to really worry about seatbelts fitting since they stretched forever and only 'tightened' once snapped in. REALLY wish Freeze and Batman had those seatbelts. Not sure if it could be retrofitted (suspect it would more or less necessitate taking the entire trains apart to install a new seatbelt system) but it'd be nice to see something to that effect in the future; I'm too tall to ride Freeze since the seatbelt just barely doesn't snap on me so I might not ever be able to ride it, which is a shame. To be fair, I haven't be to SFStL in a few years now so I'm not sure if anything's changed re: restraint systems, but it's a thought.
  2. I think a lot of the issues with food labor is that, at least when I last worked there 5 years ago, a good portion of the staff in Culinary Services were foreign workers that Six Flags hired through some kind of employment program and housed in the Holiday Inn. I'm sure Covid hurt the park's ability to have those workers during the last year+ due to travel restrictions. I know staffing has always been an issue, but it probably is pretty difficult to replace all of them, Covid notwithstanding. Not really an excuse, to be sure, but it's understandable at least.
  3. Is this a tease at some juicy stuff in the pipeline for SFSTL that you can't talk about?
  4. Didn't really expect SFStL to end this particular concert series, since it seems to be such a huge draw each year.
  5. Remembering old discussions from this thread, I think it was because the old entrance wasn't ADA accessible and couldn't easily be made to be compliant.
  6. Just completed a beverage survey sent by Six Flags. Some of the questions were a bit... odd... and unrelated, IMO, such as the one asking if I would rate my physical attractiveness from 1-10. I understand the need for personal metrics in these surveys but I've never been asked questions quite like that before. Moving on; hopefully this means they're looking at ways to further cut down on the refill lines. I personally suggested that they find some way to place automated refill stations throughout the park.
  7. Not a current employee but did work at Pandemonium two years ago. I'm honestly kind of at a loss as to how Panda managed to valley... I wasn't even entirely sure that it could during normal operations (believe me, we tried pretty hard to get it to valley during safeties that year). What were the weather conditions? I know it has some issues in wet and/or cold conditions, but that's usually fairly easily rectified by placing the ride in Weather Mode; even if it wasn't, it should still have been more than hot and dry enough to not cause any issues. My only other explanation is a bit of a reach, but it would have to do with the power outage (if they are even related). If the power outage happened right as or right before the car crested the lift, the lift would've begun to slow down as it stopped, but still should've had enough momentum to allow the car to continue on the track. I suppose it could be possible that it slowed the car down just enough (with the right amount of weight/weight distribution from the passengers) to fall just shy of cresting the first drop before Brake 1. If it is indeed related to the power outage, then it's just some bad luck; a few seconds earlier or later and they would've either stopped on the lift or in Brake 1.
  8. I believe they had some food trucks during HITP to help relieve the Culinary Service peeps and it was pretty well received. Otherwise, I don't think they had an actual food truck festival (or food trucks at all, come to think of it).
  9. I had noticed the first week or two the restraints were up and then got pulled down as if they were trying something. It's been down around six weeks at this point. If I had to guess it will probably be another week or two. If its the part that I think it is they are probably still waiting for it. The part in question is unique to the SFSTL Boomerang and isn't made by Vekoma or S&S Arrow. I wasn't aware there were differences in Boomerang models at all. Or is this a change added in the repair? If I remember right, one of the primary differences in SFStL's Boomerang is in the lifting unit (at the start). I believe ours is electric, which is unique to the coaster and was installed when Boomerang was relocated here from Texas. There's a few other parts that are different as well, but I believe they're mostly fairly minor.
  10. Not the best way to welcome guests for a day of fun at the Park No, it is not. Especially on those late summer days when it's sunny, hot, AND humid out.
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