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  1. Yes the building is oversized but still operation are quite fast. When there is noone in the line they are waiting for few more guests like any other park. In fact I have not seen anyone including other RC bloggers/influences (call it how you want) complaining about operations in Energylandia that much. It simply does not look like you have wrote. It's weird noone else have experienced no-moving lines for all day long. I'd say you are exaggerating.
  2. Normally operations in Energylandia are much faster. They are dispatching one train another another. You had bad luck. It's even much faster when guests are forced to use lockers. The idea seems weird for us at the beginning but it allows them to make operations much quicker. Regarding the turnstile at station entries during all my visits guests passed until there was 0 on the screen. If the wanted to wait for next turn, they usually encourage people to overtake, trains are full. It seems like you have been to completely different Energylandia than I was. In fact I have not seen anyone including other RC bloggers/influences (call it how you want) complaining about operations in Energylandia that much. It simply does not look like you have wrote. So far the worst operation I have seen in Port Aventura. And there were lots of empty seats and 1,5h waiting time.
  3. And this sentence is just enough for that It's just 5 years, I'm not saying there are not better parks, but even some parks from the European top in 2010 or in 2015 had offer not much better than Energylandia has now. But this is changing now. You are demanding the thing that other theme-parks have shown after 20 or 30 years of operation. They ordered bunch of additional kiddie rides in completely different market condition - first at very beginning, when noone could believe in theme park in Poland (after few failures of other investments, banks did not want to support this kind of business), and later on, when they were lacking capacity and still had small budget. I'm also not happy with kiddie rides and setup and themening of that area. But I can't understand how it could offend anyone. They had some great RC form new Vekoma, later on they managed to build great Hyperion. And that is where the hype came from. There is simply no way to fix everything in one or two years. But since the hype began now you are starting to claim they not deserve it. They had great coasters and also some issues after the decision they made at the very beginning and now they have to deal whit it. The new area is much better, not perfect, but I can't see why you are afraid what will happen after 5 years. They are not obliged to cram them another bunch of kiddie attractions and it doesn't seem to like they would. From the plans we have seen I'd say they will build new areas next to. I'm not sure if they are in one-sided competition for the best theme park. I'd say the owner is huge fun of RC and he is doing that for is own fun, and money he can make. But if not for his fun it will be no point of building another mega coaster year by year just looking into business case. Okay, I can agree with that.
  4. You are right. Setup of queue lines is extremely annoying especially that there are no shortcuts used. And preshow location in Hyperion building is just useless. Anyway I hope the setup of whole area with kiddie rides might change and what we saw on the plans they are planning all-new entrance area in completely new place (if everything will go right). But I can agree sometimes their constructions year by year look like they do not have any idea what they are doing. Anyway still every year they are improving themselves. Also new area Smoczy GrĂ³d (Dragon Gord/Village) with Zadra looks much better.
  5. The EL marketing and this whole hybrid/steel advertising is one thing. It annoys me but Energylandia is not first or last in that manner. If you are talking about quality you still need to remember that EL is only 5 years old, and in fact for a lot of European parks Vekoma's SLC is still 3rd or 4th coaster in their portfolio, or at least it was until they just built one more (Walibi, Heide-Park and many more). I think there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everything requires some time. I believe family rides will get much better within next few years. I hope that marketing ang guest services will also improve. No one succeeded in Theme Park industry in Poland. And just after Energylandia opened no one expected it to grow so quickly, and of course there are parts where Energylandia is a little bit behind, still you need to give them a chance. Regarding the height it was known (at least on polish skyscraperity) that Zadra will be the highest hybrid, as someone from RMC said that in the interview around begging of the year.
  6. No, just the same old disadvantages. But the main problem here is project - there is no way to build smooth 689m model. I am tall person (190cm height) so on mostly coasters I don't have problems with shaking head like others, but I noticed that new train type for SLC is even worse than the old one. I never complained much about shaking on SLCs but lack of "seat head supports" (or how to call it - bolsters?) is making all rattling even bigger. On the other hand smaller people can not complain that they are hurting their heads on those support anymore, but for me it is step back. But I have to admit the new designs are amazing. F1 is really enjoyable.
  7. Here comes post from official fanpage: They are mentioning TRON from Shanghai Disneyland so maybe new rollercoaster is motorbike model, perhaps in the parking lot area.
  8. It's not a problem to hide camera in a pocket and then draw it back after departure from station. No matter how hard you would try to aviod it, you couldn't. People are stupid and you just have no power here.
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